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How to fix Sync Error in Gmail app: Friends, you must have been using Gmail for sending emails and you will know very well how important Gmail IDs are in today's time. Email Send and Receive has become very easy after the arrival of Smartphone. If you use the Gmail app, you will know that whenever a New Mail Receive, then we get instant notification.

How to Fix Sync Error in Gmail App [6 Tips]

How to Fix Sync Error in Gmail App [6 Tips]

The biggest advantage of Gmail app is that we do not have to log in Email Id repeatedly and can see Received Mail even without internet. But many times we could neither send email nor receive new mail due to Sync Error in Gmail app. Because of this, our important mail is also missed. why is my Gmail app (email) not working on my android?


In this article, I will tell you if you are also facing Not Sync Error in Gmail app, then

how to solve, how to fix sync error in Gmail app
. I have given some hint below which sync error is usually seen.

  • Can't send mail
  • Can't Receive New Mail
  • Can't open Gmail app
  • Account not synced error
  • Gmail app action required
  • Gmail app became very slow
  • sync error in Gmail

How to Solve Sync Error in Gmail App - [6 Tips]

6 tips to fix sync error in Gmail app, which you will be able to fix Gmail synced error. So let's know how to fix Gmail app sync error step by step in Hindi.

# 1. Restart your device

If you have not switched off the mobile for a long time, then restart your mobile once.

 #2. Update Gmail App

I think you are using an older version of Gmail app which may have a bug or is not comfortable for your mobile, so update the latest version of Gmail app from Google Play Store. A link is given below to update the app.

# 3. Check Gmail app Sync settings

You check the sync settings of Gmail app once. Sync should tick on Gmail and leave 30 days on mail to sync.

  • Open gmail app
  • Tap on menu ≡
  • Tap on Settings ⚙
  • Select Gmail address
  • Check settings
  • gmail-sync-settings

Gmail app sync setting

# 4. Not enough space

Your phone's storage memory space is low because sync error can also come because Gmail app cannot get space to sync new mail. So uninstall unwanted apps (which are not needed). Keep at least 1GB of memory free to run the mobile smoothly.

# 5. Remove Account & login again

If the 4 steps mentioned above are not working for you then you should try this step. First you have to remove the Gmail account from mobile and then login again. If you do not know how to delete Gmail account from mobile then read this post.

# 6.Clear Gmail App Data

If you think your Gmail app is slow and not working properly then you can clear data of Gmail app. After clear data, you may have to log in again. I have explained below how to clear data.

All mobiles have this option in different places. First you go to settings and find the installed apps, after that you clear the app whose data.

  • Go to Settings
  • Installed apps ▶ Gmail
  • App info ▶ Storage.
  • Tap Clear data ▶ Ok.
  • Restart your device.
  • android-app-clear-data

App clear data option


Congratulation! Friends, your Gmail sync problem must have been solved now. I have told you 6 tips with the help of which you can fix Sync error in Gmail.

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Conclusion: Now you must have learned how to fix Sync Error in Gmail app. I hope you have fixed this issue now. If you still have any "Gmail sync error" related questions, then please comment so that I can help you. If you like the information, then share it definitely thank you.

How to Fix Sync Error in Gmail App [6 Tips]

Today's post we are going to discuss What is a Domain Name and Why is a Required for a Website . After all, why is important for any webpage. If you are a blogger or are thinking about making a website / blog, then it is very important for you to know what the Domain Name is. To reach any website / webpage to the whole world,... I will try to explain you in easy language so that you will also understand.

What is a Domain Name and Why is a Required for  Website

What Is Domain Name and Why is a Required for Website

Whenever you visit any website on the internet, the domain name / URL through which you access that webpage is called the domain name. Domain Name is the address of the world or any website with the help of which you can reach that website. Suppose if you want to go to your friend's house and you don't know that house, will you be able to reach that house? No or not, the same applies in the Internet world as well. So to reach any website in the world of internet, its domain name is its address, like my website's domain name is and you can easily reach my website by typing Url in Broswer.



After adding two pieces, a Domain Name is created ex: Now it has Gourab Design my webiste name and .com extension. By combining these two pieces, a unique domain name is created. Whenever you open url in browser then only my website will open. It is not that my website opened with the same domain name and facebook opens with the same, because the domain name is a unique address of all websites. 

In all the websites of internet, domain name will not be found on anyone's website except my website. What is a domain name? By now, you must have understood well, now know how it started.

How Domain Name started

  • Initially, an IP address (ex. was used instead of the domain name to visit any website. But as the number of websites increased, it became difficult to remember the IP address. Suppose you saved 100 mobile numbers in mobile without name, will you be able to remember which number belongs to those 100 numbers. Therefore, we used the Domain Name to remember the address of the website. Now when this happens, when we put a domain in the URL browser, first the request goes to the DNS (Domain Name System), converting the DNS Domain Name to the numerical IP address, and forward the request.


It is difficult for us to remember numerical but computer understands numerical very well. Therefore DNS handles the middle process. When you enter any URL in the browser, the first request goes to DNS. Domain Name System forwards the domain by converting it to an IP address. All the mangement of the domain can be managed in DNS.

Domain History

The first commercial TLD (Top-level domains) .com domain name was registered by Symbolics Inc on 15 March 1985 According to wikipedia, 15,000 .com domains were registered according to wikipedia for information. By the first quarter of 2015, 294 million domains had been registered. From this, you can estimate how many websites will be in the world. Without whom it is very difficult to visit the domain name.

Type of domains

In the domain too, you will get to see many types such as Top-level Domain, Second-level or Lower-level Domain and Country Code top-level domain I will give you information about all these. So that you can choose the right domain, then let us know.


TLD (Top-level Domain)

SLD (Second-level Domain)

Subdomain (Lower-level Domain)

ccTLD (Country code top-level domain)

TLD - Top-level Domain

Top-level Domains is called TLD in short and it is also called domain extension. TLD is the last part of the domain which can be .com, .net, .gov. So let's understand it deeply only is a domain name. In this, the part after onlylearns .com is called TLD (Top-level Domain). There are many types of this.

Some TLD Domains

  • .com (commercial)
  • .gov (government)
  • .net (network)
  • .org (organization)
  • .edu (education)

SLD - Second-level Domain

Second-level Domain (SLD) is also slightly opposite from TLD. SLD is the main name of our website. Like it is a domain. It has a .com extension TLD and the remaining onlylearns is the name of our website and this name is called Second-level Domain (SLD). Now you must have understood about SLD.

What is a Subdomain -Lower-level Domain

After adding SLD and TLD, we have such an domain. If you want to create different websites on the same domain, you can create a subdomain. After purchasing a domain you can create a free Subdomain (Lower-level Domain). This is a piece next to our SLD (Second-level Domain) like I want, so my main website is now I have to create a subdomain to create another blog on this domain which will be like this . You can use any word instead of English. The piece that is added before our Main Domain is called the Subdomain (Lower-level Domain).

ccTLD (Country code top-level domain)

ccTLD is also a part of TLD, there is diffrence in it that a website is created by targeting one country in it, it is called ccTLD - Country code top-level domain. Country code top-level domain extension will be seen in 2 letters, as if India has a website,


Some examples of ccTLD

  1. .in - India
  2. .pk - Pakistan
  3. .jp - Japan
  4. ru - Russia

Now you must have understood very well what is the domain name and how many types of domains are there. I have just given you some examples above. Domain extensions are also of many types.

Where to Buy Domain Name

If you want to create your own blog / website, then the question will definitely be in your mind where to buy the domain name? If I talk to you, GoDaddy is my favorite domain provider website. I have given you the list below, you can check all the websites and get the domain. i hope now your doubt will be clear to buy domain name from For the first year you get the domain a little cheaper. 



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Friends, now all your doubts have become clear what is Domain Name? What are the types of Domain Name? If you want some more information, you can comment and ask, I will be happy to help you. If you like this post, do not forget to share it so that other people can also read this information. Thank you

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What is a Domain Name and Why is a Required for Website

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