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WordPress Seo Tutorial for Beginners - Search Engine Optimization Tips


So you are new to WordPress and you want more search traffic through SEO at the same time. Okay, I have good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that WordPress alone can't rank you on Google. It is only an instrument. The good news, though, is that WordPress makes it easy for the did to implement search engine optimization best practices.

wordPress seo tutorial for beginners - search engine optimization tips

So even if you are a complete beginner, you can easily optimize your website for a higher Google ranking. And you will know how to do this WordPress SEO tutorial. Stay here. What is happening? SEO tools help you increase search traffic, research competitors and influence your niche.

WordPress SEO Tutorials for Beginners - Tips for Search Engine Optimization

First, I want to clear up the confusion. WordPress is a content management system that is an industry standard for bloggers.

But over time it has evolved where you can now create all kinds of websites, from e-commerce to forums that are basically what WhatsApp wants. WordPress SEO is no different from random search engine optimization. So what I am talking about is using tools to make WordPress technically practical and to create traditional theological SEO strategies and techniques. So, for the most part, we will discuss the best practices for page optimization, while other off-page strategies, such as Link BuildingWheel, are the same as using WordPress or others. So let's start.

Use mobile responsive themes

Before we enter the WordPress interface, I just want to comment briefly on the theme selection. Now there are a large number of free and premium templates. You can get it right, so here are two things to look for. First, the theme must responsive cellularly. And that's important, because as Google says, mobile-friendly content can perform better for people searching on the phone.

Don't use the free version theme

And second, avoid third-party plugins or scripts that you don't really need. Read the topic information to see what's included, and you can run the theme demo URL through page speed tools like Google Speed ​​Page Insights, PSDI or GTimetrics. Okay, let's go to some important WordPress settings.

Buy a domain

First, we just have to decide if we need Domain.com or www.domain.com. And the reason is because Google will look at these two pages separately. The good thing about WordPress is that the second version you choose is automatically transferred. So, if you have a new website, it's not natural that you don't like it. However, if you have used both protocols, or if you have problems like this site where you can go from different URLs to the same URL, you may want to see which version shows more backlinks. You can test it with the Ahefs Site Explorer tool. Just enter your domain and you want to focus on the number of domains that point to your website.

Then take another version of the URL and do the same thing. And in this case, there is a clear winner, but for other sites, where it is not so clear, you may want to do a full backlink analysis using manual links manually.

You can change your URL by clicking Settings. And then edit your WordPress URL and Website URL. If your site contains existing content and changes your URL, I might suggest that you contact the developer if needed. good


Then we want to make sure that our permalink can be expected. Then click "Permalink" under "Settings" in the sidebar. And you can see from the preview that it's basically just the URL for your post and the page my best choice is "post name" and that's for two reasons.

# 1. People can see your URL and immediately know what it is. So check out this link on our blog and guess what. And

Try always your url is short

2. "It keeps URLs short. In our SEO research on the page, we found that Google ranked short URLs better, as you can see in this graph. Now it's important to note that if you already have content that has a separate permalink structure, it's a broken one. Page may be bad, especially if your backlinks point to it, but if you want to structure your structure this way, you may need to add redirects that you can do with plugins such as redirects.

Use SEO plugins

Another plugin I recommend to install Yoast SEO. Now this plugin is an industry standard and it should work well for you.

  • If your site is new, you can turn to the SEO menu in the sidebar and open the XML sitemap. You need to make sure that this check box is checked and create an XML sitemap that you can submit to search engines like Google and Bing.

As a general rule, you only want to include the page that Google wants to search your site. So I left the author's sitemap, media page and tag and page format. We'll touch on some more advanced settings ...

Optimization tips 

You need to use every element you create. You can create new content as posts or pages. And by default, posts are used for your blog. And on the other hand, pages are often used for static pages that do not change in reality, such as about us pages, contact pages or service pages.

Seo Friendly Article

In terms of SEO there are 4 main categories are your title, URL, content and meta tags. And we will remove them in the same order. This section is where you define the title for your post. In general, the title you enter here will serve as your H1 tag from the SEO point on the page. The main purpose of this title is to allow fraudsters to click on your article while accurately describing the content of the page. So you want to create something without "clickable" and "click space". The second basic tip is to include your original keyword phrase in the title.

Seo friendly Title

For example, if we write a post about "Best Nike Running Shoes", our headline might be: "17 Best Nike Running Shoes (Guide 2018)" by default, for optimal performance and comfort. WordPress will change the full name of your URL lock post. However we can edit it and change it to our main keyword target, where hyphens will place spaces. So I'll change it to the best shoe and click OK

Because themes and plugins can add additional features. The first drop-down is very important because it includes the style of the text format. So, you can enter H2s, H3s and other subtitles in your post by clicking the mouse. So in this case, our H1 is the title we prepared here and H2 is a sub-title like Zoom Running Shoes, which is a brand line. And if we want to include some models in the zoom line, we can make Nike H3 like the zoom fly and describe it in the model. The use of posts helps to create a framework that can help Google better understand your content and increase readability for your users. The other two relevant SEO features are hyperlinks and images. To create a hyperlink, select the text you want to link to, then click the link icon and enter the URL you want to link to. The selected text will then serve as anchor text. You can click on the gear icon to get more options. I highly recommend selecting the "Open link in a new tab" checkbox, which is a visitor's click on the link. This is great for keeping visitors to your site, although still able to direct them directly to practical sources.

Use images in your posts

And the latest feature here is the "add media" button. It is used to add pictures to your posts. You just drag and drop your photos here and WordPress will upload them to your server. After uploading, I recommend filling in the higher "alt text". And it’s good to be connected for a number of reasons.

  • First, it adds more context to the page, tells Google about the image, and your image can be effective for ranking in Google Images. Second, it is very useful for screen reader users like blinds. And thirdly, if your image is damaged, alternative text will be displayed to replace the damaged image. 

Okay, let's finish the SEO setting. Since we have installed the plugin, there will be a few fields that you can access at the bottom of your post or page. The first part is the title tag. This is the part that will appear in the Google search results as well as in the Browser tab tab so, instead of leaving it as the default, I suggest pasting your title here.

Use all tags in article like h1, h2 etc

You will notice that it is highlighted in red, which makes our title tag long. This will cut out Google search results, which is not very interesting, so we can change it without changing the title of the actual article or your H1 tag. So, let's remove the word "optimal", click on the text box and it looks like we're fine. Now, we want to write a meta description. And the purpose of this section is to support your title and persuade someone to click more. In general, I don’t think about focus keywords, because it does nothing but give you an “SEO score” on Yoast. So don't hesitate to add it if you want, but know that it doesn't make any difference to your actual search engine optimization efforts.

After completing a post, you can publish and post "SEO friendly" without even touching a single line of code. Now, creating the pages will be exactly the same but there is a difference between the main features that needs to be considered. Assuming you have a permanent link structure like "post name", both the page and the post URL will look like this. However, pages allow you to create them in different layers using subfolders. So let's say we are a digital marketing company that uses WordPress and you have 5 different services.

You do SEO, paid advertising, social media marketing, public relations and email marketing. Then all you can do is create a service landing page, where you can talk about the different services you provide and of course you can add a link to your personal service page.

You can see that I've created a page about SEO services, so I simply select the "Services" page by clicking on the Basic dropdown. Finally, I will save our page as a draft.

All rights friends. Thank you for reading this post. Bye take care. But don't forget to share this to social media sites....

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