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Blogging vs App development ~ Which is The Best? Make money Online


Blogging vs App development | Which is The Best Way To Make Money Online ...if you are thinking of blogging or android app development, then this video is for you Hi Guys, welcome to my site in this article i am So from my experience of 7 years online career, I have done blogging and app development ..

blogging vs app development which is the best

I have made blogs that have successfully sold out and I have certain apps which have downloads in million users So I have seen both the world's and on that experience,

Blogging vs App development | Which is The Best 

 I am trying to make this article I have talked on Blogs, Hosting, Android Apps If you are interested in that, So today's post is not a comparison of Android Vs Blogging It won't be justified to compare both of them as they are two different fields ... This post is for all those who are confused so that they can get direction It will help in clearing their vision and helps to know the necessary requirements for skill and time It helps in knowing the opportunities for earning money, so all these points I will cover in this ...

So let's get started So the first point is related to skills.

If you are thinking to start blogging, you must know content writing, you must have an interest in it, you must know to write articles You must-have requirements for SEO, which means Search Engine Optimisation.. You must know the keyword research, generate backlinks, you must know the length of an article You must know how to bring snippets on google ..You must know these things, as they are included in SEO... You must have the interest to learn all these things  So you can do blogging ...

If I talk about skills in App Development You must know to code for App Development There are platforms like Thunkable and Kodular But I still recommend if you want to make a good app, you must know coding in 2019  .You must also have an interest in App Marketing.. App marketing means ASO, paid marketing, influencer marketing, Facebook ads, google ads, apple search ads You must know to use all these features and have some interest in it If I talk about second point, which is related to investment..

You must have an idea for your initial investments in blogging or app development

The initial investment in blogging would be less Up to ₹5k to ₹10k your blog will be ready to earn .  You will get hosting, domain, theme and it will take 2 days to set up .

.all this If I talk about app development If you know coding, then there is no problem, all you need is to go to google play store and purchase a play store developer account Which you will get around $25, which is around ₹2k But if you don't know coding, you will have to hire a developer...

The developer will take according to your app and it also depends on who is the developer It will range starting from ₹20k and it can go up to crores.. So app development starts from ₹20k.  if you are taking an outsider.. There is also one major expense .That if you don't know ASO or your app cannot be used for app marketing ..So you will have to figure out the paid ads. So paid ads will require initial investments like Facebook ads or google ads..

Third point is related to time Blogging

initially takes a short time, but it takes longer to obtain results from it Android app has just the opposite effect: initially, it will take a long time, but results will be quick, compared to blogging .Means you can easily make blogs on WordPress within 2 days If I talk about apps, it won't be ready by 2 days, you will have to invest at least 30 days in it 2 weeks, 4 week or maybe months would be required You will have to invest in the apps, but it will give results within 6 months ..

If I talk about blogs, you may have written good articles, but results will start to appear after 6 months.. If I talk about android apps, within 6 months, you will get good results So this is the difference between blogging and app development..


both are having competition But there is always some space for good contents and apps .So if you have the good content and good apps, so you will have some space in both the markets if I talk in general, everyone is a blogger Entry in blogging is easy which means you have to take the domain and hosting and you are a blogger Some of them have done blogging and there are people already in it ..People who don't know blogging are already in it Creating a blog is easy, but what is difficult is writing good content, marketing it and having the patience So it is difficult, but if you have that appetite, that you can do such things, you have that patience to take the risk, then you can go for blogging ..

If I talk about app development, so there are some restrictions to it, means not everyone can do this ..You must have some skills and coding, then only you can do app development Nowadays people are using platforms like Thunkable and Kodular to develop android apps ..But it is not as much as it is in blogging..

But the major problem in app development is you will compete with company or corporate In blogging, you will compete with other bloggers But competition in app development would be with company or corporates For example, I made an app and it was a photo editor app It was a basic photo editor but its concept was different it usually did one task and it was very useful So that was the photo editor I made, but then that same photo editor concept was taken over by a corporate in their app and it was way better, they invested good amount into it, so they executed the concept very well .They marketed that concept and did a lot of investment for it and due to that my app was being compared with that app My users and reviews were going down and it created an effect on my rankings ..So this is what happens when you are an independent developer ..

You will compete with the corporate brands, who have a lot of amount for investments. I am not saying this to motivate or demotivate you,

I'm just telling what has happened with me So this is possible when you are going in android apps, you will be competing with the corporate brands Competition would be less, but who will you compete with, that you should know In my case there was a mistake, I should have invested in it, that I didn't do, but they did, so they were able to see more results

It is money Which has more money?

So from my experience, in android app development, the chances for money generation are high .It is because the users are engaged in it and there are multiple varieties You can show interstitial ads, video ads, full-screen ads, native ads, or rewarded ads So you have many options to sell those ads ..You can also do in-app purchases sales. So you have many opportunities to monetize or earn from such apps..

And if I talk about blogging, blogging has stable money generation for long term Apps may have a dynamic graph, but blogging won't be that dynamic .You will get a stable revenue after the blogs. That means if your blog is popular and it has gained good authority. so it can easily leave behind any app, in case of earnings In blogs, you can sell various products, through in-app purchases .You can sell info products .There are various way to monetize blogs.... I have made an article on it, if you are interested, you can watch it on "I button" So you can monetize blogs if you build up good authority .

Who has more risk?

Risk is present in both the factors, it will always be there in a business.. But if I talk about app development and google play store There I personally find more risk ..One risk is of competitors, Your page gets outrank, you apps get outrank, so that's one risk Another risk is related to the platform. Platform means they suspend my app, I get a policy violation, someone put up a copyright claim So, in that case, my whole app or my developer account would be terminated.. So this is the biggest risk in the google play store... Whether it is your mistake or an accidental act will make your app suspend .So this is a major risk, that you put all your efforts in building up your audience and one day you receive an email, that your account is terminated . So this is the major drawback in the app.

If I talk about blogging, google doesn't terminate your website suddenly.. There are page violations, which includes copyright contents in a page, violations or page violations, problems in the whole page ..They do not take down the whole site, in most of the cases If you follow their policies, you can save your apps in play store.. So these were the points related to blogging and app development   ..

My recommendation is: Do whatever you want to do People are successful in both the fields:

Blogging and App Development.. People are successful in Dropshipping and YouTubing People are successful in various online methods of earning ..If someone is telling you that this field is not good, or people are not successful ..So mostly this is due to the fact, that they themselves aren't successful in it, that's why they advise you If you ask a person, who is successful in this field, If you ask about joining in this field or not whether you should do it or not So most of the times, you will say that you can go into this field, and there is scope as more people are coming into it and they are making money out of it, so just get started.

But if you are confused still,

whether you should do blogging or app development ...I have one solution for you "Do both of them" You can run app and blog together, it's not a big deal You can make a blog, it will take 2 days only You can setup hostinger and domain and get started with it And once it is made, you can do one thing, that in a week for 6 days,

you work on your app and give 1 day to the blog Make a commitment, that you will post 1 or 2 articles every week, and once you are doing that Invest your rest of the days in your app ..Do app development and run blogging side by side and start with the basics Try to make a simple app, basic level app, which has basic functionality Likewise,

you do in the blog, don't go too deep Touch the basic level and then you will realize where you are happy, first thing and second, the response you are getting from the public It can be app development or blogging So these things you will understand down the line ..

In my case, I started with both of them, then I got more response from the apps I enjoyed developing and marketing my apps.. So I concentrated more and put my focus on my apps . So you can also try this, hopefully, it works for you And I wish you all the best, in your learning So that's all for this article Like and Subscribe ....

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