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6 Powerful Pro Blogger Tips For Newbies


Hi my dear Readers, in this post 6 Powerful Pro Blogger Tips For Newbies I'm gonna share six Tips to changes you can make on your blog to ensure you're standing out from thecrowd and looking like a professional. And the best part is you can absolutelyget started on these changes today. 

6 powerful pro blogger tips for newbies

Top 6 Powerful Pro Blogger Tips for Newbies

Hey, everyone! Welcome back to my website. Ifyou're new here, I'm Rachel, the founder of Define Your Hustle. Define Your Hustle is all about helping aspiring, creative entrepreneurs buildsuccessful and fulfilling online businesses. And one of the best ways tobuild your online business is to start blogging! That's why I'm sharing someadvice that'll have you looking like a professional blogger in no time at all.

1. Buy your own domain like xyz.com | Blogging Guide

For many of you, you're probablythinking I'm crazy for even mentioning this. But for a lot of new bloggers outthere, they hesitate to drop the dot blogspot or dot WordPress from theirdomains. And I'm here to tell you that it's not making you look like a problogger. It's actually making you look like a beginner. In my personal opinion,it shows that you aren't taking your website seriously enough. It says thatyou aren't committed to blogging. But if you're hoping to make this venturesuccessful, you should really shell out the cash for the custom domain name. You won't regret it. 

2. Pick a nice theme orwork with a designer | blogging for beginners

You want to make sure your website looks great and thatit's user friendly. You aren't going to look like a pro blogger if your websiteis cluttered with junk, takes forever to load, and is difficult to navigate. Themost affordable way to get a beautiful website is to purchase a theme. You caninstall it yourself or many theme designers offer installation services. Mypersonal favorite is Restored 316 Designs. Lauren's work is amazing and I'vepurchased so many of their themes. They're easy to install and you cancustomize them to look more like your own. But if you have the money to investand you want something a bit more custom, you can always hire a designer to do thework. This will ensure you get a look that's perfectly suited to you and yourbrand. 

3. Add a favicon | Starting a blog in 2019

This is another simple design tweak youcan make. But if you're not sure what a favicon actually is, it's the little iconthat appears next to your URL and in the browser's tab. I know you're thinking thisprobably seems a little unnecessary, but adding one just gives you a bit more ofa professional vibe. It'll also be easily recognizable when people are scrollingthrough their search history and see your website. 

4. Use Unique photos of yourself. 

Well, that selfie you took... Probably notthe best photo. The one where you cropped out your BFF? Definitely not a good look!Having a great image of yourself that is high-quality is incredibly importantwhen you're trying to get noticed online. It gives off a good first impression andit allows people to see you. That doesn't mean you have to hire aprofessional photographer if it's not in your budget. If it is, that's great. But ifit's not, you and your best friend can easily snap a few great-looking photos.And once you have that perfect photo, you can upload it to your blog and all ofyour social media profiles for consistency. 

5. Add Pages like privacy policy, About Us etc

One key way to look like a pro blogger is toshow people that you mean business. Do this by adding a Terms of Service andPrivacy Policy to your website. You can use online generators to easily craftthese policies for yourself. Just make sure you look over them carefully andmake any necessary changes before publishing them. The other option is tofind an attorney who handles these kinds of agreements and hire them to do it.Either way, it's important to get it done because both of these are necessarydocuments to have on every page of your website. And here's a quick tip for you:if you're collecting email addresses, you need a Privacy Policy. You can read moreabout this in the blog post I wrote on why you need a Terms of Service andPrivacy Policy and I will link that down below.

 6. Show people that you're a kick-ass blogger is to back it up with amazing content | Writing blogs

Afterall, that's what being a blogger is all about! If you can't deliver incrediblecontent to your readers, they won't want to visit your website and they won'tstick around. They aren't going to be interested in anything you are doing. So,you have to learn how to create high-quality blog posts, develop ablogging schedule that works for you, and then stick with it. Now, before I let yougo, there are a couple things you should avoid doing if you want to look like a pro blogger.These are things that many of you may be guilty of doing right now and they're,unfortunately, reflecting poorly on you. So, it's time to stop these. 

 I can't believe people are still doing this, butthe the last thing anyone wants is to open up your website only to haveyour new favorite song come blasting through their speakers. Then, they have toscramble to find where the music is coming from to shut it off and that'sincredibly difficult for people who have multiple tabs open at once. And the otherone is having too many ads. You obviously want to make money from your blog, butplease don't go overboard on the ads. Limit yourself to how many are displayedon your site at any given time and where you place them. Please do not overwhelmyour readers with advertisements. 

Do you really want to look like a pro blogger,even though you're just starting out? Then my course, Blogging Bombshell, isperfect for you. It's packed with all the lessons you need to build a successfulblog of your very own. Alright, that's a wrap on today's article. I will see you all next time. 

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