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How to fix Sync Error in Gmail app: Friends, you must have been using Gmail for sending emails and you will know very well how important Gmail IDs are in today's time. Email Send and Receive has become very easy after the arrival of Smartphone. If you use the Gmail app, you will know that whenever a New Mail Receive, then we get instant notification.

How to Fix Sync Error in Gmail App [6 Tips]

How to Fix Sync Error in Gmail App [6 Tips]

The biggest advantage of Gmail app is that we do not have to log in Email Id repeatedly and can see Received Mail even without internet. But many times we could neither send email nor receive new mail due to Sync Error in Gmail app. Because of this, our important mail is also missed. why is my Gmail app (email) not working on my android?


In this article, I will tell you if you are also facing Not Sync Error in Gmail app, then

how to solve, how to fix sync error in Gmail app
. I have given some hint below which sync error is usually seen.

  • Can't send mail
  • Can't Receive New Mail
  • Can't open Gmail app
  • Account not synced error
  • Gmail app action required
  • Gmail app became very slow
  • sync error in Gmail

How to Solve Sync Error in Gmail App - [6 Tips]

6 tips to fix sync error in Gmail app, which you will be able to fix Gmail synced error. So let's know how to fix Gmail app sync error step by step in Hindi.

# 1. Restart your device

If you have not switched off the mobile for a long time, then restart your mobile once.

 #2. Update Gmail App

I think you are using an older version of Gmail app which may have a bug or is not comfortable for your mobile, so update the latest version of Gmail app from Google Play Store. A link is given below to update the app.

# 3. Check Gmail app Sync settings

You check the sync settings of Gmail app once. Sync should tick on Gmail and leave 30 days on mail to sync.

  • Open gmail app
  • Tap on menu ≡
  • Tap on Settings ⚙
  • Select Gmail address
  • Check settings
  • gmail-sync-settings

Gmail app sync setting

# 4. Not enough space

Your phone's storage memory space is low because sync error can also come because Gmail app cannot get space to sync new mail. So uninstall unwanted apps (which are not needed). Keep at least 1GB of memory free to run the mobile smoothly.

# 5. Remove Account & login again

If the 4 steps mentioned above are not working for you then you should try this step. First you have to remove the Gmail account from mobile and then login again. If you do not know how to delete Gmail account from mobile then read this post.

# 6.Clear Gmail App Data

If you think your Gmail app is slow and not working properly then you can clear data of Gmail app. After clear data, you may have to log in again. I have explained below how to clear data.

All mobiles have this option in different places. First you go to settings and find the installed apps, after that you clear the app whose data.

  • Go to Settings
  • Installed apps ▶ Gmail
  • App info ▶ Storage.
  • Tap Clear data ▶ Ok.
  • Restart your device.
  • android-app-clear-data

App clear data option


Congratulation! Friends, your Gmail sync problem must have been solved now. I have told you 6 tips with the help of which you can fix Sync error in Gmail.

Gmail Will Be a Big Change, Know About These Special Features

Conclusion: Now you must have learned how to fix Sync Error in Gmail app. I hope you have fixed this issue now. If you still have any "Gmail sync error" related questions, then please comment so that I can help you. If you like the information, then share it definitely thank you.

How to Fix Sync Error in Gmail App [6 Tips]

Today's post we are going to discuss What is a Domain Name and Why is a Required for a Website . After all, why is important for any webpage. If you are a blogger or are thinking about making a website / blog, then it is very important for you to know what the Domain Name is. To reach any website / webpage to the whole world,... I will try to explain you in easy language so that you will also understand.

What is a Domain Name and Why is a Required for  Website

What Is Domain Name and Why is a Required for Website

Whenever you visit any website on the internet, the domain name / URL through which you access that webpage is called the domain name. Domain Name is the address of the world or any website with the help of which you can reach that website. Suppose if you want to go to your friend's house and you don't know that house, will you be able to reach that house? No or not, the same applies in the Internet world as well. So to reach any website in the world of internet, its domain name is its address, like my website's domain name is onlylearns.com and you can easily reach my website by typing Url in Broswer.



After adding two pieces, a Domain Name is created ex: gourabdesign.com Now it has Gourab Design my webiste name and .com extension. By combining these two pieces, a unique domain name is created. Whenever you open gourabdesign.com url in browser then only my website will open. It is not that my website opened with the same domain name and facebook opens with the same, because the domain name is a unique address of all websites. 

In all the websites of internet, gourabdesign.com domain name will not be found on anyone's website except my website. What is a domain name? By now, you must have understood well, now know how it started.

How Domain Name started

  • Initially, an IP address (ex. was used instead of the domain name to visit any website. But as the number of websites increased, it became difficult to remember the IP address. Suppose you saved 100 mobile numbers in mobile without name, will you be able to remember which number belongs to those 100 numbers. Therefore, we used the Domain Name to remember the address of the website. Now when this happens, when we put a domain in the URL browser, first the request goes to the DNS (Domain Name System), converting the DNS Domain Name to the numerical IP address, and forward the request.


It is difficult for us to remember numerical but computer understands numerical very well. Therefore DNS handles the middle process. When you enter any URL in the browser, the first request goes to DNS. Domain Name System forwards the domain by converting it to an IP address. All the mangement of the domain can be managed in DNS.

Domain History

The first commercial TLD (Top-level domains) .com domain name was registered by Symbolics Inc on 15 March 1985 symbolics.com. According to wikipedia, 15,000 .com domains were registered according to wikipedia for information. By the first quarter of 2015, 294 million domains had been registered. From this, you can estimate how many websites will be in the world. Without whom it is very difficult to visit the domain name.

Type of domains

In the domain too, you will get to see many types such as Top-level Domain, Second-level or Lower-level Domain and Country Code top-level domain I will give you information about all these. So that you can choose the right domain, then let us know.


TLD (Top-level Domain)

SLD (Second-level Domain)

Subdomain (Lower-level Domain)

ccTLD (Country code top-level domain)

TLD - Top-level Domain

Top-level Domains is called TLD in short and it is also called domain extension. TLD is the last part of the domain which can be .com, .net, .gov. So let's understand it deeply only onlyarnarns.com is a domain name. In this, the part after onlylearns .com is called TLD (Top-level Domain). There are many types of this.

Some TLD Domains

  • .com (commercial)
  • .gov (government)
  • .net (network)
  • .org (organization)
  • .edu (education)

SLD - Second-level Domain

Second-level Domain (SLD) is also slightly opposite from TLD. SLD is the main name of our website. Like onlylearns.com it is a domain. It has a .com extension TLD and the remaining onlylearns is the name of our website and this name is called Second-level Domain (SLD). Now you must have understood about SLD.

What is a Subdomain -Lower-level Domain

After adding SLD and TLD, we have such an onlylearns.com domain. If you want to create different websites on the same domain, you can create a subdomain. After purchasing a domain you can create a free Subdomain (Lower-level Domain). This is a piece next to our SLD (Second-level Domain) like I want onlylearns.com, so my main website is now I have to create a subdomain to create another blog on this domain which will be like this english.onlylearns.com . You can use any word instead of English. The piece that is added before our Main Domain is called the Subdomain (Lower-level Domain).

ccTLD (Country code top-level domain)

ccTLD is also a part of TLD, there is diffrence in it that a website is created by targeting one country in it, it is called ccTLD - Country code top-level domain. Country code top-level domain extension will be seen in 2 letters, as if India has a website, website.in


Some examples of ccTLD

  1. .in - India
  2. .pk - Pakistan
  3. .jp - Japan
  4. ru - Russia

Now you must have understood very well what is the domain name and how many types of domains are there. I have just given you some examples above. Domain extensions are also of many types.

Where to Buy Domain Name

If you want to create your own blog / website, then the question will definitely be in your mind where to buy the domain name? If I talk to you, GoDaddy is my favorite domain provider website. I have given you the list below, you can check all the websites and get the domain. i hope now your doubt will be clear to buy domain name from For the first year you get the domain a little cheaper. 



Also check :

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Friends, now all your doubts have become clear what is Domain Name? What are the types of Domain Name? If you want some more information, you can comment and ask, I will be happy to help you. If you like this post, do not forget to share it so that other people can also read this information. Thank you

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What is a Domain Name and Why is a Required for Website

 Hello Learners, do you use AdMob? If not, then read this article, What is AdMob, how to earn AdMob money. If you use AdMob, then read this article carefully. In this article, I will tell you 8 ways to keep AdMob Account Safe, with the help of which you will be able to save your "AdMob Account Suspended".

To make an app, you will get many online App Builder, with the help of which you can create free apps without coding and you can also earn from it. 

Safe admob account

8 Important Tips to Prevent AdMob Account from being Suspended/Disabled

Nowadays, many bloggers and Youtuber tell different ways about earning more than AdMob, but some ways are doing AdMob Policy Violation and then people are told that you can earn money by doing this.

The most victim of these things is the Newbie App Developer, who comes to the greed of money and commits AdMob Policy Violation and in the end there is only one result, AdMob Account Suspended. 

How can you keep your AdMob Account Safe?

You must be well aware that only 1 person can create an AdMob / Adsense account. AdMob and Adsense are linked to each other, if your AdMob account is suspended then Adsense account will also be suspended. You will never be able to create AdMob and Adsense in future. So before taking any step, make sure that you are going right?

I know this thing very well nowadays some Youtuber are misleading with Newbie App Developer for a few views. So, before doing anything, I must know what I am doing right? Otherwise you will regret after AdMob Account Suspended. In this article, I will tell you how to save AdMob Account from being suspended. 8 ways that will be effective in keeping AdMob Account Safe.


8 ways to protect an AdMob account from being suspended / disabled - How to Safe AdMob Account

If you follow the 8 tips mentioned below, then you can keep AdMob Account Safe to a great extent. So let's get to know everyone one by one.

1. Read AdMob Policy

The most important thing is the Product Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, which we do not read. If you read the AdMob Policy once, you will get a lot of information about keeping the AdMob Account Safe. So I will recommend you once read the privacy policy of AdMob. You can read the AdMob Privacy Policy from here.

2. Iligial Content & App

There should be no such content in your app, which does the AdMob Policy Violation such as Hack, Carck and Adult. In the last few days I had notice, many people tell you about earning money by applying Ad in Whatsapp, which is totally wrong. Google will know by the name Packege that you have placed ads in third party apps.


If you change Packege name then you will not be able to put copyrighted app in Google Play Store. According to Google's new policy, you cannot make money without publishing an app in the Google Play Store. If you try to do this, then the AdMob Account can be suspended. Therefore, you should not do this.

3. Accidental clicks

Accidental clicks mean accidental clicks on ad. You should never put Ad in a place where the user clicks on something else but the click is on the ad. After doing this, Invalid clicks will increase due to which the chance of getting your AdMob account suspended will increase. You should only place Ad in the place where there is no problem with the user.

4. Click For Click & Self Click

Many people use Click for Click Technique to make money, in which some people click on each other's Ad and some people keep clicking on their own Ad. There is a lot of chance of suspending your account after doing this because Google never wants the app developer to click on their own ad.

5. Wrong ads placement

I have already told you this thing, do the Ad Placement perfectly so that the user does not face any problem in running the App. It should not happen that click on the user button and many interstitial ads come up.

AdMob's new policy says that do not show ads until your app is loaded. What a lot of people do is make Ads show as soon as the app is open, this is completely wrong. The less ads there are, the more users will like your app. Show the thing that you want to show to the user first and only then show ads. If you put a lot of ads, AdMob will suspend you and not anyone else.


6. Encouraged to click on ads

You cannot force a user to click on Ads. If you do this, then you are violating the AdMob Policy, which can suspend your AdMob account. You never spoke to click on Ads. Some App Developers do this so that nothing will open until you click on the ad. If you do this, then you are risking your admob account

7. Fake impression & Multiple ads

Some people do self clics which makes their CTR very high and generate Fake impression to perform CTR. For this, we create such an app where ads show in particular time.

By doing this, you will come under the scanner of Google because you have all the data with Google, how many times Ad has appeared on which mobile. By doing this, you are hitting the ax on your leg, which can disable your admob account.


8. Multiple Accounts

Never create more than one account. If you have created 2 accounts by mistake, then cancel 1. If Google found out that only 1 person is running 2 accounts, then Google can close both your accounts.

Whenever you use 2 AdMob account, never open the same browser to both, if possible, then use different device for both. First thing is, 2 AdMob account is not required, then if you run then you are saved.

Conclusion: Now you will definitely follow the "8 Essential Tips" to protect your AdMob Account from being suspended. My duty was to tell you how to keep the AdMob account safe, you can do the rest of your choice. One of your mistakes can sink your AdMob account. You must know this thing, AdMob went and so did Adsense. Google's new policy says that if your AdMob account is suspended then no payment will be given to you.


Yes, it can happen after the payment is generated, if the account is suspended then your chance can be made. The clear answer from Google is if your account is made then payment is also closed. Therefore, I say that you will not be able to earn more days by doing wrong methods. Keep your AdMob and Google Adsense account safe and earn money with Genuine way.

I hope you have liked this information "How to keep AdMob account safe". Do share it so that other people do not make such mistake. Thank you.

What is Deffrence in Hosted, Non-Hosted and Premium Adsense Account

AdSense Account Safety Tips: Invalid Click Prevention in Blogger

8 Important Tips to Prevent AdMob Account from being Suspended/Disabled

Do you want to start your new blog, but you are having difficulty in choosing "How to Choose Best Blogging Platform 2020-21". This is not only for you but for every Newbie Blogger is a Hard Decision. How can you find out which Blogging Platform is best for you?. Today we will tell you about the popular and professional Blogging Platform in this article, with the help of which you will be able to choose your choices.

How to Choose Best Blogging Platform 2020-21

How to Choose Best Blogging Platform 2020-21

After doing research I found many CMS (content management system) using which you can create a blog, but all this will make you more confused, so I have chosen the Top-5 Best Blogging Platform to guide you.

The first thing depends on what kind of Blogging Platform you are looking for. In the beginning, every Newbie Blogger wants to setup a blog easily, which does not require coding skills.

When your blog grows, then you think about providing Extra Fetures in your blog. All this is possible only when you choose a "Best Blogging Platform".


It has often been seen that many bloggers choose the wrong Blogging Platform and they have to face a lot of trouble later. When your blog is growing well and you change the Blogging Platform, then you have to face a lot of problems.

Even if you do not want to earn money from your blog, but do you know that in the future you can make an idea to make money from your blog. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right blogging platform before starting a new blog. That's why I thought why not write an article on it.

What is the best platform for blogging? Which is the Best Platform for Blogging?

I have found the top-5 best blogging platform for you, with the help of which you will get help in choosing a blogging platform. The list of those we are going to mention is given below.

  1.  wordpress.org
  2. wordpress.com
  3. blogger.com
  4. Tumblr
  5. Joomla

1. WordPress.org

Today, WordPress.org is the most powerful blogging platform in the world and 32% of the world's website remains on WordPress. WordPress.org is an open source platform with the help of which you can create a powerful self-hosted blog. Which clearly means a WordPress hosting provider will be needed to host a blog.

In this you get full control. You can create a blog as you wish. For this, it is very important for you to have technical knowledge. If you do not have even a little knowledge of Blogging, then do not touch this platform in the beginning because you may have to face a lot of problems.

Yes it is true that Professional blogger runs WordPress self-hosted blogs and our blog onlylearns.com is also on wordpress.org only.


You get Full Control.

In this you can add a lot of extra features like forms and online store.

There are many free and premium themes available on the Internet for WordPress which you can use to create a powerful blog.

More than 45,000 free plugins will be available to add new features to the blog.

Facing Issues

To manage it, you should have a little technical knowledge.

There is a risk of blog being hacked, so you have to do security.

2. WordPress.com

The WordPress.com service is run by an Automattic company that runs WordPress.org. It was started in 2003 by co-founder Matt Mullenweg. On this you can make a blog for free, but in the free plan, neither you will be able to use custom domain nor will you be able to show advertisements on your blog.

If you want to do professional blogging, then you have to use its Premium Plan. In this you get very little features and storage. There is an advantage if you use wordpress.com before using wordpress.org, then you will get a lot of ease.


There is no need to setup.

Easy to manage



Limited features are available.

Cannot show ads in Free Plan.

Your blog can be deleted for violating the terms of service.

3. Blogger

Blogger is a Free Blog service that Google has been running since 2003. It is also known as Blogspot and on this you can make a blog very easily. I have told about how to create a blog on Blogger. Let me tell you one thing, this is the best platform to make Free Blog.


Is absolutely free.

Technical skills are not required to manage.

There is no risk of getting hacked is very secure.


There are very few tools available for managing blogs.

Theme is too short.

There is no new update of this.

Your blog can be deleted for violating the terms of service.

4. Tumblr

Tumblr is slightly different from the rest of the blogging platforms. This is a microblogging platform in which you get social networking features. It is mostly used for reblogging. If you want to do microblogging then you can share videos, GIFs, images. You can use it only for microblogging.


Tumblr is absolutely free and easy to use.

In this, you get social media component.

Can quickly share photos, videos, GIFs, and audio.


In this you get limited features due to which it is difficult to grow a blog.

Additional features are not available.

5. Joomla

Joomla is also an open source content management system like WordPress.org. With the help of this, you can create a self-hosted blog like WordPress.org, for this you need domain name and web hosting.


Joomla is a powerful CMS for creating blogs and websites.

Many templates are available which you can design according to the need.

Extensions can be used to add new features.



The Joomla community is much smaller than the WordPress community.

Support options are also limited.

Like WordPress.org, you have to do backups, updates, and security.


Which blogging platform is best in my opinion?

Above I have told you about the top-5 best blogging platform on which you can start a blog. Also know my opinion, if you do not know at all about Blogging and want to start a blog for free, then I would advise you to blogger.com. You have a very technical knowdedge and you can invest 2-5 thousand rupees to make a blog, then you choose WordPress.org.

What is Offline Blog Editor, Top-5 Best Offline Blog Editor

You can start with Blogger.com, when you have a good knowledge of blogging, then you can migrate to WordPress.org. Therefore it is necessary to have technical knowdedge to manage the blog or else you will face many issues which will be beyond your comprehension. To my mind, this blogger.com and WordPress.org is both the best blogging platform and I use both.

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How to Choose Best Blogging Platform 2020-21

How to bring Blog to Google Search: Creating a blog is just 5 minutes of work, but bringing it to Google Search is the most difficult task. Till your blog does not appear in there, neither can you earn money nor help anyone. Some people create a blog just thinking that their blog will come instantly in Google Search.

How to Bring Website to Google Search

If you have also created a new blog and the blog is not coming in there, then you have to follow some things. I am going to tell you in this article.

 Google says we use 200+ factors to decide Search Ranking. Some new bloggers make blogs but their blog does not come in there, so they get very upset. You can try your tips and bring your blog to Google Search.

How to bring Blog to Google Search

If you are new in Blogging Feild, then you are making some mistakes which by improving you will definitely be able to bring your blog to Google Search. So let's know what is necessary ?.

1. Choose Right Domain

Whenever you start a blog, choose the Right Domain. If you choose a domain on which search competition is more, then you will have to do a lot of hard work to make your blog 1st no. To bring on


I also have a blog on which Daily 2000+ Pageview comes but on searching the Domain Name does not come on the 1st page, because the search competition is too much. So I will recommend you to choose a domain with low competition. Choose High Competition Domain only when you can leave your Competitor behind.

Instead of taking the domain with the keyword, you make your domain the keyword.

2. Add Meta Description

After creating a blog, definitely add Meta Description. This is very important to bring Blog's homepage to Search Engine. With this, readers also know what information is shared on your blog.

 3. Submit Blog to Search Engine

After creating a new blog, submit it to Search Engine so that Search Engine can know that it is a New Blog. Submit your blog to Google Webmasters tools (Google Search Console), Bing - Webmaster Tools and Yandex Webmaster.

The sooner your blog will be added to Search Engine, the more it is beneficial for you. Submit your blog in webmaster tools, do not forget, because it is very necessary.

4. Write Quality Content

Without writing quality content you will not get traffic. If you are thinking that I will put a copy paste and then throw this idea out of your mind. If you want traffic from search engine, then you will have to write quality content that the user likes to read.

 5. Update Blog Regularly

Everything does not happen by creating a blog, unless you update the new blog daily, your blog will be visible to very few people. Therefore, after creating a blog, Daily must put at least 1 post so that your blog can appear in Google Search. Let me tell you, it takes some time for new blog to come in search, so add articles daily to the blog.

6. Learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO has a key role to bring blog to search. You should know a little bit of SEO because running a blog without SEO is like running a vehicle without a driver. Your blog will somehow get into Google Search but you have to learn SEO to get Post Rank. If you want to blogging for a long time, then keep taking a little information about Search Engine Optimization.

What is Offline Blog Editor, Top-5 Best Offline Blog Editor


In the end, I will only say that New Blog takes a little time to come in search, it may also take up to 1 month. You regularly publish the article. If you follow the 6 tips mentioned above, then your blog will also come in search.

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How to Bring Website to Google Search (Guide For Beginner)

Do you know what Offline Blog Editor is. If you are a blogger, then it is very important to know about this. Along with giving information about Offline Blog Editor, I will also tell about the Top-5 Best Offline Blog Editor so that you can choose a good Offline Blog Editor.

What is Offline Blog Editor, Top-5 Best Offline Blog Editor

What is Offline Blog Editor, Top-5 Best Offline Blog Editor

Offline Blog Editor is an amazing tool with the help of which bloggers can write blog posts without internet. In "Offline Blog Editor", you also get all that is in Online Blog Editor. If your area does not have Stable Internet Connection then offline blog editor is the Excelent Tool for you.


Many times we have Weak Internet Connection or Internet data is over, in such a situation you can continue your work using Offline Blog Editor. When your internet is on, then you can publish the post directly in the blog, then it is not a great idea.

Advantage Of Offline Blog Editor

There are many advantages of offline blog editor, which I am talking about below.

1. Works without internet, it means that you will be able to write a blog post even if there is no internet.


2. In the online blog editor, we get to see bugs in many ways, due to which many times our posts are also removed.

3. It also makes a difference in the speed of writing post because it does not need internet.

4. When you write an article in Microsoft Word, you must have seen that additional codes are added to it, but this is not the case in Offline Blog Editor.

 Top-5 Best Offline Blog Editor

I am going to tell you 5 such offline blog editors who support Blogging Platform like Blogger, WordPress and Drupal.

1. Windows Live Writer (Windows)

Its name suggests that it is for Windows Computer and is made by Microsoft. The biggest thing is that it is absolutely free. In this, you get lots of fear and it is also very easy to use it.

Supported Platform: WordPress, Blogger, TypePad and others.


Download Windows Live Writer

2. BlogDesk (Windows)

BlogDesk is a very simple offline blog editor. This is only for the Windows user. It is absolutely free and it is also easy to use. In this, you can insert Directly Image.

Supported Platform: WordPress, MovableType, Drupal, Serendipity and ExpressionEngine.


Download BlogDesk

3. Qumana (Windows & Mac)

Qumana is available for both Windows and Mac. In this, you get to see Free and Paid 2 Version. This is also an overall Offline Blog Editor.

Supported Platform: WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, MovableType, LiveJournal, and more.

4. Ecto (Mac)

Ecto is easy to use and provides many features. It is a little costly so people use it less. If you are a Mac user, you can try it out.

Supported Platform: Blogger, Blojsom, Drupal, MovableType, Nucleus, SquareSpace, TypePad, WordPress, and more.


Download Ecto

5. BlogJet (Windows)

BlogJet can be called the most advanced Offline Blog Editor. In this, you get a lot of features compared to the rest of the editor. You will get all the features you want in it. It is available only for Windows. Free and Paid 2 Version of BlogJet too, if you like it, you can take Paid Version with more features.

Supports Platform & Features: WordPress, TypePad, Movable Type, Blogger, MSN Live Spaces, Blogware, BlogHarbor, SquareSpace, Drupal, Community Server, and more


Download BlogJet

In Conclusion

Now you must have found out what is Offline Blog Editor? Who is called Offline Blog Editor? In this article, I have told you about 5 Offline Blog Post Editor. You must tell me by commenting, you like Online Blog Editor or Offline Blog Editor and why?

If you like the information, then share it with the rest of Blogger too so that they too can get some help from this article, thanks.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Creating a Blog on Blogger Platform

What is Offline Blog Editor, Top-5 Best Offline Blog Editor

Do you know what is Hosted, Non-Hosted and Premium Adsense Account? Mostly Bloggers use Adsense Ads Network only to earn money from their blog. In Hindi blogs, especially Adsense is used only because there is no other Ad Network in its competition. Media.net is also a good Ad Network but it does not support Hindi.

what is Hosted, Non-Hosted and Premium Adsense Account

what is Hosted, Non-Hosted and Premium Adsense Account

Many Bloggers ask what is a Hosted, Non-Hosted and Premium Adsense Account and what is the Deffrence among them. Although it seems like a very simple question, but for Newbie Bloggers, it is a very critical question. Therefore, it is very important to know about them, as well as I will also tell you how to convert Hosted Adsense Aaccount to Non-Hosted Adsense Aaccount.


What is Adsense?

If you are a Blogger / Youtuber then you will know very well what is Adsense and what is its work. Give a little information about Adsense to those who do not know so that you can know which bird is the name of Adsense.

Adsense is an Ad Network with the help of which we can earn by placing ads on our Blog / Website and YouTube channel. Adsense shows ads on our website and YouTube videos and we earn from these ads. How much Ad you get from seeing how much Ad depends on many factors. If you want to earn money from Adsense, then you can earn by creating Blog and Youtube Chnnel. That's why you have to do some hard work.

What is Adsense? I will not go deeply in this topic because you already know what is Adsense and what is it. If your Adsense is not there, then you must have thought a little idea, you can earn money by advertising on Adsense website and YouTube video.


Now we come to our main issue and know what is Hosted, Non-Hosted and Premium Adsense Account.

Hosted Adsense Account

If you get Adsense Account Approve from Youtube and Blogspot, then it is Hosted Adsense. We can get this Apporve through Google's Hosted Service Youtube and Blogspot / Blogger. With Hosted Adsense Account, you can only place Ad on the same service that Google has hosted such as Youtube and Blogspot.

If you want to place ads on your own hosted website, first you have to change the Hosted Adsense Account to Non-Hosted Adsense Account, then you will be able to place ads on the Hosted Website. If you have quality content on your blog and YouTube then it is very easy to take its approval. I have got me Approval for only 3 hours on Blogspot blog.

Non-Hosted Adsense Account

Non-Hosted Adsense Account Ads can be placed on Self Hosted website, Youtube and Blogspot blog. Meaning, it also provides Ads Service to the Third Party website. It takes 5-10 days for you to take its approval. If you already have a Hosted Adsense Account, then you can easily convert it into a Non-Hosted Adsense Account.

Premium Adsense Account

Its Approval is available only to those whom Google invites for Specially Premium Adsense Account. It brings big creators and company, who have traffic in lakhs of days daily. Approval of this we cannot take small creators, so Premium Adsense Account has no role with us. For this only Google Invite does, we cannot make it ourselves.

How To Check Adsense Hosted Or Non Hosted

Many people do not know how to check Hosted or Non Hosted Adsense. So let me tell you how you can check it.


1. First you login your Adsense Account.

2. Click on the Right Corner side Profile Icon. If you get a Hosted Account written in Red Color under My Account, then understand that it is a Hosted Account, if the Hosted Account is not written then it is Non Hosted Account.


3. One more way, open Adsesnse Dashbord. In that, click on Account and click on Account information. Will be able to see in Active Products. If Youtube Host or Content Host is found written, then you have your Hosted Account. You can see my account information Content, AdMob, Content Host or Youtube Host This means I had a previously hosted account and later created a Non Hosted account.

In Conclusion

I hope now you have understood what is Hosted, Non-Hosted and Premium Adsense Account and what is Deffrence among them. If you have a Hosted account, then you can easily convert it to Hosted to Non-Hosted. For this, you should have a Quality Website which is Self Hosted i.e. Self Hosted WordPress blog.

Top 7 Powerful Ways To Increase AdSense Revenue

If you have any question related to Hosted, Non-Hosted and Premium Adsense Account, you can ask by commenting. If you like the information, do not forget to share it. Thank you

What is Deffrence in Hosted, Non-Hosted and Premium Adsense Account

Google Account Hack is not possible, even if hacked, it is not impossible to Recover at all. I will tell you some important tips for Google account security, which can be followed by your Google Account from Secure.

Best 3 Important Tips to keep Google Account Secure

Many people make Google Account very easily from mobile but later forget the password of Google Account. There is also no Password Reset when you do Forgot Password, because they did not do the settings that had to be done to keep Google Account Secure. Google has also told about 5 ways to Recover Password so that you can Recover when you forget Password.

3 Important Tips to keep Google Account Secure


Security matters to everyone. Talking about Google Account, you should keep 2 Layer Security in it. After losing the Google Account, Play Store, Youtube Channel, Gmail, Google Drive, Blogger will not be able to access the data of these because you will not have the password.

How to secure Google Account, 3 important tips

If you try 3 tips to keep Google Account Secure, then your account will never be hacked and you will be able to Recover after forgetting the password.

1. Add Account Recovery

Most people do not add the Account Recovery option at all and this is the biggest fool. By adding Account Recovery option, the security of your account increases a bit more. You have to enter Mobile Number and Email Id in Account Recovery. This makes it easy to recover the password and when something is wrong with the account, then the recovery email is alerted. I will tell you that if you have not added the Account Recovery option, then your account is a lock without lock, which anyone can open.


  • Follow the steps given below to add Account Recovery option.

  • 1. First you go to Google Account Security page and login your account.

  • 2. Scroll down and find Account Recovery Options.

  • 3. Now you enter Recovery Email or Recovery Phone. It is also important to verify one thing after inserting Recovery Email or Recovery Phone.

Note: If you add Recovery Email or Recovery Phone, then in the future, you will never get a chance to login to Forgot Password. When you change the mobile number, go to Phone Recovery once and update it so that the security remains intact.

2. Enable 2-Step Verification

2-Step Verification means 2 steps for Security. By Chance 2-Step Verification will protect your account if anyone knows the password of your Google account. The advantage of enabling 2-Step Verification is that to login the account, first you have to enter the password and then the 6-digit code that comes on your mobile number. Only then the account is logged.

Even after knowing the password of your account, a person will not be able to do anything, because the logged OTP will come to your mobile number and the account will not open without entering it. After enabling 2-Step Verification, 2 security layer of your account is created. Let us now know how to enable 2-Step Verification.

  • 1. First you go to Google Account Security page and login your account.

  • 2. Go to Password & sign-in method and click on 2-Step Verification.

  • 2-Step-Verification-enable-kaise-kare

  • 3. If you have added the mobile number then you can do a direct turn on, otherwise you will have to add the mobile number first, after that you will be able to enable 2-Step Verification.


Note: While enabling this 2-Step Verification, keep in mind one thing, whenever you log a Google account in an unknown pc then you should have that mobile which has added the number.

3. Use Strong Password

Your password should be so strong that no person or tools can even Guess. Your name or mobile number should never be used in a password. The second biggest thing is to never keep the password of all things the same, like Facebook also has the same password, Google also, same instagram. In such a situation, it is not very difficult to find your account, so there should be Unique & strong password for everyone.

With the help of Strong Password Generator you can create a lot of Strong Password which is not easy to guess. If you find it difficult to remember, then do one thing, keep copying it somewhere. If you can generate Strong Password yourself, that's a very good thing. You use Latter, Number & Symbol while creating a password.


Password Example: 01 | @#Gour#£&+;:+??

Note: If you look at the 3 tips mentioned above, your Google Account will never be hacked.

In Conclusion

Now you will know about Best 3 important tips for keeping Google Account Secure. Apart from this, if you know any other tips, then definitely comment by commenting. Apply the 3 important tips that I have told you from now on. If you are Blogger and Youtuber, then it should never be ignored because one of your mistakes will submerge your Google account.

Google Duo - The Top Trending Best Video Calling App

If you have any question about this, then please comment and ask. If you like the information, do not forget to share it with your friends. Thank you.

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Best 3 Important Tips to keep Google Account Secure

Google Duo - The Top Trending Best Video Calling App . If you do not know, then read this post completely and know about This Application.
I will explain you in very simple languages : In today's time, Internet has reached every corner of the world and almost everyone has 4G Smartphone. Today, every person has a mobile Internet, do or do anything else, Youtube, Facebook and Whatsapp definitely run. Nowadays, 4G Smartphone and 4G are the internet, so enjoy video calling a lot.

Google Duo - The Top Trending Best Video Calling App

Google Duo - The Top Trending Best Video Calling App

In today's time, you will get many apps for free video calling such as Imo, Whatsapp and Facebppk Messenger, with the help of these you can do video calling. Google thought that everyone has a video calling app, so why not us? Due to this, Google also launched Google Duo App to do video calling.

To use the Google Duo App on older mobiles, it has to be downloaded. But now Google Duo App gets pre-installed in new mobile, that means no downloading. It is very easy to use it.

What is Google Duo

Google Duo is a Video Chat Mobile App, we can use it to do Video Calling. Google released it on August 16, 2016. It is available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

Its interface is a bit unique and the rest nowadays everyone has 4G internet so you do not have any complaints in Video Calling. It has a unique feature named as Knock Knock. You will not see this feature in any video calling apps other than Google Duo.

Apart from the rest of Video Calling, there will not be much to see, because Google Duo App has been made only for Video Calling..

How To Download Google Duo Application

is as easy as downloading the rest of the apps. It is explained Step by Step below.

  • 1. First you need to download Google Duo app

  • 2. After downloading it will be installed automatically and then open it

  • 3. I agree to the Terms and Condition and proceed.

  • 4. Now you have to Verify by entering your Mobile Number. Enter your mobile number and click on the Next button.

  • 5. Now the 6-digit code will come on your mobile number, maybe your mobile will be Automatically Code Verified. If it does not, then manually enter 6-digit code and verify. Now your Google Duo App is all set to run.

 Congratulation guys! Now your account has been created

Google Duo App Features

You get many features in Google Duo, which I have explained below one by one. So let's know what features you get in Google Duo.

Video call

Google Duo App is designed for accepting Video Calling Purpose, so Video Calling is its main feature.


Audio call

Along with video calling, you also get the feature of audio calling. You can call it audio as per your need.

Search Box

With this you can search any contact. Its biggest feature is that the number which is not saved in your mobile can also be called and invited.

Send Voice / Video Message

Sometimes the person in front is Busy and he cannot pick up your call, in which case you can send audio / video message. Its maximum limit is up to 30sec. Whenever the person in front opens the Google Duo app then he can see your audio / video message.


Block number

In Google Duo you can block Unwanted Contact Number. This feature is found in almost all apps.

Limit Mobile Data Usage

You can save data by enabling Limit Mobile Data Usage. This is also a tremendous feature.

Knock Knock

Knock Knock Feature is the most awesome in Google Duo. The advantage of this is that whenever you call someone, the Recipient will be able to watch your video before taking the call. This means that even if you do not pick up the call, the Recipient can see what you are doing and where you are. Knock Knock is a very good feature for the person receiving the call. If you want that the Recipient could not see you before taking the call, then you disable the Knock Knock Feature.

 How to video call from google duo..

Making video calls with Google Duo is very easy, so let's know how to make video calls with the Google Duo app.

  • 1. Open the Google Duo app first.

  • 2. If you want to make a video call, click on the Video Call icon, if you want to make an audio call, click on the Audio Call icon.

  • 3. In the search box, you search the mobile number of the person whom you want to call. A call will be made as soon as you tap on the contact number.

  • 4. If you want, you can press and hold the contact number for some time, then many options will come in front of you in addition to the call.

Note: To make calls from it, you do not need Whatsapp or Imo, but you need to install, if your mobile is new, then Google Duo will be pre-installed in it. Many people ask if the person in front will see my number? If your number will be saved in the mobile of the Recipient, then the name will not be visible, otherwise your number will be visible. You cannot be anonymous. Some people do not hear the sound when calling, which means that your or Recipient's internet connection is a bit weak.

In Conclusion

I don't think there would have been anything worth telling about the Google Duo - The Top Trending Best Video Calling App. I hope you have got detailed information, how to run, how to download, how to make video calls..

Google Duo - The Top Trending Best Video Calling App

Advantages and disadvantages of creating a blog on Blogger Platform: Are you thinking about starting a new blog on Blogger? I have already shared my article with you about how to create a free blog. When a person hears about Blogger Platform, he does not believe that you can create a blog on Blogger Platform for free and can earn money from it.

They think that if my blog is popular tomorrow, Google will start taking money from me. Many bloggers scare you that Google can delete your blog at any time. Is this true So read this post to know more, what are the advantages and disadvantages of making a blog on Blogger.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Creating a Blog on Blogger Platform

Advantages and Disadvantages of Creating a Blog on Blogger Platform

When a blogger tells you that Google can delete your blog at any time, then we are forced to think. Would it be right to create a blog on Blogger? In today's time, both Blogger.com and WordPress.com platform is the most famous for creating Free Blog. Out of both the platforms, the Mostly People Blogger Platform likes more and this is also their first choice.

We are most afraid of the fact that there is some damage to the free thing. So let's finally know what is Advantage and Disadvantage of making blog on Blogger.

Is it beneficial to create a blog on Blogger?
You will know Blogger.com is Google's platform on which you can create a blog for absolutely free. With this you can not only create a blog for free, but you can also earn some money by placing ads on your blog. On the other hand, you can create a blog on WordPress.com for free, but you can not install Custom Domain and Ads. This clearly means that without purchasing Paid Plan on WordPress.com, your Professional Blog will not be created.

Blogger is beneficial for you if you want to create a professional blog without spending a single penny. Now we know what is Advantage and Disadvantage of creating blog on Blogger Platform.

Benefits of creating a blog on Blogger
There are many benefits of creating a blog on Blogger. I have covered many topic...

1. Blogger Is Free

Blogger is a free platform. Google will not charge you a penny as long as your blog becomes popular. If you get this thing out of your mind, Google will ask you for money if the blog is famous. This platform is absolutely free for all.

2. Easy to Manage For The Newbie

It is very easy to manage and set up for Newbie Blogger. It will take you 2-4 days at most to understand this well. Its simple interface is very, so it is very easy to run.

3. Monetize Your Blog With Ad Network

When your blog started seeing a lot of views, then you can also earn by placing ads. Keep in mind that if you use a Sub-Domain, you will be able to install only Adsense ads. That's why Custom Domain must be installed in your blog so that the likes of Ad Network can advertise.

4. Custom Domain Support

Blogger also gives you the freedom to install a Custom Domain along with a Sub-Domain so that your Blog looks professional. By applying custom domain, Blogspot.com will be removed and your favorite domain will be set instead.

Sub-Domain: example.blogspot.com
Custom Domain: example.com

5. No Need Hosting & Storage

For Blogger, you do not need to take any type of Hosting & Storage because it is hosted by Google. Its biggest advantage is that as many Visitor will come on your blog, it never goes down. So you can add as many photos as you want to your blog. Just keep in mind one thing, putting more photos will increase the loading time of your blog, which Visitor does not like at all.

6. Security

This Blogger Platform is considered to be the most secure in terms of security. This clearly means your blog will not be hacked. Your blog is based on your Gmail ID. If your Gmail ID is Secure, then your blog will also be Secure.

Disadvantages of making blog on Blogger
There are some disadvantages of blogging on Blogger, which I have mentioned below.

1. Google Can Delete Your Blog

What you are most afraid of is that if you do not follow Google's Privacy Policy, then Google can also delete your blog. Google never delete blogs that contain information about Orignal Content and people's work. Know which blogs Google deletes.

  • Copy Paste Blog
  • Adult Content Blog
  • Phishing Blog
  • Hacking & Cracking Blog
  • Violence

If you share good information in your blog, you do not need to be afraid. If you copy from another blog, add adult content, learn about Hacking & Cracking and spread violence then your blog will be deleted one day. So do not ever enter illegal information, your blog will always be safe. Keep backing up your blog from time to time so that you can recover your blog even after it is deleted.

2. No New Update

You will get to see the blogger platform as it is. Like WordPress, we do not get updates from time to time so that we cannot keep new features around, we have to run as is. What else is needed in misfortune anyway.

3. Limited Customization & Control

You get Limited Function for Blog Customization. Blog customization cannot be done as per your choice, but you can make a lot of changes through Coding. You don't get much from Blogger, meaning it is clear that you will have to live with as much as you have got. In this, you do not get full control due to which some fear remains.


This was some of my experience that I shared with you. Let me tell you, I also had a blog deleted in which I had given the policy Violence. Nothing has ever happened to my blogs that I trust, so make the right blog, there is no harm. Now all your Doubts must have become clear, what are the advantages and disadvantages of making a blog on Blogger.

What Is Google AdSense? How To Make Money Through Website Monetization

In the end, I will only say that Blogger is a good platform, when you learn to run it well, then you can make a self-hosted blog so that there is no problem in managing it. For starters this is a Best Platform, on this you can create a blog in 5 minutes.

If you have any questions regarding the Advantage and Disadvantage of creating a blog on Blogger Platform, then you can ask in the comments by feeling free. Thank you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Creating a Blog on Blogger Platform

Today we are going to talk about earning Earning of money for the development of WordPress. Hello Guys, My name is Gautam Das. And this question has been asked many times... What is the future of Web and Wordpress development ???What to do to make money in Web development ????All things should be taught about Web development......

100% Passive Income Through Wordpress Development Top Tips

 I will tell you how to make good money in the development of the Web Alteast ₹ lakh per month.... What all the things you need to learn, the time it will take to learn all the skills....

100% Passive Income Through Wordpress Development Top Tips 

So today we are going to talk mainly about the development of Wordpress

Web Development is a very big topic... So from Web Development, we will lead with Wordpress Development .. We will see, what things to learn and how we can get a good income from it.

So the first step is to learn HTML, CSS What is HTML? How can you work on CSS?

I can spend 10-15 days reading online or on youtube or tutorials... So this is the first thing to do in the next 15 days... I would have learned about Javascript and Bootstrap Bootstrap framework for making web responsive design... So after reading this, I would have started to take its projects, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, online at Fiverr ....I would take small projects for $ 5- $ 10 and I would improve my skills ... 

How to make money as a WordPress developer

Step two and this would be to learn PHP...

I would be studying PHP / MySQL which would take about 30 days. So in 30 days, I would read it online or through offline training.
So you should learn in PHP / MySQL
so you can make your plan and foundations in the plans clear ... now our 2 months are over and we have learned PHP, HTML / CSS, JS So the projects .I will be taking now, will be based on the PHP / Design Now we will get into learning WordPress.

We will learn about the topic, plugin development,

WordPress codex, syntaxes to be used So for this, you can do free reading, there are many free tutorials Or you can take paid tutorials, I recommend you get tutorials from udemy... I expect it will take at least 1-2 months to learn WordPress, Plugin, Theme Development     ...So these are all the things I was going to learn and after that, I will start taking projects.  . Now I will have a wide range of HTML, CSS, projects PHP, and Wordpress ...

How to make money with WordPress themes

Now I'm going to focus on Wordpress: WordPress Plugin, Theme Development I would be focusing on these tasks ..if I had to do the work, then I would apply As a student now we go into income After learning all this, ways to generate revenue There is a website Envato Market People sell their themes and plugins Ngak so I would visit it, read this website will focus on plugins and themes for sale on the website I would read it for 1-2 weeks then write my 30-50 comments There will be ideas related to my plugins and analyze aspects related to marketing Whether sales will increase in the future Or something new has emerged.

for example, Instagram has released a new API, with which I can make plugins ...So I would research what I could create After that, I would start creating those themes and plugins Social Share Plugin is the most popular plugin .. When we click that plugin, share the post on Facebook, a Whatsapp icon You can design it differently.

Making money developing WordPress sites

Speaking on Instagram,

I used its API, with which I made plugins For all Instagram posts, it is automatically updated on your homepage ...So this is a good thing On Twitter, I am making plugins for the twitter feed... So, like this, I can create plugins... I will focus on both the quality and quantity will try to improve the themes and the top plugins ...I will have to test my ideas... I will focus on the high quality and quantity I will be able to put 10 plugins, and in them, a good answer can be a feature of further plugin development..  So- then my expectation will be to create a market within six months to create approx of $ 50 per day as income.

So you will focus on developing more plugins Before you download them, you should check them out with a nice and inexpensive hosting service , and your plugins will work fine ... You get many types of plans, such as shared plans and cloud plans Here you get Sitebuilder support, 24x7 live chat support...

The Ultimate Guide for 100% Passive Income Through Wordpress Development Top Tips 

I personally use Hostinger and I love chat support When you get to its price, it is ₹ 54 per month ...So after uninstalling the plugins, we can start expecting Envato Market revenue inga such websites, there are many other websites like Codeter where you can sell these items.

So you will find many options to sell your services and plugins ....my source of income will be the first: from the second income will come from the projects I do If I am looking for a job, I can apply for higher paying jobs, because my portfolio would be strong Thirdly I could open a channel youtube or blog about it, I would have shared my experience if I had made money differently So from here, my 3 sources would have been made So to build all this, it would take six months to one year Most people can do it within three months.

Read more :

Namecheap Shared Hosting Review and Plans 2020

but let me tell you in the middle of the night if you do something else with this job then this whole cycle of income ...

Thanks for reading my article. If you get any help so please share this article to all social site. And if you need any help so please comment here for my website comment section. Thank you guys take care to all.

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100% Passive Income Through Wordpress Development Top Tips

So I sent 50 Virtual Users to my Website to check and see how much users it is able to handle Today We Will Talk About NameCheap Shared Hosting Plans Hi Guys, My Name is Gourab Das. I am using Namecheap for 1 Month On that basis, I have made this article where we will have a detailed review Where we will see step by step what are the contents The Pros and Cons and Everything A-Z Related to NameCheap Shared Hosting I have made a post on.

Namecheap Shared Hosting Review and Plans 2020

Namecheap EasyWP Hosting And Shared Web Hosting Review

 Let's get started with this Shared Hosting Review of Namecheap.
Namecheap is a brand popular for domains and it uses their branding to promote the hosting WP services .So let's see whether their hosting services are as good  as their domains.

So let's start with their overview

Whenever you login into your dashboard .You will see a dashboard panel .You will see here Validity, Disk Space Bandwidth, Domain Server Location, IP Address You can directly go to Cpanel from here PHP Admin and Email Account will be accessible from here.
It shows Statistics Below It is a Custom Dashboard When you go to Cpanel Here you find: Exclusive for Namecheap Customers Namecheap SSL is Exclusive Feature Apart from that, every feature can be used without Exclusive Tag So this is a Website that is hosted on Namecheap Shared Hosting

This is a Ocean WP Theme

I have used the Gym Template. I use this template on every hosting test themes So on the Basis of this Template, I am going to do my Review Let's Start with its Server Response Time US has a Good Server Response Time, but it has slowed down while reaching Bangalore Google Recommends 200ms .So it's Server Response Time is Good Except in India and Other Asian Countries

Next, Let's Talk about Uptime

I am using it for 1 month and I have not faced any problem related to Uptime My Hosting was Down for 3 Minutes If I talk about the Last 30 days, I got 99.987% Uptime which is good for a shared hosting So I didn't face any problem in Downtime If I talk about Website Speed The speed in New York and Cities in USA was good Under 2s my pages are loading in USA If I talk about Speed in Banglore and other Asian Countries I am getting a speed of 5s and 10s So for Speed, it is Good for the USA but outside the USA it is not good .

If I talk about Average 1st Visit,

I am getting a 6.9s Average 1st Visit which is very high It is having a Good Speed in cities of USA If you go to Tokyo, Paris or Mumbai you will get up to 25s Uptime So it is Okay in case of Speed

If I talk about Cache Manager

You won't find any Cache Manager in case of Namecheap You will have to install a Cache Plugin on your Wordpress I have used W3 Total Cache I have done Load Test Hosting is incomplete without a Load Test Through a Load Test, we are able to determine the No. of User a Website can handle The Response Time and Time duration for handling We are able to determine such things through Load Test So I sent 50 Virtual Users to my Website to check and see how much users it is able to handle So its Results were Quite Surprising Up to 29 users the Response Time was good But the moment it reached to 30, 31 to 43 users, it's Response Time increased to 15s

So this was quite disturbing, that upto 43 users its response time increased to 15s Slowly the Response Time started to decrease Upto 50 users the response time got to normal It was fluctuating a lot and it changed to 5s 50 active users were upto 5 mins on a website You can check their performance by Requests rate So these were the 50 active users, they made requests and they started to decrease There were High Peaks in the Middle, which is not a good sign There was another Problem, that toal 8000 requests were made 8000 requests mean action performed on the website .
I have loaded CSS Images, it all comes under 8000 Requests Out of the 8000 Requests, 1000 Requests Failed This was because CSS was not loaded, Certain Images didn't Load, which was a server problem not the website problem Failure of 100 Requests is a Big Problem As you can see that as soon as the requests started to increase,
I sent 26 requests and in all 26 times it caused errors So you can see from the graph the number of requests being sent and errors being occured It means that the CPUs RAM has been utilised at this point When I Lowered down my Requests and then increased it after some time, it started taking requests So it means that the CPU and RAM needs Upgradation So what do you mean by this Test?
It means that upto 30 users, you can use this hosting When users are above 30 this hosting will start creating problem Talking about Data Centers, You will find them in the USA and UK only. India, Asia, Australia, Singapore you won't find any Data Center If I talk about Backups, in their basic plan you won't find any backups There is a catch: When you read about their backups, it says that " Backups are Twice a week" In a question mark, they have mentioned that it is not guaranteed You cant control the backups or see it or restore it from your end .

So if you feel the need for Backups, you will have to contact customer care and tell about your situation Then they will check in their backend that whether you have taken a backup or not. If you have taken a backup, then only they will restore it for you I didn't liked this concept of 'twice a week backup plan' And there is another catch Here they have not used the off server backups I asked this in a chat session and they said  that they have stored backup in a special location which is absolutely not fine If I talk about Inode Count, you will find 3 to 6 lakh Inode Count which is decent for a Shared Hosting

If  I talk about CDN,

you won't get any CDN In EasyWP you use to get CDN but here you won't get any CDNI In SSL, they have applied certain Terms and Conditions They will provide SSL fro Free for upto 50 Websites This is great but there is a catch that its free only for 1 year for next year renewal, you will have to pay for it So this is the story of SSL Customer Support is not available on the phone call Its 24X7 Live Chat Support But according to my experience: it was worst For this, I will tell the story that they suspended my account, then how I recovered it and shifted it I will tell all this in a separate article My customer care experience was really very bad They are not Technically Sound You can ask only basic Questions and in that, they will provide their FAQs Link They say to go through their own FAQs If you ask a technical question, they create a ticket, then that ticket is answered/ not answered It takes around 2-3 days to resolve your issue.
Customer Care is Available 24x7 but its not Technically Sound

If I talk about Pricing

They have provided 3 Plans 1. Stellar Plan 2. Stellar Plus 3. Stellar Business They have given these 3 Plans According to me, the Best Value for Money Plan is Stellar Plan We can take this for Rs.200 Per Month You get 20GB SSD, 3 Websites, Free Domain Names You can create 50 Emails by that domain name You don't get Backup on this Plan If you want to go on Stellar Plus Plan, you will get this at Rs.360 But according to me its not Value for Money Plan But

if I talk about Value for Money Plan,

then it's the Stellar Plan, if you want to take hosting from Namecheap If you want to go on Rs.360 Plan Its better you take hosting from A2 Hosting A2 Hosting Swift Plan which is of Rs.361 and you can take this for 4 years You can also claim refund anytime you want If you want to go above this plan then  SiteGround is the best .So these are the options available.
If you want a Value for Money option then Hostinger is also a good option. You can claim refund within 30 days You will have to contact Customer Care, they will provide easy refund claims, I have tried it myself You will get One Domain for Free for 1 Year You will get Free Whois Protection and a Temporary Domain If you don't have a domain and want to test a website you can do that by using a temporary domain I took Kripeshadwani.website.
So Likewise you can also take a temporary domain name .This temporary domain name would be forever So it's not like that it is going to expire  within 15 or 30 days, this will remain forever with your hosting .

If I talk about Migration,

you will get free migration You will get this with any hosting, you should contact support They will migrate your Website and WP Website for Free If I talk about Software it is Apache 2.x Based, PHP 7.3 Version PHP 7.4 Version would have been better, as speed improvements have been made, especially for WP You get 7.3 version in which you can run Wordpress, Python, Perl and NodeJS You can also find SiteBuilder where you can easily select templates Its Okayish, I have no Expectations for it So before I jump to the pros and cons of this hosting if you liked this detailed review hit the like button Because it really takes some effort to do a detailed review like this  .

So now coming onto the pros

You get good Uptime, you get free migrations and if you want to host website you get a good speed .Their first plan is a Value for Money Plan and you get many options and you also get C Panel .

If I talk about the Cons

This is not ideal for 30+ visitors Here, Speed Outside USA is not good Their Customer Care Support is not Good The Backup System is not good and you get only 2 data Centers Coming onto the bottom line I am having neutral feeling about this Namecheap is the best in the world for domains, that's my opinion But they will have to work for hosting There is a lot that they have to do to improve their hosting service If you are on a small website and you are on a tight budget .

You can use Namecheap Hosting Their links are given in the description Along with some other options like Siteground, A2Hosting, Hostinger I have provided their discount coupons in the description .So that will be all for this one Like and Subscribe.

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Namecheap Shared Hosting Review and Plans 2020

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