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Nubie Banget Fast Loading Blogger Template


Hi blogger friend, once again, Gourab Design shared Nubie Banget blogger template, the responsive blogger model. I specialize in this model for friends who want to register their AdSense blog and are confused about finding an SEO friendly, responsive and AdSense-friendly blogger model.

nubie banget fast loading blogger template


Theme Created by πŸ‘‰ Arlina design

Published by πŸ‘‰

Platform πŸ‘‰ Blogspot

Version πŸ‘‰ Free

Nubie Banget Blogger Template

The model that I will share this time in terms of appearance may not look like Eye Candy , but it must also be taken into account, such as the speed of access to the opening of a blog. Because in this theme, focus more on installing as few features as possible, so that the blog is quickly accessible without long wait.

g vusion 2 blogger template

Ok, without disturbing you, the following features,


Google Testing Validator Testing Tool
Mobile Friendly
True dynamic title
True high CTR rate
True personal blog
Appropriate personalized comments True
2 true columns
Automatic playback with real preview
Block reactive advertising
Crumbs of real bread
Related post with real thumb
True research area
Real social sharing button
Drop-down menu True Reagent
Real Social Link Widget
Happy to be honest
True Custom Writing Box Widget
Sitemap Widget True
Short codes where
Remove the footer credit bonus
Without the premium encryption code
2 color option
number Unlimited page

Nubie Banget Seo Friendly Fast Loading Blogger Template

We hope that with the presence of this model, it could be the response of a blogger friend to optimize the performance of his blog, thanks and greetings of success.

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