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Top 3 Google Adsense Alternatives for Blogspot Website


When someone creates a blog for the purpose of earning money, many of them can do so by becoming an AdSense publisher on their blog. Generally, many bloggers, especially those who pioneer in blogging, register their blogs as Google AdSense partners. Today's post we are discussing Top 3 Google Adsense Alternatives for Blogspot Website .

top 3 google adsense alternative for blogspot

Top 3 Google Adsense Alternatives for Blogspot

Yes, it is a Google service that offers the ability to place ads on your blog and will be paid based on the number of ads. Each click has different values. But many of them also look for the best list of AdSense alternatives, as claims are always rejected when registering for the GA. But in my opinion, Google Adsense is my favorite because the revenue from it is very satisfactory and paid off.

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Adsense Alternatives for Small Websites

Well, if you want another way to make money from advertising on blogs, there are a few alternative ads I recommend to replace Google AdSense. The following is a list of advertising provider websites with PPC, CPM and GA systems. Of course, the salary is no less high and expensive.

Adsense alternatives for low traffic

1. Bidvertiser

Perhaps you have not or rarely heard from the website of's advertising provider, as it is still relatively new and launched in 1987. As long as you know that this advertising provider is a product manufactured in the country. , you know. Don't believe? Just look at the website. You can register here to become a publisher or advertiser with its excellent services. If you want to register as an ad publisher, you can choose between two types of editors: a standard publisher and a premium publisher. The difference is that your blog should have at least ten thousand visitors a day and of course you will get higher fees. But if the blog is not enough for this number, you can choose an ordinary editor.

The CPP (Pay Per Click) and the CPM (Cost Per Million) acquired are also quite high, namely a minimum of Rp.600 - Rp.1200 with a minimum payment of one hundred thousand per bank transfer at the beginning of the month to first to tenth. For conditions that are not too difficult, you can sign up for free or paid domains without violating bidvertiser's policies, such as content may not be at risk, mature, inappropriate, agc and form only images. This ad can also be installed with Google Adsense. The type and size of advertising is very diverse.

2. Adgebra

Adgebra is a digital native advertising service that is one of the best choices and has a wide variety and extensive network across the globe. with country-by-country targeting 107 countries and desktop or mobile focus. If you are an advertising publisher, you don't have to worry about paying out, as the payment threshold is only $ 20 and can be paid out via Pay Pal and Wire. Ads are displayed with row and column systems. You must select the number of rows and columns. And usually the ads are about health, such as thinning and drugs. Perhaps some bloggers do not like the content of this ad, because the photo is strange and may obstruct the eyes of visitors. Even in this case, Adgebra is still one of the alternatives to adsense because there are still many blogs that use this ad because it is available in Indonesian.

3. Revenuhits

Unlike the previous version, RevenueHits uses a CPA (cost-per-action) system, which means you receive a commission when visitors make certain clicks and actions, such as software download or refill. correctly advertised websites. Feel free to register as a Revenuehits publisher because it is easy enough to accept without waiting long. However, the registered blog may not contain hacking, adult, piracy and racism. For a minimum payment of $ 20, use PayPal, Payoneer and Wire.

So, no longer be a reason not to earn money from blogs because of your Google Adsense rejection. The above adsense option is highly recommended if you are still rejected by Google or you can also merge with Google ads. Try it now.

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