Monday, 18 March 2019

How To Set Seo Friendly Permalink In Blogger Post

How to define permalink in Blogger articles so that they are easy to view. Define the permalink of the article that you created, including SEO activities, so that the articles you create are displayed on Google Serp by adding keywords to the permalink. This permanent link does not exceed 60 words and uses a sign (-) to link to the next word.

How To Set Seo Friendly Permalink In Blogger Post

First, the friend goes to Blogger> Articles> Posts that want to be in the permalink settings if they have entered the following article item. There is a Click Entry setting in the permanent link. Below is automatic automatically

How To Set Seo Friendly Permalink In Blogger Post

Pemalink above seems clear, so it must of course be replaced or made clearer and easier to see on Google Serp. Below you will find a special permanent link that you can adjust and manage as you wish. Remember that the permanent link must be inserted in the query.

automatic blogger post permalink image

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Define the permalink with what you do, for example when I create the article

  • How to set the article Permalink is the correct blogger custom permalink as below 👇

  • Do not decapitate the blogger page permalink as shown below

The permalink above decapitation can reduce the references in the article that you have done. If you set it correctly, click Finish / Done.

Warning! Please Note :- Published permalink cannot be changed

Well, I can explain how to post articles so that the Seo Friendly thanks you for your visit. I hope this will help you.