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Ribosome - WordPress Looking Blogger Template


For a premium theme, find a Ribosome -  WordPress like blogger theme that looks great.

Ribosome - WordPress Looking Blogger Template

At present, the quality of the free templates of the official repository is equal to that of many premium themes. Aesthetic concepts with themes, traffic announcers, your projects and clients beforehand, all included.

This theme is a modern design with a power Possibility to display the side bars on the left or on the right. You can also create a custom sidebar and display a large scroll bar for publications by more popular tutoring pages. This theme, which is the standard format publication, is very practical. Easily add to audio or video, your publications.

Ribosome Blogger Template

Ribosome is a simple and light Blogger theme with a clear and neat design. Some images are: image or header logo, special theme colors (blue, green, orange, pink or red), right or left sidebar, quote or all entries from the home page main menu left or center, six different Google fonts. , round or square thumbnails,

start and end messages, related messages, customization panels, custom backgrounds, custom backgrounds, and more. Translations available.

The Ribosome Blogger template has 2 columns. You can view different publications of trends for visitors. The amazing colors used in this model are white and gray. You can add the community website button in the upper right corner and the loan template for the tab widget. This model is your message is easily shared with other visitors for social bookmarks. You can monetize the models ready for the ad.

Most Popular Free WordPress Looking Blogspot Theme

It is coded with a reactive model. Blogger Ribosome Templates are surprised visitors of this slide show slideshow up-notly works: page navigation menu, vertical drop-down menu, technology and modes, automatic thumbnails of publication, adaptable to press sites and reactive themes. This template is the best choice for a simple voting blog.

Features -

1 Sidebar,
Mobile Friendly,
Related Posts with Thumbnails,
2 Columns,
jQuery Included,
Header Banner Image,
Right Sidebar,
Adapted from WordPress,
Share Buttons,
Social Buttons,
Top Navigation Menu,

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