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6 Biggest Powerful Benefits Of Blogging In 2019


Responsive Blog. Blog stands for "web log" which is a form of web application in the form of various kinds of writings (which are published as posts or blog articles) on a public web page (blog template). These writings are often published in reverse order (the latest contents or posts are placed first or in the first order only then followed by the contents or longer posts), although not necessarily so.

6 Biggest Powerful Benefits Of Blogging In 2019

Web sites like this are usually accessible to all internet users according to the topics needed and the purpose of the users of the blog, which is usually by writing a certain word (keyword) on a Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engine pages.

Understanding The Benefits And Importance of Blogging

1. History of the emergence of Blogs

This media blog was first popularized by Blogger.com, which was owned by Pyra Labs before finally being acquired by Google around the end of 2002. Since then, there have been many open source applications intended for the development of the author of the blog (blogger).

2. Its benefits and uses

This blog has functions or benefits that are very diverse, ranging from only a diary, media publications in the form of a political campaign, to other media programs and top-class companies. Most blogs are maintained by a single writer (blogger), while others are by several authors in a consortium. There are also many blogs that have facilities for interaction with visitors, as well as using guest books and comment columns that can allow visitors to leave comments or responses to the content of a post (blog article) published, but there are also blogs that are otherwise (non -interactive), the meaning is only used for limited groups such as those owned by a school or college institution.

Web sites that are interrelated between several blogs, or in total are a collection of blogs often referred to as the blogosphere. When a collection of waves of activity, information and opinions that are very large repeatedly appear for some subjects or are very controversial occurs in the blogosphere, then it is often referred to as a blog or storm storm.

3. Blogger Community | importance of blogging

The blogger community is a bond that is formed from bloggers based on certain similarities, such as the similarity of regional origin, the similarity of the campus, the similarity of hobbies, and so on. Bloggers who are members of these blogger communities usually hold activities together like land coffee.

To be able to join a blogger community, there is usually a kind of requirement or rule that must be met for, for example, must come from a certain area or have certain interests in common.

4. Popular culture

Blogging (the Indian term for blogging activities) must be done almost every time with the aim of knowing the existence of the blog owner. Also to find out how far the blog is treated (changing templates) or adding articles (blog updates). Today there are more than 10 million blogs that can be found in the internet world, and can still grow again, because now there are lots of software, tools, and other internet applications that make it easy for bloggers (as blog owners) to take care of their blogs. . In addition to caring for and continuing to update on his blog, even new bloggers still have to do blogwalking, which is the activity of bloggers leaving links on other people's blogs or sites while giving comments.

5. Economic benefits purpose of blog

Some bloggers have even made their blogs the main source of income (economy, finance) through an advertising program (such as AdSense, paid posts, link sales, or some kind of affiliate programs). So then came the term professional blogger, or problogger, which is someone who depends his life only from blogging activities (managing a blog), because many channels of income funds, both in the form of dollars and rupiahs from this blogging activity.

6. No any risk

Because blogs are often used to write daily activities that occur to the author, or reflect the views of the author on various topics that occur and to share information - blogs become a source of information for hackers, identity thieves, spies, etc. . Many confidential files and sensitive issue writing are found in a blog. This can result in someone being fired from his job, blocked access, fined, and even arrested.

Thus the description of the Understanding and Benefits of Blogging.

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