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Wedding Mag Unique Blogger Template


Wedding Magazine is the perfect blogger template for Marriage sites, ideal for bloggers who specialize in wedding, but anyone can use it as a simple and elegant model to form it on all sorts of sites. Technology, multimedia, entertainment and others. This theme is suitable for users with no development or skills, as well as advanced developers.

This model has unnecessary features that are considered to be the basic needs of users and developers. It has several key features that we defined below.

It is ideal for like shadi blogs, users unfamiliar with web development skills. This theme will definitely give your blog an premium, professional and very interesting look. It can also be used on multimedia, personal and technology blogs.


Version : Free

Developed by : Templateism

Shared by : Gourab Das


wedding mag unique blogger template

Wedding Mag Blogger Template

See all the posts that are published in my site are all work. Everyone knows this thing. And even today I am just writing this post for you. Whose wedding is a related website and she is looking for a theme for her site.

Please Note -

This model is developed by templateism. So published by me. 

We are customized this theme like all in one SEO PACK.  HTML5 ,. Optimized Heading Tags .. 

So let's start now. I will give the full details about it, after that there will be a button to download. Press and install it.

This Is A Responsive Theme

This theme is 100% responsive and works with high definition monitors, laptops, tablets, smart phones and other devices. It automatically adjusts the width of your site to the resolution of your device. This makes it 100% responsive to all devices

Professional Blogger Template

Similar to our other themes, we also add a high-performance drop-down list to this template, which offers great flexibility for those who want to add many categories and subcategories to their website.

Banner - Mobile Friendly Blogger Template

At home, you can add image banners to promote your latest message or use it as a source of advertising, giving them extra space on your website to increase your affiliate revenue or commissions.

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Clean and elegant:

The design of this theme is really clean, elegant and efficient. That's why it definitely helps those who do not want a clean and clean design for their website. Some people are not too curious about advanced features, they just want simple and simple things

More features:

 2 column themes
 4 column footer(Available for HD notebooks)
 Related articles
Blogspot comments
 and more

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