How to Install Powerful Google Adsense Invalid Click Protector For Blogger

Friends, for the first time in this world what I am sharing is not done by anyone yet. All of which will surely help you. Today we are discussing most important topic solution How to Install Powerful Google Adsense Invalid Click Protector For Blogger . So keep reading.

How to Install Powerful Google Adsense Invalid Click Protector For Blogger

Everyone dreams that he has his own website. And it shows Google Adsense Advertisement. This is my dream too. To finish this, we work hard every day, after which it gets its approval. The problem does not happen then. The problem occurs when it is approved.

Through it, we earn a lot of income, but some people who burn us do so much to make it suspend. Those people frequently click in our site's advertising, which causes the close.

How To Protect Adsense Account From Invalid Clicks

Friends, there are many plugins available on WordPress to prevent this problem. But there is no such feature on the blogspot so that it can be stopped. I have worked hard to find a script. Will really work.....

Invalid Clicks Fraud  may be a frightening specter for publishers and not even publishers. Why? Because it can indeed disrupt the sovereignty of our adsense account. If we are often attacked by click fraud, it will endanger. Our account can be banned / suspended even if you do not click on your own ads.

how to keep adsense account safe

Google has its own system to detect invalid clicks or fraud. This is indeed not preferred by adsense even if we do not commit fraud. But Google certainly does not want to be cheated and harmed because cheating can be done in various ways, you can buy services like send clicks, change ip, etc. so it can still detect fraud.

Google itself does not provide a script to avoid and stop this. Then what if click fraud occurs? We are required to report to Google itself so that we do not indicate that we have committed . For wordpress users there is a way so that when there is an excessive click it will be given a report so that we can report. How about bloggers?

Adsense Invalid Click Bombing Protector For Blogspot

This Javascript anti click fraud will later work if there is an invalid click. How does it work? 👉 If there are visitors with the same ip address and over-clicking in one day, if the visitor opens our blog again the ad will disappear. Ads disappear not because our id is banned but the ads are lost because visitors make excessive clicks on the same day.👈

For the next day the ad will appear again and will disappear if invalid click occurs again 😉...

Script Anti Boom Click for Blogger

So how are you interested in installing this script on your blog?...

 Follow This Step 👇👇

✓ First You visit

✓ Now Touch the Template Option.

✓ Finally touch the EDIT HTML .

✓ press ctrl+f ...... ( Find box)

✓ Now search </body> tag.

✓ Copy below All Code And Paste ABOVE </body> tag . 👇

<script src = ''/>

Save the template. Now that's the Script Anti Boom Click for Blogger, which I can share, If you get help from it, please share it in social media. So that everyone can benefit .

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  1. Thank You So Much Gourab Bhai..Really It's Very Helpful

    1. Bhai! Apne to blog PR yeh code LGA liya hota.
      Mene to 25 she bhi zyada click kite.
      Kitna kmaya ya lut gaye.

    2. Hi bro. Thank you so much. Real me 14 click ke paise mile hai. Aur Adsense me 14 hi click hai apke ip se. Baki ke 11 click jo kiye ho woh is script ke karan nahi hua. Kyoki isko maine isi tarah hi design kiya hai bro. So next bar is baat ko yad rakhna.

      Maine to sirf script share kiya. Pura js share nhi kiya. Kyoki tumhare jaise logo ko kabhi bhi pura js nahi dunga.

      Aur ha last me ho sake to abhi bhi click kro. Bye and dhanyabad.

      Hum jaise bade Blogger tum jaise logo ke karan hi amir huye hai aur hote rahenge. Thanks and keep visiting.

    3. Gourab Sir Abhi Invalid Click Se Koi Farak Nahi Padta he kyoki Adsense ne pahle Youtube par yeh lagu kia thaa then blogs par bhi lagu kia hai.

    4. Yes ji. Kuch insaan kabhi bhi dusro ki bhalai nahi chahta hai. Uper ki ek Comment padh sakte ho. Un logo ke karan hi google ko yeh kadam uthana pada. Thank u ji for your valuable reply.

    5. Sir aapne uper ek Comment me likhe ho ki dusra ek script hai jo alag he. So please sir woh mujhe send kr sakte ho? . please sir.
      Mene apke fb par msg kiye he waha bhejo please please.

    6. Ok dear. Keep visiting my website.

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