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How To Report Copied Content In Google Dmca


Friends Every person in this world wants to move forward. And wants to make an identity for yourself. To make the same suit, he creates the website. Writes a new post every day Which are 100% original. Too many say. like me. But when someone stole the same material and publishes it on its site, it is very annoying. This has happened to me too. But what I did in today's post How To Report Copied Content In Google Dmca . So lets then start.

how to report copied content in google dmca

  • Read me first :

Friends, I am sharing my things over here It's a few days ago. Someone copy the article on my blog. And it was published in without my permission. I did not know anything about it. Because I thought that all the good people like me.

But I turned out to be wrong. Because every human being in the world is not like me. Nobody can see anyone moving ahead. Burning happens to some person.

I never forget what happened to me And that person can not even forget what I did with him. Friends 2 people copied my content.

And when I came to know, I removed it. Because I'm a true man. And the truth is always true. I will tell you all about how I did it. So reading the entire article. So that you can understand everything....

How to automatically add source link

Report Copied And Stolen Content To Google Dmca

  • report alleged copyright infringement web search

First find copied content from your blog . Look, many sites are unavailable to detect it. With this help you can know the mother you are. Find out who is stealing .

Visit copyscape and enter your url or artcle url. With this help you can easily find out. And this will provide true information for you.

Or is there another way to find out? Just like you copy a line of any of your posts. And paste in the search engine like this

"Your Line Here"

 Report copied content to Google

If you find out that someone has stolen your article, then do not waste too much time to visit here. Google Dmca Page

✓ Now in the given photo, click on where the arrow marks are given. Select SUBMIT A LEGAL REQUEST .

submit a legal request to google

✓ Now Select the platform on which its site is selected as the image given below. . BLOGGER OR WEB SEARCH.

✓  If he is on the blogspot, then you select the blogger. And if he using have WordPress, select web search.

remove copied content from search

  • Now you have to select it as it has happened.

On the next page click the these options

 Click:- I have found content that may violate my copyright. ....................... 
copyright: Yes, I am the copyright owner or am authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed...............  
Work in Question:- Other.

 When you have finished all these options, then following it will be a link below. That would have been found this from in Touch it on.

  •  Mind it : But to remember friends if their website is not on the blogspot, you must first chosing the web search.

You can Go To Direct Link For This Different From :-

BlogSpot site: visit here
Other platform : visit here
For bing search engine report: Link here : go here
For LinkedIn: Use this link

Now let us visit and report from these links .

dmca form

Keep mind : Take a thorough look before complaining here..................

Remove Copied Post From Search Engine

Anything that goes against your site, you must take action against it. Looking back, your lost traffic will be restored............

✓ If someone supports your RSS link and publishes Auto Ganaration Post, then you can report it from Adsense . Visit here
 This will cost the spammer the use of their AdSense account.

Friends, I removed 2 blogs like this. He had urls above 100. Which will be deleted in a single day. I wrote it today so that the person doing wrong is correct. This is my motive.

  •  The search engine has become very clever. Your lies will get caught. So if you are doing the wrong thing from now on, then stop it.

  • And one thing if someone tries to change the time by stealing someone's article and thinks that no one can catch me. So you are very big idiot. 
  • Because when you publish it, that time is recorded. According to that everything goes to Google.

I hope you have liked the topic . Therefore, it is necessary to share the shares. So that everyone can get help.

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