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How To Install Anti Ctrl+U Script With Redirect


Turning off the ctrl+u function on the blog is one step to secure bloggers from the theft of script code on your blog and can also avoid theft of articles or content on your blogspot.

how to install anti ctrl u script with redirect

How to Install Anti CTRL + U Script with Redirect

This is indeed not fully able to secure or avoid copying articles by others, but by deactivating ctrl + u on the blog at least it will minimize the articles and your blog script code being stolen or taken by other people.

There are several ways that you can try to apply to your blog to avoid articles or your blog code copied by others by deactivating the right-click function on your blog, by turning off the right click on the blog,

 of course your article or post cannot be copied by anyone other, but unfortunately this method is still not perfect and can still be used using ctrl + c, but I have also prepared another way, namely by turning off the text selection function on the blog.

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How To Disable ctrl+u On Webpage

By deactivating the text selection function in a blog, of course your article or post will not be able to be selected, so it will be very difficult to copy or copy paste by others. Installing the anti ctrl + u script on the blog is also a step that you need to apply to your blog to secure and avoid theft of articles and blog script codes.

 JavaScript anti ctrl + u is equipped with a redirect effect so that when someone presses the ctrl + u button on your blog they will automatically be switched to a particular page.

You can use the redirect effect of the anti ctrl + u script to give a warning to people who are trying to see your blog code, so please create a special page on your blog to give a warning.

Either we just go to the main discussion about how to install the anti ctrl + u script on the blog with the redirect effect (redirected), for the tutorial please follow the steps below.

Disable ctrl+u and view-source using javascript

how to disable copy paste in blogger

1. Log in to

2. Then click theme> Edit Html

3. Look for the code </body> usually at the bottom.

4. Copy the JavaScript code below, then Paste before the code </body>

 <script type='text/javascript'>


shortcut={all_shortcuts:{},add:function(a,b,c){var d={type:"keydown",propagate:!1,disable_in_input:!1,target:document,keycode:!1};if(c)for(var e in d)"undefined"==typeof c[e]&&(c[e]=d[e]);else c=d;,"string"==typeof,a=a.toLowerCase(),e=function(d){d=d||window.event;if(c.disable_in_input){var e;,3==e.nodeType&&(e=e.parentNode);if("INPUT"==e.tagName||"TEXTAREA"==e.tagName)return}d.keyCode?code=d.keyCode:d.which&&(code=d.which),e=String.fromCharCode(code).toLowerCase(),188==code&&(e=","),190==code&&(e=".");var f=a.split("+"),g=0,h={"`":"~",1:"!",2:"@",3:"#",4:"$",5:"%",6:"^",7:"&",8:"*",9:"(",0:")","-":"_","=":"+",";":":","'":'"',",":"<",".":">","/":"?","\\":"|"},i={esc:27,escape:27,tab:9,space:32,"return":13,enter:13,backspace:8,scrolllock:145,scroll_lock:145,scroll:145,capslock:20,caps_lock:20,caps:20,numlock:144,num_lock:144,num:144,pause:19,"break":19,insert:45,home:36,"delete":46,end:35,pageup:33,page_up:33,pu:33,pagedown:34,page_down:34,pd:34,left:37,up:38,right:39,down:40,f1:112,f2:113,f3:114,f4:115,f5:116,f6:117,f7:118,f8:119,f9:120,f10:121,f11:122,f12:123},j=!1,l=!1,m=!1,n=!1,o=!1,p=!1,q=!1,r=!1;d.ctrlKey&&(n=!0),d.shiftKey&&(l=!0),d.altKey&&(p=!0),d.metaKey&&(r=!0);for(var s=0;k=f[s],s<f.length;s++)"ctrl"==k||"control"==k?(g++,m=!0):"shift"==k?(g++,j=!0):"alt"==k?(g++,o=!0):"meta"==k?(g++,q=!0):1<k.length?i[k]==code&&g++:c.keycode?c.keycode==code&&g++:e==k?g++:h[e]&&d.shiftKey&&(e=h[e],e==k&&g++);if(g==f.length&&n==m&&l==j&&p==o&&r==q&&(b(d),!c.propagate))return d.cancelBubble=!0,d.returnValue=!1,d.stopPropagation&&(d.stopPropagation(),d.preventDefault()),!1},this.all_shortcuts[a]={callback:e,target:d,event:c.type},d.addEventListener?d.addEventListener(c.type,e,!1):d.attachEvent?d.attachEvent("on"+c.type,e):d["on"+c.type]=e},remove:function(a){var a=a.toLowerCase(),b=this.all_shortcuts[a];delete this.all_shortcuts[a];if(b){var a=b.event,,b=b.callback;c.detachEvent?c.detachEvent("on"+a,b):c.removeEventListener?c.removeEventListener(a,b,!1):c["on"+a]=!1}}},shortcut.add("Ctrl+U",function(){top.location.href=""});



5. Then click save theme .


You can change the link or url by using your own page, the page is used to provide warning messages both in the form of sentence sentences and images..... 😉

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