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Google Adsense New Policy Update 2018 - Must Read All Blogger


Friends, what I'm going to say today is all you need to know. Because it is very impportent. So let's learn in today's tutorial Google Adsense New Policy Update 2018 - Must Read All Blogger. So lets then start.

I would never have thought about which I would talk about. You will definitely be shocked by what I'm about to say. You may also have sorrow. But he took this fashion very thinking. This caused problems with Google's team. And many people were also taking advantage of it.

A few years ago, the team of the AdSense team came out. If you had an approved account, you could monetize any of your site from the same account. As if you have a website. Who has monetized yourself. And it is fully approved. Then through the same account could monetize another site.

And there was no need for permission to advertise on another site. But from now on it is not going to happen. Because of this many people have taken the wrong advantage. The second and third blogs were open and there were no more posts in it. Still the advertiser did the show.

Google adsense new policy update 2018

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In which the advertiser had problems. And this caused a lot of damage. One more thing is not a bad thing for much time. And now the update has happened to me just as well. Because I also had the desire that what has happened is now. So let's now tell about it.

↗️πŸ‘If you have a site that is showing ads and you want to have a ads show on your other site, then you will have to take a permission first. ↖️🀟

πŸ‘‰ If the other website has to do through monetisation from the same account, then the same blog will need to be verified. πŸ‘ˆ

πŸ‘‰To do this, you need to add the URL of the same blog. And the team of will check And if that blog is friendly to the rule then it will become verified. πŸ‘ˆ

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✓ The person who is the good person will love this thing. But those who are bad people will be sad. Whatever happened was good to me..

Because there are many people in the world who want to make money by doing wrong things. They always try to get money quickly..Tell them all that stop dreaming from now on. Because there must be one or two days to bow before the truth.

From now on, keep this in mind so that nobody is in trouble. My job is to give everyone the right advice. Which I gave in this post..

πŸ“½️ So friends hope you enjoy this content of mine. I have also created a video to understand it well. You can see if you want. πŸ‘‡

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google adsense rules and regulations

Friends, I earn a lot of money. But I always walk in the path of truth. I try to help everyone. Therefore, anyone who does anything against me gets punishment too. Many people went wrong by going to my tribe. But I also taught him a lesson.

So you work properly. And be honest. With this hope, now I take sick. see you tommorow .

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