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How To Add Responsive Weather Widget For Blogger Website


Whoever has his blog in this world wants his site to be absolutely professional. Different from all. And stylish too. It can be done for that too. Uses many good themes that use good designs. So today I will tell you how to make your site even more stylish. Today's post we are discussing How To Add Responsive Weather Widget For Blogger Website ..

how to add responsive weather widget for blogger website

In this article, I will teach you how to put this gadget in your site. Because of this, your blog will look very beautiful.

This script owner is .You probably know that this site always helps everyone, just like me. I also thought that I should help it so that everyone can benefit from it.

And what I would suggest here is the help of this blog. Well, leave it. Now talk straight at the point. Let's talk about adding it. Very simple way. I am sure you will feel happy after applying it. So let's start now.

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Tips To Add Responsive Free Weather Widget for Blogger Website no ads

You can put this script anywhere if you wish. But one thing to note is that when a visitor comes to your site, he should see this widget. If you do not see it then what is the benefit of it? Therefore, I would recommend that TOP OF the page TITLE or the first in the sidebar.

With this support you can tell your reader how is the temperature today. Cold or hot. And how much temperature is Celsius...

Your visitors will think that they take great care of them. And get to know a lot information from your website. 

Tips For Install google yahoo weather widget for website

✓ First you Going
 I mean your admin panel.

√ Now click the Layout option.

Add a Gadget >> Html / Javascript

√ Now simply Copy the below
html code for weather widget

 and paste it This html/Javascript box.

 <a href="" class="aw-widget-legal">


This Widget shared by


</a><div id="awcc1423474866653" class="aw-widget-current"  data-locationkey="" data-unit="c" data-language="en-us" data-useip="true" data-uid="awcc1423474866653"></div><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

If you want to change its size and weather widget for website automatic location
 ?, then you first visit this . And customize yourself accordingly. And if you want to change color, design, change all this, then edit this script it from there and create a new script.

For more information Watch This Video :

I hope you all liked this advice. So, share it in social media. Tell your friends also. So that every person can take advantage of it. And everyone can get help.... Bye. Take care of yourself. 

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