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The Latest Way To Stop Copying A Blog Post


The Easiest Way to Make Blog Articles Unable to Copy Paste Can we create our blog so that it can't be copied by someone who is naughty? actually with any technique and method, our blog can still be traced by other people, but we can minimize and prevent copy paste actions by installing javascript scripts for anti theft articles The Latest Way To Stop Copying A Blog Post.

There are 2 types so that our blog can't be right-clicked and copied, that is by using Javascript or css, both ways have weaknesses and advantages, if we use javascript as anty-copy, it will make our blog feel more heavy than before , because as we know the nature of javascript is burdensome to the blog.

the latest way to stop copying a blog post

But if using css as an anti-copas blog there is one disadvantage, that is when your blog is checked for validity in cc3 there will be a warning message, this makes blog lovers who like valid things reluctant to install it, but actually it doesn't matter and has no effect on SEO.

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Tutorial For Blogs Can Not Be Copied with Simple CSS

This first method I will use css, webkit, moz, ms, and khtml with spiced -user-select: none then your blog will not be able to copy and paste by others, if you use this convenient method, we can put parts which one cannot be copied according to our taste. for the tips follow the following ways:

>Go to blogger first

Select the Template menu, there will be edit html, please click the button

Later you will find a collection of alien codes on the page

>>find code ]]></ b: skin> Put the alien code below above the code

body{ user-select: none; -webkit-user-select: none; -moz-user-select: none; -ms-user-select: none; -khtml-user-select: none; }

Look at the bottom there is a save template button, please click on the button

Done {Taraa now you have made anti copas with your own css}

how to disable copy paste in blogger

Creating a Blog So You Can't Copy it with Javasript

The second tutorial we will use javascript as an anti theft article aka copas, because actually javascript has many functions in blogger and wordpress, this script is not mine, because I am not so happy in alien language like this, but I found this code scattered in google. just how do I do it:

Don't exit first on the edit html page

If it comes out, please enter again

>>>Install the following jquery code above the head

<script src = "" />

but if you already have a code in your template, skip this step

Next look for the code </ body> usually this code is located at the bottom itself

>>>>Copy and paste the following code above the </ body> code

<script type = "text / javascript"> $ (document) .ready (function () {$ (document) .bind ("contextmenu", function (a) {a.preventDefault ()})}); keypressed () {return false} document.onkeydown = keypressed function ; </ script>

Look again at the bottom there is a save template button, please click on the button

protect website content from being copied

Finally, please check, can it still be copied or not!

How bro How to get in the way so that our blog content cannot be copied and paste? very easy isn't it. oh yes, please use one of the two options above, if I recommend using the first method, because it won't burden the blog, but it's up to you, who has your blog. So the tutorial on securing articles from copasser actions may be useful for you. happy blogging and coding.

Now I hope everyone has understood everything. And this is necessary brother Because this will greatly benefit you.Hey you mean anybody can steal your content. If this happens, then it will be damaged and you will also be together.

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So stop it from now. It does not know what can happen next. There is nothing safe in this internet. But if you want you can keep your website safe.Therefore, the 2 methods given in this post are used by oak. You will never worry after that.

>So if you like our post, then share it in the social site. So that everyone can benefit....

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