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More to Know the Google RankBrain Algorithm


This is one of the latest Google algorithms launched in late October 2015. According to the source of the SEO rankbrain algorithm practitioners are the successors of the google hammingbirds algorithm, which is the task of presenting relevant and informative search results. That is the purpose of the created by Google to help accurate content accuracy so that users will get useful information from search results.

More to Know the Google RankBrain Algorithm

This change may have felt a lot from the site owner. as quoted in the post, is it true that update Penguin? apparently this is also not wrong because Google updated several algorithms for the end of this year. So what should you know about this topic? The following is an excerpt from the Sitepronews website about the Google Rankbrain algorithm.

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What is the Google RankBrain Algorithm

That is an AI system that is able to learn from search patterns and adjust to provide better results for the future. This system was introduced in early 2015 even though Google said that this new update was at the end of this year, the aim of the rangers was not to handle 15 percent of foreign search requests to the index system. While this 15 percent doesn't seem like much change in search results, it's important to note that, because its processes over three billion searches every day, the impact of 15 percent has about 450 million search requests every day. it is clear that changes make sure they feel significantly.

Google rankbrain's hope is that smart system will be better for processing complex long-tail queries and interpreting search results so that it is better to provide better results for users. Since this is running, the possibility of a new system will be able to find patterns in complex searches and differentiate connections to present better search results.

In addition, RankBrain is projected to associate search groups with better search results sets and find valuable cash. It is very clear that Google RankBrain's great expectations will help create a more intuitive search experience.

In this quote it is very clear that the content presented with valuable information will significantly give a big impact on search results.

Signal Changes to Search Results

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If you type on the google search board with the word "how to google .." You will get an answer from that, a very popular answer is "how does google work" This signal is very clear to draw the conclusion that google has changed and provided search results what is requested from the user, Today the search results are already smart enough and you also have to change all the contents of your content to always focus on the user not just focusing on the search engine.

There are some people draw the conclusion that the signal for is one of the third signals from Google or a sub signal that will give a significant change.

How to deal with Google Rankbrain

What should you do to deal with this Google rankrain algorithm? If you currently use the seo method safely, this will not seem to reduce the traffic you get, but if you reduce or increase it unnaturally, maybe you have to rethink all the contents of your content. To face the Google Rankbrain algorithm, you do not have to change all content. , but for sure the following is the change that you must make

Serve Informative Content

All you have to do is not always focus on search engines. but you must focus more on information for users. In this case the keyword density placement you have to predict better, because if too many keywords that you plant instead will be better but will reduce your content from search results.

Give Answers to Users

Informative content certainly gives all the answers to the questions of people looking for it. in this case to deal with  you must really be able to give all the answers about the user's question. With the right answer, significantly all content will be good and Google will put your website in a more position.

Don't Focus on Search Engines

Sometimes web owners are often just to attract visitors regardless of the content of their content. For this you have to change this habit, because if you continue to do it most likely your post will significantly decrease.

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This is unfortunate isn't it?

That's More to Know the Latest Google RankBrain Algorithm for this year. Hopefully this article about is your reference that Google is currently developing many algorithms. With this in mind you will be more careful in carrying out your website optimization.

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