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How To Overcome The High Bounce Rate

Todays topic is the percentage of visits to the blog page where inbound visitors immediately leave the page (include the page) and then switch to the second page. This is because visitors do not like the content. Todays post we are discussing Tips to Overcome The Bounce Rate .

A simple rate can be interpreted as a dissatisfaction of visitors with the content and presence of the blog, as we do not have useful and boring information. Blogging ways can increase visitor dissatisfaction because they immediately turn off the blog without reading the content.

how to overcome the high bounce rate

The bounce rate of the website or top sessions google analytics can best be mentioned, with a small percentage, many say that 20% to 30%. The calculation is fairly simple. For example, your blog has 50,000 visitors, while visitors who read only one page have the number 2000. So the bounce rate of your blog is 4%. The following formula is used to calculate that.

👉 bounce rate benchmark  = (Number of visitors who opened the total number of page / visitor) x 100%👈

To improve your blog performance, you need to set a blog bounc ratinh of up to 20%. To know how Google uses the value of the rate of your blog, Google provides the functionality provided by Google Analytics.

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what is a good bounce rate 

The high and low bounce rate of the blog can be overcome by making changes in many parts, including the following:

Increase site Loading speed so use our best quality Template

Blogs with faster upload speeds can prevent readers from pausing visits on an open page. So, fast loading blogs is better.

Using Always Responsive Theme

To support the first method, to download your blog, you need to replace the non-responsive (mobile-friendly) blog template for not being.

The layout of the blog should be easy

To get the best advice, your blog must have a good listing and make it easy for visitors. Thus, for a blog of complex and difficult formatting, lazy readers must find the content of the blog and choose to leave it immediately.

Write useful and interesting content for the Visitors

The content of the blog, less attractive, does not make the browser home enough to go home. The reader certainly wants to waste time without using because he did not find the information that is interesting and useful to him. Therefore, you must regularly create content on a blog and maintain quality so it's always useful and useful.

Internal Links use

Create an internal link in the content you created, go to another article sheet that is still linked to the topic being discussed. This will provide more information to visitors. With a good internal link, you can add quality to your SEO blog on page.

Don't use over external links

If there are more external links or outbound links that refer to other blogs installed on your blog page, it's likely that the blog will show more readers to see on another blog page. . East. Blogroll, images, and ads that appear on the blog will get an external link. In addition, increasing external links will affect the SEO value of your blog. It is then normal to provide an outbound link.

Therefore, the value of 20% to 30% can be qualified as a good percentage for a website / blog. But this does not apply to other blogs, for example, if there is a single page blog. How are the rebound rates? The barriers are 30% higher.

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To remove the external link from the blog, you can add rel = 'nofollow noopener' to the link. for example:

<a href='LINK_EKSTERNAL' rel='nofollow noopener'>LINK EKSTERNAL</a>

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