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Tips On Writing Good Quality Articles


Hi friends. Today I have brought you the best tips for everyone. Tips that no one has given to anyone And this is exactly the unique content. In my post Tips On Writing Good Quality Seo Friendly Articles . . In this I will tell you how to write quality post. And I will also say how you can rank your blog.

tips on writing good quality articles

You have a website of yourself and you call it for the night. Write a new posst every day But still the traffic is not growing.Your content is not appearing in the search engine. And due to this, your blog is getting down. So carefully read my given trick.

I will share my 2 year's experience with you. So that you get the benefit It's my job to help everyone. And I will continue to do.Listen to me one thing There is no need to work harder in it. Just have to use the brain. Which I do every time.

From now on you also start doing so, so that all are moving ahead so you have to move too. So I am giving a few tips below to read it carefully.And just read it so that everything could be well understood. This is my secret friend And I am telling all about you today in front of you.

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How To Write High Quality Articles - Best Tips

> Reading some posts

First of all, please visit your website's related blog. And check their artcles. Point to point noted. How he writes How to write And see what the image gives, see everything. And take off your mind.

How he writes How to write And see what the image gives, see everything. And take off your mind So that you get a little bit of idea.This will be your first step. Now you have to write the topic of your thoughts on the topic. Decide his headline itself.

> Visit your competitor site

*Find out exactly what the content is thinking about writing. Like I give you an example. I have to write "TECHNOLOGY TIPS" . So search this by typing in Google. And see who's the website first. Visit that site. And how he wrote it.

Remember how much word is written. You have to write better and more to him. According to me, more than 700 words must be in one content.Then it will rank better And will also appear in the first page. You have to write well or else you will never come forward.

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> >Keywords must be used in 4 places

๐Ÿ‘‰The title of your post is the same as the keyword in my language. So it must be written in 4 places inside the artcle. I am telling below. First, write the title in the title tag. This is the most important. Then write this keyword in H2 tag. Then write this title in the Permaoink.

And in the last, you have to type this keyword into the alt tag of the image that you will use in the image. This will rank the image with your contnt.This is the formula I myself used to tell you.

> Use related keywords

- I have learned a lot in the past 2 years. Today I'm so successful. This is the secret to my success. So now listen to what I am telling you.What you write and how you write it is not an importer. But how do you write it properly is important.

Use the same word as the title of your content. If you wish, you can check it already in any tool. Example :-  . How To Increase Mobile Speed "  this is your main topic .
So you have to use the same visible word as you like. for example "How to speed up mobile speed as soon as possible"   .. "How to make a phone fast" . .

๐Ÿ‘‰Do not ever forget to tell me this formula OK.๐Ÿ‘ˆ

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> -Make the image yourself too.

-Everything must be done by itself. It has to be written by itself and will have to make the photo itself. Because you have to make a different identity on the internet, therefore. Do not download photos from anywhere. And do not even use it. Say, farewell. You will get one day success ๐Ÿ‘.

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> Do not copy anything from anywhere

-Look, brother, you have to move forward. So write well. Do hard work but do not copy anyone written. Copying will not get any benefit. Reverse damage will happen to you and your site. Always stay behind .

And if you have copied it to onother site and then publishes it, then when it comes to know, it will complain that Google will convince And then there will be a great loss of your .

That's all for today I hope you todays my artcl Tips On Writing Good Quality Articles would have liked it. If someone gets some benefit after reading this, please share it in the social site. . So that everyone can help. Bye take care my sweet ๐Ÿ’• readers. 

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