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How To Index Website In Google Faster Using Fetch As Tool


Guys do you have a website And you want it to appear in the whole world. Traffic e from your whole world?.So whatever posts you write for it should appear in search. And it's possible when your every post indxed . Today this topic we are discussing How To Index Website In Google Faster Using Fetch Us Tool. 

✓First of all, we know what the index means. .

Let me give you an example to know this. Like I write a new artcle in my site daily But he will come in search only when I I will tell about it. Then he will know that I have written this article today. After that he will show my article in his search engine.
It is said to be an this, now you understand?

✓ why its importance of all blogger user .

Now why do we need to tell about this Listen to it When you write something new and if he does not see anything then traffic will come by saying?.It is very important for indexing each post. If you do not, then the damage will happen to you. Now you think what you have to do ?.

✓ Does Google, bing, yandex need to tell about this ?.

Yes  . It is necessary to tell in the whole engine. Because if you tell them then they will see all our posts on them. And this will increase the visitor as soon as possible. But now a question arises in your mind how can I tell those people about this? I do not know anything about this....

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Speed up blog index with google fetch as

✓ i am always here. Don't worry 

> I will help you to do this And I'm always with you I will never leave except for the Promise.This will require goohlg webmaster tool. And have to process a little bit. I am telling you step by step to read carefully.

>Your website must be submitted in Webmaster Tools for this. After that your site will appear. It will have to click on its link will appear.

>> First you visit  webmaster tool.

> Click the your website link that you already submitted. πŸ‘

>> Now the dashboard will open. There will be a lot of options to see in this. .

> There will also be a crawl option below.

> Clicking also.

how to index website in google faster using fetch as tool

> Now see the fetch or fetch and render option.

> Touch it once. Now see, new windows will open. Which has an empty box in the right side.

>Now you have to put a link to your blog url inside this empty box. Any url to you can submit. But adding a link only once. Mind it.

> Now you will see 2 options ( ) under this box. Which must be used well.

>Now we first know the details about these two option so that there is no problem in using it in the future...πŸ‘‡

Indexing requested for url and linked pages

Fetch :- 

✓Whenever you write a new article And want to see it on the first page as soon as possible. Use this tool for this..... This will informed to know that you have written it some time ago. If your content is unique and good then definitely will be on the first page.....

Fetch and Render :- 

✓ When you do anything on any old content You mean changing photos. Write something new. Then you can use this tool.When you submit content to this tool, they will know all the changes made from this to your friends. Using both of these tools, you will be able to easily showing all of your content. I use this method too.

You are my reader, so it's my job to tell all of you about my secret. Which I told today. Now what he has to do he depends on you.πŸ‘ŒπŸ’²

I have said the above about how to do this process. So you read all the words that I have written here properly. Otherwise you will not understand anything. I want to help you all. Let me tell you all about your problem for this. I'll fix everything in the jumps....

This is benefits:-

>The biggest advantage of  your link is that your post is showing everywhere on very quickly.

>You can use only 500 urls from in 1 month.

>If you fatching a link to the website, then only you can submit only 10 urls in 1 month.

>If you submitting all your posts, then if someone copies your post after ftch you, then you will not have any problem with it.

>If there is a related problem with your post, you will show a message to.

>If you change the domain link, then you can the help of using this feature.

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How To Get Google Instantly Index Your Blog Content Quickly

That's all for today Tomorrow I will be present with some new topic. Which you will all like very much.

✓✓Please understand one thing from me. If you want to be succesful then I am speaking a few lines, take it to mind✓πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

* Write at least 3 article inside a blog on a weeke.

*Do the research first, research him first. And definitely write 700 to 1000 words.

*Working from the brain. One day will surely be successful.

I hope you like this tip. So please share it in the Socil site. So that everyone can get help. And if you have any problem in your mind then you can ask here by commenting below. Ok now bye. Takr care to all.

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