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How To Add Google Translate To Blogger


Hi friends. I am very happy today And I will tell the reason for this happiness, the other day. In the post, we will do the discuss How To Add Google Translate To Blogger   . In this article, I will give you some new information. And it is also necessary. We look forward to why it is necessary.

You have a website of yourself and you write a new content every day. in your language. Whatever your language is. Whether it is hindi .Or english whatever. You write your own way. Now I tell you one thing Every post in your website is in Hindi.

Because of this, the person who knows Hindi will read your article. And whoever does not know Hindi will come in your site.But they will not be able to read anything. Because he is not aware of the language written on your blog. And then he will go away.

If you want any person not to come back to your site, then you have to get a Google Translator code.Applying it will make great profits As if any person will be able to read your content in his own language. And your traffic will increase.

Google translate widget image

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How To Add Google Translate Button On Blogger

You can put this code anywhere in your site. And it is also very easy to apply it. I'll tell you step by step process.

>First Go to your Blogger dashboard.


> Add a gadget.

>Html/JavaScript .

>Copy and paste the code below into this box.

<style type="text/css"> #gd-translator { display:block; width:90%; max-width:300px; border:none; background-color:#fff; color:#444; overflow:hidden; position:relative; height:40px; line-height:40px; border:1px solid #e0e0e0; } #gd-translator select { border:none; background:transparent; font-family:'Verdana',Arial,Sans-Serif; font-size:12px; width:100%; color:#444; -webkit-box-sizing:border-box; -moz-box-sizing:border-box; box-sizing:border-box; -webkit-appearance:none; cursor:text; padding:5px 10px; } #gd-translator a, #gd-translator a:hover { display:block; background-color:#4791d2; border:none; color:#fff; margin:0 0; text-decoration:none; position:absolute; top:0; right:0; bottom:0; cursor:pointer; width:14%; transition:all 0.3s ease; } #gd-translator a:before { content:""; display:block; width:0; height:0; border:6px solid transparent; border-left-color:white; position:absolute; top:50%; left:45%; margin-top:-5px; } #gd-translator a:hover {opacity:0.9;} #gd-translator a:active {opacity:0.9;} #gd-translator select:focus, #gd-translator a:focus, #gd-translator select:active, #gd-translator a:active { border:none; outline:none; cursor:pointer; } option { background:#444; color:#e0e0e0; } </style> <div id="gd-translator"> <select id="translate-language"> <option value="en" selected="selected">English</option> <option value="id">Indonesian</option> <option value="af">Afrikaans</option> <option value="sq">Albanian</option> <option value="ar">Arabic</option> <option value="hy">Armenian</option> <option value="az">Azerbaijani</option> <option value="eu">Basque</option> <option value="be">Belarusian</option> <option value="bn">Bengali</option> <option value="bg">Bulgarian</option> <option value="ca">Catalan</option> <option value="zh-CN">Chinese</option> <option value="hr">Croatian</option> <option value="cs">Czech</option> <option value="da">Danish</option> <option value="nl">Dutch</option> <option value="en">English</option> <option value="eo">Esperanto</option> <option value="et">Estonian</option> <option value="tl">Filipino</option> <option value="fi">Finnish</option> <option value="fr">French</option> <option value="gl">Galician</option> <option value="ka">Georgian</option> <option value="de">German</option> <option value="el">Greek</option> <option value="gu">Gujarati</option> <option value="ht">Haitian Creole</option> <option value="iw">Hebrew</option> <option value="hi">Hindi</option> <option value="hu">Hungarian</option> <option value="is">Icelandic</option> <option value="id">Indonesian</option> <option value="ga">Irish</option> <option value="it">Italian</option> <option value="ja">Japanese</option> <option value="kn">Kannada</option> <option value="ko">Korean</option> <option value="la">Latin</option> <option value="lv">Latvian</option> <option value="lt">Lithuanian</option> <option value="mk">Macedonian</option> <option value="ms">Malay</option> <option value="mt">Maltese</option> <option value="no">Norwegian</option> <option value="fa">Persian</option> <option value="pl">Polish</option> <option value="pt">Portuguese</option> <option value="ro">Romanian</option> <option value="ru">Russian</option> <option value="sr">Serbian</option> <option value="sk">Slovak</option> <option value="sl">Slovenian</option> <option value="es">Spanish</option> <option value="sw">Swahili</option> <option value="sv">Swedish</option> <option value="ta">Tamil</option> <option value="te">Telugu</option> <option value="th">Thai</option> <option value="tr">Turkish</option> <option value="uk">Ukrainian</option> <option value="ur">Urdu</option> <option value="vi">Vietnamese</option> <option value="cy">Welsh</option> <option value="yi">Yiddish</option> </select><a id="translate-me" href="#" title="Translate"></a> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> (function() { var mylang = "id", // Your website language anchor = document.getElementById('translate-me'); anchor.onclick = function() {'' + encodeURIComponent(location.href) + '&langpair=' + mylang + '%7C' + document.getElementById('translate-language').value + '&hl=en'); return false; }; })(); </script>

Google translator for website script

Now save it. Oh he very nice Your whole work has been done.Now go to your site. And you'll see a widget anywhere you've added it.Now you can read and convert your post in any language. So now tell me how this trick?.

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