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Google Adsense Approval Trick For Blogger 2018


Hi friends. Today I will share my secret with you. By using which I did Approve on another site. I'm not like the others. Who make the website for their meanings. I have seen some blogs that are being fooling everyone by being unknown.Todays post we are discussing Google Adsense Approval Trick For Blogger 2018.

But my purpose is to guide everyone right. So think of sharing my own experience with you. So that can help everyone.I checked on a another blog and checked it. It was written in the topic that I have today. But according to what I got written I did not see anything on that blog.

But I will tell the same method that I use myself. Still doing infact Yes after a few days, Ads may also be seen on this. So let us now call you Simple Process Step by Step.

Everyone dreams that he has his own wbsite. And through that he made money. And its top source is AdSense.

But it is very difficult to monetize. The one who does not know is difficult for him. And who knows it is very easy for him.If you own a blog And want to monetise it? So let's say the top way now.

Google adsense approval trick

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Google AdSense Requirements To Approve A Blog / Website

>>You must have a site in the blogspot platform. If you buy a custom domain for it, it will be even better.

>>The policy has to be followed. Whatever rule there is, it has to be done properly. Otherwise, it will never get approved.

>>At least your site should have 25 to 40 posts. I am telling what I know.

>>There must be at least 400 to 700 words or more the inside each post. And it is necessary to have a paragraph in every single content. The heading tag should also be used.

>>The image that you use inside the article must be made of itself. Do not insert any photo by or not downloading any images. Otherwise, they will not be able to succeed. And making money is a distant thing.

>>Your content should be liked by your visitor. Whatever you have to write well for this.

>>And one good thing is that if your site has less traffic then you can easily get approval.

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These Things To Do Before Applying For Google AdSense

>>If you have copied image or text from google search?. , then just delete it at this time.

>>I have read in the other place that it should be 500 pageviews everyday for this. But there is nothing like that. So do not panic.

>>Write whatever you write yourself. Do not copy anything from anywhere. And it's important to remember all OK.👌

✓If you do so, then 50% of your work will be done. Now I'm giving a new tip to follow it.

✓ The template you use should be a adsense friendly theme. And you will find it in my site . Check Here 👍

✓Use only one sidebar inside the template. And don't Use this like with 2 or 3 sidebar themes.

✓Your blog must be fasr loading. If its load time is less then the chances will also decrease.

✓ Website design should also be good. And it should look professional. This will promptly get approval due to this.

✓Use only one language oak. Do not use Hindi as an English. Do not write content from different languages.

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✓Your site should be connected with all social media. And all the search engines should also show your blog.

✓There should not be any hacking trick. You should not get anything related to Adult like images, videos from your website.

✓✓Last I will say to all. About that, make a page like that, contact us, privacy policy, about us. it will first check when your site is reviewed.

😉❤️Now Apply For Adsense.  & Enjoy. 👍

So guys. I have told you my whole trick. I had applied this way on the site earlier. And Approved was also there. After some days I will apply it. And then it will also show Ads. You too can do me like And earn a lot of money.

Thank you so much for reading this. Please share it. So that everyone can get help.If there is a question in mind, then ask for a comment. I'll try to reply immediately.

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