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How To Find Rss Feed Of Your Blogger Website


Rss feed is very important for a website. I explain it to you well. Just like you have a blog. And you write new posts every day.But do you know all your posts are saved in a directory. And it's a product of Google.

Where all the posts are saved on. When a visitor of your blog subscribes to it, every day he gets the information about the new post.So if you do not know about the RSS feed of your website, we will tell you the complete information about it.

Creat Sticky Sidebar widget in your website

Table of your content :- blogspot rss feed all posts

 Feeds are of two types. The first is the atom. And the other is the RSS. So I will tell you the link between these two so that you can know..

Find rss feed url

How To Find Rss Feed Url Of A Website

RSS: :

 Removing the link above which is the address of my website and putting the address of your blog. Then search again. After that you will get the full feed.

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