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12 Tips To Make Your Android Mobile Faster 2018


Hi friends. Today, I am about to share some new tips with you. I thought about this because one of my visitors requested me. That's why the post is 12 Tips To Make Your Android Mobile Faster 2018 . Best technology tips . 

So By today's article, we will teach you how to make your phone more fast. I will tell the top method that nobody has told.And you know that I always try to guide everyone right. So let us know why mobile slough is happening.?.

There is a lot of reason why your phone is slow. Like using more internet. The second is the use of the app in the background.Even using the phone while charging. Do not update the software. And install the applications you do not use.

Due to the lack of use of software such as those that protect against viruses, phn slow slows down.So let's now tell you how to fast. Follow all the tips properly.

12 tips to make android mobile faster

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How To Make Your Android Mobile Run Faster - Top 12 Tips

✓Let's Read Our Guide or Tips

:- >Every day, keep a up to date for your device.

2>Do not keep anything on the home screen Keep it empty.

3>Uninstall the application you do not use.

4>Clear internal memory every day. So, clear the cached data of each app.

5*Viewing Sync in device This feature is turned on. Turn it off.

6*Always the phone's software. And Android version is Update him once a month.

7*Go to reboot the phne. One time at least one week So that it could run smoothly.

8*If you keep animated wallpapers on your home screen, then remove it immediately and keep a simple photo.

9*Which are live wallpapers. Do not use it anytime.

10*Turn off the option to rotate the screen and close it. Only when it is necessary to do it.
11*Inspect an application that really removes the virus. So that your phone is always safe.

12*✓Which app should you use for antivirus, I tell it below.

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Norton Security And Antivirus

✓Norton's software offers a lot of features. Most of the time, this virus prevents the virus from coming to your mobile at real time.

✓If your phone has any such softwares installed Who is sending you your data without your consent, he gives you information.

✓❤️Whenever you go to download any app from Google Play Store, Norton scans it before you install it.

*It also has a WiFi protection. Due to which the networks with free will be able to use it comfortably.This is award winning software. And I use it too.

>Scans every new application. Also your memory card This is the best technology app that protects against viruses, malware.

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Best Antivirus For Android Smartphones

Now I tell you one thing that never use anything free that should be used. Those who are real are also paid.And I will suggestion you to buy a subscription of it. So get real time protection.

So Thanks to all of us for reading this post. If I have any benefit from the trick I have told, then share it in the social site.Tell your friends also. So that they can get help to fast their device. Keep visiting daily to read such new articles.Ok now bye Again, Albida everyone From the heart.♡.

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