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Nubie Fast - Seo Optimize Blogger Template


Here is an update on Nubia Theme called Nubie Fast - Seo Optimize Blogger Template. I share this previously version with the Nubie Banget to get a new version also fasted loading. Here is a change in previous model that will be easier than ever and will be faster with desktop and smartphones.

The fast loading fantastic looking Nubia Banget has a more Customizable format, a practical dynamic design can easily added your AdSense code . is easy to use, integrated related mail gadgets, popular post Widget, social presentation symbols . deductions with menu bar, simple contact from js with personal and answering boxes.

Author 👉 Arlina Design

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What's new:- very very fast. Adesnse ready, and onother partner ads ready. High page optimization. Look like AMP.  All heading tags are fixed. No any errors.

Nubie fast seo optimize blogger template

Nubie Fast Blogger Template

This is in charge of Quick Download Available for any kind of website use, such as news, online magazines, photo exhibits, individual, etc., which I hope you will love.

Personally, I think this is very sensitive, you can see below. In addition to awareness of the speed of opening blogs, this is one of the main features of this. So it does not require a long link or link when you use this model then see you amazing loads your blog. 

How could it be? Because it has uses minimal functions, it can be very SEO Friendly, Mobile Friendly, Customized Thread Comment. 2 columns, high CTR, etc.

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Start a new theme of arlinadzgn. Now you can get a premium version of Nubie Fast 2018 version. See the benefits of this version right and how you think about it. I want to share this information and all possibilities.

Therefore, keep related publications Thumb and Auto Read with a thumbnail, because we do not mix more because of more functionality and therefore we need to adapt to different topic. Is it very minimalist and elegant. Here are the full features::


Google Testing Tool Validator
Mobile Friendly
SEO Friendly
Dynamic Heading
Menu Navigation
2 Column
Related Posts
Search Box
Subscription Widget
New style Comments
Sticky Widget
Contact Form


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