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Money can be paid to use Facebook


Mark Zuckerberg recently said that Facebook will be free forever. At the same time, the Facebook chief had also said that the possibility of bringing a paid version of it can be considered.facebook money transfer Now a recent report claims that a paged version of Facebook can be launched soon.Today I will discus this matter in our post Money can be paid to use facebook.

According to a Bloomberg report, Facebook is doing a research for a subscription-based model. It should be ascertained whether users are prepared to spend money for their privacy.send money via facebook . However, the Facebook spokesman has not made any comments on the matter at this time.

Money can be paid to use Facebook

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Will you have to pay if you use Facebook

There have been discussions about Facebook's subscription-based model for the past, in which users can ensure the security of their privacy by paying the company. At the moment, Facebook is free for all users, but the company collects data from users. By using these data, advertisers deliver advertisements to their target users.

But since Cambridge Analysta Scandal, a new debate has taken birth on data .facebook marketing services . Since then, Facebook is under tremendous pressure.

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Facebook will have to pay to use

Significantly, Mark Zuckerberg appeared in the US Senate a few times before answering questions. During that time, many MPs were asked by Mark Zuckerberg whether they think of bringing an ad-free version of Facebook, which is also a tree. Responding to this question, Zuckerberg had told MP Orin Hatch that a free version of Facebook will always be available, while a paid version can be thought of.

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