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Mallika - Professional Blog Style Blogger template, a product that responds however you want. With professional design, creative layout, unlimited colors, unlimited fonts, special widgets, unique styles, and more! Many different features make Mallika the perfect choice for your personal blog or any blog. This is highly optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO Ready) and AdSense ready.

mallika professional blog style blogger template

Mallika Professional Blog Style Blogger Template

Slider Widget

We have added an extraordinary and responsive slider to the latest posts in the Blogger Mallika template. This Latest Slider displays a number of the latest posts that you have installed. If you want to display certain posts labels, you can do that. The slider of this latest publication also supports certain shortcuts.

Mallika Mobile Friendly Blogger Template

Mallika is a fully mobile friendly and fully customizable blog form that is compatible with all types of smartphones and tablets. It will fit any screen size smoothly. Mallika is a complete blogger and touch screen theme.

mallika mobile friendly test

Unlimited Colour Options

Mallika Blogger Template is made with many features that help you easily customize this template without your Idea. You can change the font and color of the template with one click in Blogspot Template Designer. In this theme, we use an unlimited number of Google fonts (professional features) and unlimited colors, which you can change as you like.

unlimited colour options

Search engine optimization

The Mallika - Seo Friendly Blogspot Theme is a highly sought after form of blogging. SEO is for you, so you can be sure that your website can be found and that you will maximize the number of visitors. Mallika will help you there. Because it is a fully optimized blogger template for SEO, it is best to rank search results.

Dynamic Footer

Yes this template we are added Dynamic footer... Make your website High level. Awesome Design. Also Email Subscription post there added. Abut us widget and also social follow button adding. Check the image.

mallika dynamic footer


Some Features of Mallika Blogspot Theme 


✓Fully Responsive Design
✓Easy Admin Panel
✓Drop down menu
✓Social Icons
✓SEO Optimized
✓Related Posts
✓Social Share Buttons
✓Facebook Comment
✓Search Box
✓Subscribe Box
✓Google Comment
✓Recent Posts Slider
✓Unlimited Colors
✓Unlimited Fonts
✓Ads Ready
✓Custom 404 Error page
✓Much more

Mallika - Professional Blog Style Blogger Template

Sangita - Grid Style Blogger Template. Sangita is specially designed for Anything review sites running on blogspot. It is a minimalist and sleek designOptimized and responsive models for SEO bloggers. If you post reviews of Anything or blogging sites on blogspot, Then Sangita is great for your blog. This is a professional blogger themes. SANGITA is a MOBILE friendly blogger theme. In this model, we used the latest Carousel widget and are also compatible with desktop devices.

Sangita Blogger Template

Sangita - Best Grid Style Premium Blogger Template

Sangita - is a new Template of intelligent website users from Gourab Design. Sangita is a newer version of the Blogger model. We have designed this template specially grid style for all types of ranking websites. If you have a movie or Books review site, then Sangita Form is perfect for your blog. It's a minimalist design......

Also responsive and compatible with all Mobile phones. In this model, we used the latest Carousel widgets and special widgets with some labels. I hope you like this model. Mobile-friendly blogger models are very important for better search results. MS Design always designs mobile-friendly blogger templates.

Sangita - Responsive Blogspot Theme

In this model, we added a slide recently called the South Korean widget. The first 10 most recent messages will automatically slide one by one. Another important widget is a specific article. In this model, we also use the recommended widget. You can highlight three publications as special publications with certain labels.

Sangita Blogger Template mobile view

The Sangita template helps you create a friendly and user-friendly blog site. This model is ideal for any ranking site. This template is another edition of the Blogger Sangita template.

Unlimited Colour Options Easy To Use

We continue to use unlimited color options in our template....... You can change the entire color of the template with one click. Gourab Design now design the best theme for all blogspot users.

Our model can be easily customized for everyone, you can change the color of the template in one click.  we used unlimited color options on the blogger model and we used this feature consistently on all forms. I hope you like this Theme....


Fully responsive design [ Check ]
SEO Friendly
Mobile test validator
Easy management panel
1 Menu bar
Social icon
Running carousel Widget
Recommended post widget
The color is unlimited
AdSense Ready
page navigation new Design
Related Post gadget
Social sharing button
Blogspot Comments
search Box
404 specific error page
Much more....

Sangita Blogger Template

Alder is a responsive blogger template, modern, simple and easy to use. The Alder Blogger model is the perfect choice for lifestyle bloggers, travelers, cooks, writers, photographers and those looking to create a beautiful and clean blog.

Alder Responsive Premium Blogger Template

Alder Blogger Template

The minimalist design emphasizes simplicity and legibility. Created on the basis of strong coding and supported with many color setting options, background and blogger. This is a good typography by default and you can also use a custom typography in this template. It is suitable for writers and anyone who likes to write or blog.

Alder - Seo Friendly Blogspot Theme

Since Alder is supported by the Blogger Customizer template, you can quickly and easily change the color scheme of your blog. Alder comes with some of the best features like Featured Carousel Post, Stylish, Minimal Popular Post, Multilevel Dropdown Menu, Email Subscriptions, Instagram Widgets and more. Discover some of the most powerful features of the Alder Blogger model.


Customizable, Google testing tool, easy-to-use SEO tool, easy-to-use mobile, page 404, loading speed, offered carousel, clean and minimalist design, advanced admin panel, unlimited colors (customization shown support), ready for usage, two types of menu, drop-down menu, Instagram widget options with Plus, social widgets, thumbnail auto-red, thumbnail messages, including social sharing buttons, e-newsletter widget, stylish comment widget, widget integrated search, full documentation, widget code (Premium)

Click Below Button And Complete Task To Download This File

Alder ~ Responsive Premium Blogger Template

Adstriton.com- Best AdSense Alternative For Small Websites.....For bloggers users.... the name Google AdSense is certainly not strange. With Google AdSense, we can earn money from blogs that we have. But the problem of being a Google Adsense publisher is not easy; bloggers are often denied Google AdSense submissions for various reasons.

Adstriton com Best AdSense Alternative For Small Websites and Publisher

For those of you who have been repeatedly rejected by Google AdSense / who want to find other alternatives, especially local ads, you can use Google AdSense alternatives such as Adstriton.com.

Adstriton.com, best ad networks for small publishers

 Adstriton is an advertising network (such as GA, mgid, Chitika, bidder, etc.) where you can make money just by posting ad code on your blog. Commissions are given in the form of CPM and CPC. Payment / payment can be made when the balance reaches IDR 3,000 with regular credit, bank transfers and cryptocurrency (bitcoin and monero). Announcement modes available are:

1. Banner advertisements

Banner ad / banner ad is a type of ad that displays ads in the form of banners of a certain size. This type of ad will display a banner on your blog. You will be paid when the banner is displayed to the user (CPM) and the user (CPC) is clicked on it.

2. Pop-up advertisements

Contextual advertising is a type of ad that appears when a user clicks on a part of your blog. You will be paid for each pop-up window that appears (CPM).

3. Content advertising

Content advertising is a type of ad that turns your blog's text into active links based on certain keywords. You will be paid when a user clicks on the (CPC) link.

4. Direct Link Advertising

Direct / Direct Ads is a type of ad that directs visitors / visitors directly to the advertising website with specific links that you can find in the members area. You will be paid when a user clicks on the (CPC) link.

5. Auto Safelink

Automatic Safelink consists of changing the active link on your blog to a proxy / indirect link, so users are directed to the page before being referred to the original link.

Not joining Adstriton is not difficult, you can receive blogs from any niche, including downloading blogs, as long as the blog does not contain prohibited content, such as pornography, gambling, phishing, malware, etc. Adstriton.com then click the "Join for Free" button now. Then follow the steps to register and become a publisher.

Thanks for reading. Please share this article for all social media... Thank you.

Adstriton.com - Best AdSense Alternative For Small Websites and Publisher

How are you blogger friend wherever you are, hopefully in good health. This time Gourab Design will provide tips on How to create Custom Subdomain in GoDaddy and Setup in it your Website .

How to create Custom Subdomain in GoDaddy and Setup in it your Website

For those of you who already have a blog with a custom domain or also called TLD (Top Level Domain), you can also create several sub domains from the parent custom domain that you use. This is useful if you have another blog that you want to link to a custom domain so you don't need to rent a new custom domain anymore and it's quite useful to save your expenses.

For example, the custom domain address that you have is https://www.gourabdesign.com and if you want to add another blog for example with a technology niche, you can add sub domains with the name tech or techno for example

https://technicdost.gourabdesign.com .

How to? 😕 Let's follow the steps below.

How to create unlimited Custom Subdomain in GoDaddy and Setup in it your Blog Website 

  • First, log in to your member or client area domains. Here I use godaddy.com, if you use another service, you can adjust it to the client area domain that you are using.

  • Then click the Domain menu and select what domain you want to add a sub domain to. Like the example here I will add sub domains from the gourabdesign.com domain.

Manage dns on godaddy

  • Once selected, it will bring up menus such as Nameservers, manage DNS, etc. Select the Manage DNS or Manage DNS menu.

Creating CNAME on godaddy.com

  • Then add a new record in the Manage DNS column, for example here I add a new technicdost record and add ghs.google.com to the CNAME column.

Creating CNAME on godaddy

Well, now my friend only needs to wait for the propagation time needed about 1-3 hours or usually faster than the new sub domain you made.

Switching your BlogSpot blog to the Custom Sub-Domain

how to add custom sub domain in blogger

  • Next enter the Blogger dashboard, then select the blog that you want to add to the sub domain you made. Then select the Settings menu> Basic> Blog Address and click on writing + Prepare a third party URL for your blog to install a new sub domain. Add the sub domain name in the column provided then click Save.

Switching your BlogSpot blog to the Custom Sub-Domain

  • Done, now enable HTTPS in the same menu. For tips, you can check here How to Enable HTTPS on a Blog with a Custom Domain.

For more information watch this full video :- 👇

Here is an example of a sub domain that I created:

Okay, that's all for tips on How to Create Sub Domains from Blogger Custom Domains. If you are still confused about the steps, we can discuss it in the comments column. Thank you and respect.

How to create Custom Subdomain in GoDaddy and Setup in it your Website

Detube -Movie Review Blogger template has already been designed by Dedepress for WP users. The template has been removed for a variety of reasons. As you can see, the Dedepress website is up and running and will be available soon. We hope to get more themes from them and hope that everything will go well.

detube blogger template image
Detube Blogger Template by gourab design.jpg


AUTHOR:- Bloggertheme9

DISTRIBUTION:- gourabdesign.blogspot.com

PLATFORM:- blogspot

VERSION:- free / premium

RELATED THEME :- Bayna premium website template

DeTube Blogger Template

More than 40 posts can be added to the homepage via the tag feature widget. The elegance of the Detube theme is very appealing to professional bloggers. An elegant slider with many of the latest posts makes it more user friendly. We hope you like this theme on your blog.

The Video Portal blogger template is a clean design theme, specifically designed for video blogging. We managed to fix the iframe Youtube so that it resets and works on any mobile or high resolution device.

DeTube Video Review Blogspot Theme

 We did not intentionally add a slider in the video portal to give it a more professional look. We tried to add each widget to be part of the video template. 6 videos related to thumbnails and subscription forms are effectively added under each message.

DeTube - Movie Review Website Template

Cinema Film Blogger Template is the perfect choice for the movie website. If you are considering creating a new movie website, this theme is your first choice. As the name suggests, it was designed specifically for movie blogs.

cinema blogger template

There are many bloggers who would like to use this kind of responsive blog form. On their movie website to make it more attractive and SEO friendly. 


DISTRIBUTION BY - gourabdesign.blogspot.com

PLATFORM - blogspot

VERSION - free / premium


Cinema Blogger Template

The creative idea for cinema blogger templates comes from the most popular movie fans and movie broadcast blogs. If you have ever visited the famous online movie streaming site.

Then you may notice that they use this type of model. You can use it for websites for movies and games. You can easily post the content you want in certain places using this professional blogger template.

Movie Download Blogger Template

One of the key benefits of using the cinema blogger model is that it has a very fast loading design. The movie blogger template not only loads the content of your blog quickly.

 But it also helps readers of your website to easily navigate your site. It also has a unique slideshow feature. What you can use to display the most popular content on your blog's homepage. It has two left and right sidebars that can be used to display information about the movie.

Cinema - Film Blogger Template Latest Version

BPress Magazine Blogger Template is a Seo magazine-style blogger template with 12 types of content-based widget features. This is an advanced blogger template with many standard features. This template is a viral focus for news blogs, but can also be used for technology, reviews, films, sports, niches, authorities, schools, institutions, etc.

BPress Blogger Template image

BPress Blogger Template

The blogger theme Bpress News Magazine is a progressive and professional blogspot theme. We designed Bpress with the latest and updated HTML5 / CSS3 to surpass other magazine models. This is a magazine template that is suitable for blogs such as technology, news, magazines, food, recipes, travel agencies, institutions, work portals, banks, charities, critics, YouTube videos, etc. Bpress loads very quickly and gets higher scores in SEO selection tools. We created this specifically so that it can be very good in search engine rankings. There are a total of 12 types of display widgets available in this,

Bpress - Responsive Magazine Blogspot Theme

 It is a highly optimized and no other can beat it in terms of responsiveness, SEO readiness, formatting and fast loading. It is one of the best themes for blogger magazines available on the internet, with various unique features and a range of professional widgets, which will help you create a website in any niche.

 It is a cross-browser compatible model that will work well in any modern browser. It provides blue, black and white color combinations that can be customized using blogger template customizers. You can not only change colors, but also customize the background of individual elements such as menus, footers and mind maps.

 It is a modern model with many professional and personalized widgets. Once applied to your blog, it can compete with WordPress themes in terms of content management, professionalism and premium optimization.


 Seo ready, ads ready, magazine, responsive, fast loading, browser compatibility, menu off, WordPress friendly, news, technology, 3 columns, 1 sidebar on the right, social bookmarking, multicolor, thumbnail, navigation navigation, stylish, email subscriber widget, free blogger HTML template.

BPress Seo Friendly Magazine Blogger Template