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Hi blogger friend, once again, Gourab Design shared Nubie Banget blogger template, the responsive blogger model. I specialize in this model for friends who want to register their AdSense blog and are confused about finding an SEO friendly, responsive and AdSense-friendly blogger model.

nubie banget fast loading blogger template


Theme Created by 👉 Arlina design

Published by 👉 gourabdesign.com

Platform 👉 Blogspot

Version 👉 Free

Nubie Banget Blogger Template

The model that I will share this time in terms of appearance may not look like Eye Candy , but it must also be taken into account, such as the speed of access to the opening of a blog. Because in this theme, focus more on installing as few features as possible, so that the blog is quickly accessible without long wait.

g vusion 2 blogger template

Ok, without disturbing you, the following features,


Google Testing Validator Testing Tool
Mobile Friendly
True dynamic title
True high CTR rate
True personal blog
Appropriate personalized comments True
2 true columns
Automatic playback with real preview
Block reactive advertising
Crumbs of real bread
Related post with real thumb
True research area
Real social sharing button
Drop-down menu True Reagent
Real Social Link Widget
Happy to be honest
True Custom Writing Box Widget
Sitemap Widget True
Short codes where
Remove the footer credit bonus
Without the premium encryption code
2 color option
Valid Schema.org
number Unlimited page

Nubie Banget Seo Friendly Fast Loading Blogger Template

We hope that with the presence of this model, it could be the response of a blogger friend to optimize the performance of his blog, thanks and greetings of success.

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Nubie Banget Fast Loading Blogger Template

Invert Pro Responsive Seo Friendly Blogger Template is a premium template that I will share this time. This Invert Pro model supports responses, SEO Friendly and many other features, as well as support elements to optimize your blog.
The following features of this model.

invert pro blogger template

Invert Pro Blogger Template

Please Note :-

Created by 👉 Arlina Design

Published by 👉 gourabdesign.blogspot.com

Platform 👉 blogspot

Version 👉 free/Premium

 Invert Pro template supports responsive, SEO Friendly, and many other features as supporting elements in optimizing your blog. The following features of this template:

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SEO Friendly
Personal Blog
Dynamic Heading
Light Base Theme Color
Auto Readmore
Responsive Ads Slot
Related Post
Fixed Top Navigation
Responsive Dropdown Menu
Back to Top
Responsive Design
Google Testing Tool Validator
Valid HTML5
Mobile Friendly
Simple Sitemap Widget
Custom 404 Page
Well Documentation
And More

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Invert Pro Seo Friendly Blogger Template

For those who regularly receive revenue from Google Adsense, you might not be surprised to see reports that Income is slightly different from previous reports. So far, revenue reports have been linked to invalid AdSense for content activity values, which will reduce the total you get. Todays post we are discussing AdSense Account Safety Tips: Invalid Click Prevention in Blogger .

adsense account safety tips invalid click prevention

This report shows that the current report will be slightly different from the previous one. In the current AdSense Income Report, you will see a discount value that will reduce the amount of your AdSense balance if there are invalid activities in AdSense that you have installed on your blog.

You can find the same thing as the illustration above. The total AdSense revenue you get will be reduced by invalid traffic ad values ​​for that content.

So, where is the invalid traffic value calculated? According to information provided, the discount value can usually appear from invalid activities (invalid activity).

How To Save Your AdSense Account

Some actions that can cause invalid activity on Google Adsense are:

If you accidentally click on your own ad

Sometimes clicks on unintentional ads and can understand, unlike intentionally clicking on your own ad, if you have successfully followed, you can block it on your Google AdSense account, but if you click on accidental clicks, there are possibilities that the value of clicks is not recognized and will be categorized as invalid clicks, which will reduce your income.

There are indications that you have someone else in the ad

One thing you might consider telling someone to click on an ad, for example, to share it manually on social media in excess, generate the number of visitors from social media, and only if that isn't done. Suitcases Organic visitors are (visitors from searches other than Google) who click on ads, possibly to detect that invalid clicks. Google can assume that you are asking to click on ads for other people. As a result, if the click value is invalid and the value of clicks does not count in your income, the value of clicks will ultimately decrease the total AdSense income balance.

Invalid Traffic - Adsense For Content 2018

Accidentally, click on your blog visitors

The value of clicks on will actually be calculated if those who click on the ad are really interested, sometimes for ads visitors can click accidentally. Therefore adsense technology is very professional. one click, that's ok where printing is not intentional or just printing is not intentional.

This can happen when a visitor clicks on the ad and before the ad page appears, he presses the back button in the browser. If this happens, Google can detect it as invalid click. Therefore, the value of clicks found as random clicks will reduce your overall income.

How to Protect Adsense Account From Invalid Clicks in Blogger

Anti-fraud software (Bot) that automatically clicks on ads

Various forms of fraud may occur, but all forms of fraud expect a lot from Google is a form of Google Adsense can be used, software that functions as a visitor to your blog and then ads. click on your blog. Otherwise, if this happens naturally, click ads will not be counted. and the print value will be returned to the advertiser or advertiser.

Adsense Click Bombing Protection

There is a bomb click

Clickable bombs sometimes appear in your adsense ad. Click bombs are many ongoing click activities that can be carried out by some parties with the ad unit code that you have installed. In fact, click bombs can interfere with advertisers or advertisers, but adsense can now expect it to create a smart pricing system (if there are instructions for continuous clicks on ads, there system will impose very little cost-per-click, which will be caused by advertisers).

The value of clicks obtained from click bombs can be categorized as invalid click values ​​that will reduce your income.

  • How to resolve invalid Google AdSense activities

It has been mentioned that, according to Google, invalid traffic is mostly caused by invalid activity or the presence of invalid activity on your Google Adsense ads to overcome invalid traffic.

Clickable bombs sometimes appear in your ad. Click bombs are many ongoing click activities that can be carried out by some parties with the ad unit code that you have installed. In fact, click bombs can interfere with advertisers or advertisers, but adsense can now expect it to create a smart pricing system (if there are instructions for continuous clicks on ads, these system will impose very little cost-per-click, which will be caused by advertisers).

The value of clicks obtained from click bombs can be categorized as invalid click values ​​that will reduce your Google AdSense revenue.

  • How to resolve invalid Google AdSense activities

Previously, it was stated that, according to Google, incorrect traffic was mainly caused by invalid activity or by invalid activity on your Google Adsense ads. Therefore, to overcome the appearance of invalid traffic, we, publishers, must be able to correct activities that might be invalid, some of which are:

Invalid Activity Self Clicking

Avoid clicking on ads yourself

Sometimes you accidentally click on your own ad. To overcome this problem, Google can understand it. However, you should avoid clicking as much as possible on your own ads, often not otherwise Google can think of it as an unwanted item. accidentally, and your ad account can be blocked.

To avoid accidental clicks, you can install the adblockplus plugin in your browser. Adsense ads will not appear on your blog. You can also install the Google Publisher plug-in for the Google browser curve, so that the ad is protected by a special slap that displays ads. Don't click on the browser you are using.

How to Block Invalid Clicks

Attention, push the menu design

If you offer a drop-down list in your template, make sure the menu swings. If you install Advertising on the menu, you can click on the adsense ads that you have installed in the context menu, if you click on the menu. Make sure the ads accidentally click on you and your visitors.

Be careful with advertisements

Placing ads for ads is not too close to items that you can click on, because (clicks or clicks or publications with clicks) maybe because too many visitor meetings require you to click on ads. An ad is clicked, causing unexpected pressure, which can cause invalid pressure. Installing ad blocks that can cause unintentional causes not only invalidates activities, but can also be considered a violation of AdSense policies. This can cause your ad account to be disabled.

How to Keep Adsense Sccount Safe

Invalid traffic source

There are many ways to increase traffic, but it is recommended that adsense blog traffic come from search engines (organic traffic). The following are examples of traffic that can cause invalid traffic:

Post an advertisement blog URL in an e-mail message.

Enter the blog URL in the message chat

Manually share message URLs to several social media

If you follow the steps above, you will be asked to ask someone else to visit your blog to click on the ad you have installed.

Are there any negative impacts on your Google AdSense account?

Actually, the reduced revenue in the past is certainly there, but the difference is that the reduction ratio is not included now, the cut-off ratio is included, so it is transparent for publishers. So what happens if I regularly receive invalid AdSense reports?

Adsense has its own settings for solving editors. In particular, traffic reports that are currently invalid are only intended to inform the publisher transparently that revenue is a reduction. Therefore,  account will not suffer losses, as long as you do not do this that violates policies. The less invalid traffic we get is important, the better, especially for Google AdSense and for us, publishers.


Adsense is not like other advertising media, it is indeed tighter. The aim is to increase the trust of advertisers or advertisers to reduce losses that can cause harm to publishers, so that making ads more useful, we, publishers, will be sprinkled with food.

To find out that the cause of lalintintan is invalid, we can at least see incidents that can cause incorrect traffic to maximize revenue and avoid Google fines.

AdSense Account Safety Tips: Invalid Click Prevention in Blogger

remove footer credit link from blogger template

This time I'm going to talk a little bit about removing the footer credit in the Arlina Design, Ms Design and Many model because I often found keywords in the navigation and also in the search Box of this blog Home Page dashboard. ". . Here I am a little confused. Why did these keywords appear on this blog's dashboard? Because you want to be logical, you need to remove references or resources from other sites to this blog credit link, right? 😋 So Todays post we are discussing How To Remove Footer Credit Link From Blogger Template .

What is a Footer Credit links?

The footer links is usually created by the creator of Blogger's templates or widgets. Its purpose is to enter a credit link in the model footer to get feedback from Blogger users using the results of their models. So where are the comments? Obviously you will receive feedback from visitors visiting blogs using their template.

For example, you use a free template created by Arlina Design, Sora models, Magic Company or a template created by Bung Frangki, because each template creator usually adds a credit link in an automatic template for visitors who are interested in the template. use through your blog and aim to replace it by visiting the links of the model.

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Remove Footer Credit From Blogger Template Without Redirecting

Understanding and mastering the programming code is actually very easy to remove the model credit link or for those who don't understand it, you can also use the online tools that are distributed in the browser. can be used.

There are at least different methods or ways in which each template creator can insert a link credit, including:

How to Remove Created by Sora Template and Arlina Design

1. The author adds a timer code to the model.

The author adds a timer code, which means that the model can only be used within a specified time. And once the time is up, you'll usually be asked to buy the paid version. And for the paid version, there is also a stealth code, for example, models can only be used / restricted to some blog addresses. hmm ... strings.

2. The manufacturer encloses the link credit section with a certain code

I think it's currently the most widely used template maker, including encapsulating the credit department links with Obfuscator Javascript code or similar code. The encryption code will work if the credit link is removed and the blog will automatically be redirected to the manufacturer's website (or to the link specified by the manufacturer). This code can be "online" with online tools, as I mentioned earlier.

3. The creator adds a link credit without being encapsulated in a special / clear code

This is the simplest solution because you simply remove the link without redirecting the author's blog or anything.

Well, mostly for free templates I share on this blog , I use the second method. The reason is simple, I just want to protect without adding some codes like ads or others.

My Suggestion

In addition to mastering the programming code and using online tools, there is an easy way to remove it, including the purchase of paid versions. Since the paid version usually does not contain a credit link, it will also get different versions of the free version.

  • The conclusion is therefore very easy to remove Footer Credit. It is difficult to maintain and respect the creativity of others by giving feedback to creators, because it is not easy to create.

If not able to do so, then I would recommend to everyone to hide this. After this, the link to the develop site will not be visible in your site.

  1. If you want to hide the credit use the given code

<div id='copyright-area'

Simply use this code 👇



<div id='copyright-area' style='display:none'


I have enough. Thanks for reading this post. ....

How To Remove Footer Credit Link From Blogger Template

When someone creates a blog for the purpose of earning money, many of them can do so by becoming an AdSense publisher on their blog. Generally, many bloggers, especially those who pioneer in blogging, register their blogs as Google AdSense partners. Today's post we are discussing Top 3 Google Adsense Alternatives for Blogspot Website .

top 3 google adsense alternative for blogspot

Top 3 Google Adsense Alternatives for Blogspot

Yes, it is a Google service that offers the ability to place ads on your blog and will be paid based on the number of ads. Each click has different values. But many of them also look for the best list of AdSense alternatives, as claims are always rejected when registering for the GA. But in my opinion, Google Adsense is my favorite because the revenue from it is very satisfactory and paid off.

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Adsense Alternatives for Small Websites

Well, if you want another way to make money from advertising on blogs, there are a few alternative ads I recommend to replace Google AdSense. The following is a list of advertising provider websites with PPC, CPM and GA systems. Of course, the salary is no less high and expensive.

Adsense alternatives for low traffic

1. Bidvertiser

Perhaps you have not or rarely heard from the website of bidvertiser.com's advertising provider, as it is still relatively new and launched in 1987. As long as you know that this advertising provider is a product manufactured in the country. , you know. Don't believe? Just look at the website. You can register here to become a publisher or advertiser with its excellent services. If you want to register as an ad publisher, you can choose between two types of editors: a standard publisher and a premium publisher. The difference is that your blog should have at least ten thousand visitors a day and of course you will get higher fees. But if the blog is not enough for this number, you can choose an ordinary editor.

The CPP (Pay Per Click) and the CPM (Cost Per Million) acquired are also quite high, namely a minimum of Rp.600 - Rp.1200 with a minimum payment of one hundred thousand per bank transfer at the beginning of the month to first to tenth. For conditions that are not too difficult, you can sign up for free or paid domains without violating bidvertiser's policies, such as content may not be at risk, mature, inappropriate, agc and form only images. This ad can also be installed with Google Adsense. The type and size of advertising is very diverse.

2. Adgebra

Adgebra is a digital native advertising service that is one of the best choices and has a wide variety and extensive network across the globe. with country-by-country targeting 107 countries and desktop or mobile focus. If you are an advertising publisher, you don't have to worry about paying out, as the payment threshold is only $ 20 and can be paid out via Pay Pal and Wire. Ads are displayed with row and column systems. You must select the number of rows and columns. And usually the ads are about health, such as thinning and drugs. Perhaps some bloggers do not like the content of this ad, because the photo is strange and may obstruct the eyes of visitors. Even in this case, Adgebra is still one of the alternatives to adsense because there are still many blogs that use this ad because it is available in Indonesian.

3. Revenuhits

Unlike the previous version, RevenueHits uses a CPA (cost-per-action) system, which means you receive a commission when visitors make certain clicks and actions, such as software download or refill. correctly advertised websites. Feel free to register as a Revenuehits publisher because it is easy enough to accept without waiting long. However, the registered blog may not contain hacking, adult, piracy and racism. For a minimum payment of $ 20, use PayPal, Payoneer and Wire.

So, no longer be a reason not to earn money from blogs because of your Google Adsense rejection. The above adsense option is highly recommended if you are still rejected by Google or you can also merge with Google ads. Try it now.

Top 3 Google Adsense Alternatives for Blogspot Website

Hello friends Today, I'm about to share special tips. No one has ever shared that. Today's topic is How To Automatically Optimize Images In Blogger For Better SEO .  And this is a very unique formula. Knowing which you will be very happy about. I guarantee this.

automatically optimize images in blogger for better seo

Friends, you know that search engine optimization has to be done to rank every blog website, every single post. Then every post of ours appears in the search engine. If we make a small mistake then our content does not show.But we have to do everything we can to optimize the image. You do not even optimize your search engine. And because of this mistake our post is seen in the first page. But the photos do not look.

How To Automatically Optimize Images In Blogger For Better Search Engine Ranking

Every image has to be used alt tag for optimization. But every human has to do this process manually.

  •  No longer have to do anything manually from now on. From now on it will be automatically. Meaning photo optimization will be automatic.

In my previous post I told the process of automatically adding the internal link to the link. If you want to know about it, click here. 👇

 How To Install Multi Related Articles In Blogger Blog Posts

How To Optimize Images For Web Without Losing Quality

Friends, if you want to automatically optimize every photo uploading on your website then follow the steps below.

 ✓ 👉 Visit your blogger.com dashboard

✓ 👉  Click the Theme Option

✓ 👉 finally click EDIT/HTML

✓ 👉 Press the ctrl+f

✓ 👉 Search </body> tag.

✓ 👉 Now copy below JAVASCRIPT CODE and paste above the </body> tag....

<script type='text/javascript'>
$(document).ready(function() {
var $img = $(this);
var filename = $img.attr('src')
$img.attr('alt', filename.substring((filename.lastIndexOf('/'))+1, filename.lastIndexOf('.')));
<script type='text/javascript'>
$(document).ready(function() {
var $img = $(this);
var filename = $img.attr('src')
$img.attr('title', filename.substring((filename.lastIndexOf('/'))+1, filename.lastIndexOf('.')));
<script type='text/javascript'>
var scrollTimer = null;
$(window).scroll(function() {
   var viewportHeight = $(this).height(),
       scrollbarHeight = viewportHeight / $(document).height() * viewportHeight,
       progress = $(this).scrollTop() / ($(document).height() - viewportHeight),
       distance = progress * (viewportHeight - scrollbarHeight) + scrollbarHeight / 2 - $('#scroll').height() / 2;
        .css('top', distance)
        .text(' (' + Math.round(progress * 100) + '%)')
    if (scrollTimer !== null) {
    scrollTimer = setTimeout(function() {
    }, 1500);


Image Optimization Seo 

I hope all of you have liked this How To Automatically Optimize images For Better SEO In Blogger. If anyone gets benefit from this post then Please share this as much as possible in the social media. So that every person can lift its benefits.....

How To Automatically Optimize Images In Blogger For Better SEO

How to define permalink in Blogger articles so that they are easy to view. Define the permalink of the article that you created, including SEO activities, so that the articles you create are displayed on Google Serp by adding keywords to the permalink. This permanent link does not exceed 60 words and uses a sign (-) to link to the next word.

How To Set Seo Friendly Permalink In Blogger Post

First, the friend goes to Blogger> Articles> Posts that want to be in the permalink settings if they have entered the following article item. There is a Click Entry setting in the permanent link. Below is automatic automatically

How To Set Seo Friendly Permalink In Blogger Post

Pemalink above seems clear, so it must of course be replaced or made clearer and easier to see on Google Serp. Below you will find a special permanent link that you can adjust and manage as you wish. Remember that the permanent link must be inserted in the query.

automatic blogger post permalink image

How To Change Page Url in Blogger

Define the permalink with what you do, for example when I create the article

  • How to set the article Permalink is the correct blogger custom permalink as below 👇


  • Do not decapitate the blogger page permalink as shown below


The permalink above decapitation can reduce the references in the article that you have done. If you set it correctly, click Finish / Done.

Warning! Please Note :- Published permalink cannot be changed

Well, I can explain how to post articles so that the Seo Friendly thanks you for your visit. I hope this will help you.

How To Set Seo Friendly Permalink In Blogger Post

Today i will publish Songbad52 - Bengali Blogger Template. This version is for all users in Bangladesh also West Bengal only. we are now Distribution a new theme. This is only for those who want to create a Bangla Business Journal website with the blogspot platform.

Songbad52 - Bengali Blogger Template

Songbad52 is a quality, responsive to search engines. Gourab Design always shares creative and user-friendly blog templates for SEO at FOR FREE.

We barely use some special features on this Bangla Newspaper blogger template. We created it with several important advertising spaces. Good advertising space is a very important part of your revenue. We add 5 responsive ad slots to this template to increase revenue from your blog. This is the best quality label and journal template for the Bangladeshi and west bengali Information Portal. If you want to create a blog. you should use this template for your blog.

Theme Shop Blogger Template Latest Version 2019

Songbad52 Blogger Template

Songbad52 is similar to the News52 model. In this  we use several additional scripts to make this model more perfect, better and more beautiful. On the top bar we use the Breaking news message with social icons, a search bar, and Bengal dates. On the homepage you can use 11 different mailboxes. The latest mailing lists are also available.

Mobile friendly newspaper template

Respomsive and usability on the phone is very important for all blogs and too important for news portal sites. This is 100% pure responsive and mobile friendly. We optimize this model for all types of mobile devices. So, this model is compatible with all kinds of smartphones.

Songbad52 - Professional News Blogger Template

This is the best model for Bangladeshi Magazine sites. It is easy to adjust this model. Drag and drop the admin panel and change the color of the click. Hope this will be the ideal for your magazine site.

Unlimited color options

You can apply borderless colors. Gourab Design always sharing themes that are easy to edit by anyone without programming skills. You can change all color schemes with one click.


Fully Responsive Design
Recent Posts Widget
Subscribe box
Related Posts
Social Share Buttons
Drop down menu
Social Icons
Unlimited Colors
Ads Ready
Magazine Layout
Recent Posts Slider
Recent Posts Carousel
Author Bio Box
Multiple Comment Tabs
Search Box
Custom 404 Error page
SEO Optimized
Google Testing tool Validator
Easy Admin Panel
Breaking News Ticker
Much more

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Songbad52 - Bengali Blogger Template