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Themeforest Tutorial - How To Get And Use Them Themeforest WordPress Templates. Ok today I want to talk about what is an importantpart of setting up a website, particularly what I call a phase one website. A phase onewebsite is a website that has the foundations set up, nothing fancy, so you have got a websitethat is solid, you have got a website that you can easily make changes to, you have gota website that has the basis solid SEO and you have got a website that is responsivewhich means it looks different on phones and tablets and on PCs, moulding itself to fitthe screen that it is currently on.

Themeforest Tutorial - How To Get And Use Them Themeforest WordPress Templates

Themeforest Tutorial - How To Get And Use Them Themeforest WordPress Templates

Well the question is, how do you make all of that actually happen,

well step one is to get yourself a word press installed and the great thing about word press is, you can see it here as I hunt it down through Google, is that word pressis free and it a contact management system that pretty much everyone uses and most ofthe hosting websites, such as like GoDaddy, which is the one I have all my websites on,allow you to install word press in a single click.So you don't even have to use this thing here called website builder which cost you something,you can just do a free install of word press and you are ready to play. So once you havegot word press however, how do you make it SEO ready and responsive and all of thoseother good things?

Best free WordPress theme for tutorial website

Well my little short cut website is this one here called ThemeForestI

love these guys, these guys have taken all the pain out of setting up your word presssite to be responsive, to be SEO friendly and to have that lovely design foundationand they have done this by making their word press themes, and a theme can basically involvea design but also involves the responsiveness and can involve SEO as well. The theme isavailable here on ThemeForest for really just a couple of dollars.

Back in the day when I was doing this kind of development and I look here at popularitems just for a second, when I was doing this kind of development we would spend 20-30thousand dollars trying to develop something like this and more and now you can get itfor 50 bucks, it is just insane. So once you go to themeforest.net,

How to install Envato theme on WordPress

you click on word pressand in this case I have just looked at popular items, you start to see all of these differenttemplates that they have available which are pretty flexible. I have bought quite a fewof these over time for different clients as they look through and kind of spot one theylike the look of. They are happily specific to e-commerce or mobile or entertainment ornon-profits, but I just look at the best sellers usually and this one here called Avada I haveactually bought a couple of times.

So let's have a little look at what this one lookslike, ok so just what I did there, I right click on the link and opened it in a new tab.Ok here I am and the first thing you can see by what I mean by responsive, it looks differenton a phone, different on a tablet and different on a pc, it moulds itself to take advantageof the real estate, that is really important.

This particular one says 100% responsive andretina ready which means you can have a different version of graphics that work on a retinaor high resolution slate or tablet like the iPads though a lot of them are now at thatresolution or above, integrate with a shopping site called woocommerce, so on and so forth.What I like to do then is click live preview and this actually shows you this thing inaction so you actually start seeing the actual design of this thing and what you will seeit has got this thing up the top here called a slider so you can move images around andthis particular pull out that has this really nice design look,.

How to install purchased theme on WordPress

it has got various littlefeatures, nifty things that become a look that then becomes available to you. For exampleit has something called the portfolio, a lot of them have the portfolio which allows youto list say clients maybe, let's have a look at their grid layout so you can see here ithas this nice roll over look where you can list in this case design portfolio stuff.You have got galleries so you can list products,.

you have got different versions of blogs andheaders lots of different things like contact pages lots of different options that are includedin the theme and come pretty much predesigned and of course it is flexible. So if you wantedto, for example, change the colour of this thing from this green look here, I am goingto press this one button her, this blue one and straight away the things sort of go blue.

Themeforest free templates

All the highlights are blue, all the roll overs are blue, the titles are blue and soon and so forth. So it is a very flexible and easy to use,responsive ready, SEO ready in many cases theme that you can buy from themeforest.netto upload to your wordpress site and have this look and all of those features availableto you in those first moments. So I highly recommend ThemeForest.

, I am not affiliatedwith these guys, I do not get any money every time someone buys this thing, I have justfound it to be tremendously useful to reduce the development costs of a website from thousandsor tens of thousands down to just like 50 bucks, 60 bucks some of the cheaper ones mightbe about 30 dollars that really solve all of those coding problems for you. I shouldgive you a quick example I guess there is another one here called Silicon just to showyou how this one works out it's just a theme here that costs $40,.

again I am just havinga little look at how good it looks with their demo page here, so again it is going to beresponsive and all the other things like that, I am going to hit layout so we can see itlive and you can see all the design features and this one just a little bit different ithas got that slider up the top, design pull outs, it has got this roll over system itis their portfolio roll over system, it has got special pull out buttons like this againyou can just change the colour like pressing this button and suddenly everything goes green.

,the blog post layout and that is a portfolio layout as well.Now how does this look in real life though, this is the particular theme that lives behindmy website if we have a little look here at gourabdesign.net and what you will see is thereis a real resemblance, instead of having the Silicon logo, you have got my logo. Insteadof having this green, I've set it to blue, very easy things to do instead of for examplehaving multi-purpose, retina ready blah, blah as the roll overs, my one we have used thesame thing to say coaching, writing, speaking.

So all I am doing is taking those design elementsand I am making them into what is relevant to my site, for example here is another portfolioroll over, in their case it is just demo stuff in my case I use the same thing to roll overto my books and then when you click on them it will go straight to one of those pages.So that is how this thing looks in real life, you take one of these templates (in this caseit was a $40 one) you buy it and you upload it to your word press website and hey prestoyou have got all of those design features,.

all of the responsiveness, in many cases SEOas well built into your website with 0 cost well 40 bucks incredibly small costs and amazingbenefits I highly recommend ThemeForest.

Themeforest Tutorial - How To Get And Use Them Themeforest WordPress Templates

Enter the stock market, start investing in stock market, investing in stocks for beginners, investing money for beginners, buying stocks for beginners, , stock market investing for beginners, understanding the stock market for beginners, how to enter the stock market, how to enter in share market, share market investment for beginners, start share market.

Stock Market Tips - How To Make Money On Share Market

Stock Market Tips - How To Make Money On Share Market

 Have you come across any person who says:Stock market is only for the rich and not for you? Well, he is wrong. The stock market contrary to the popular beliefis for everyone. That’s right , everyone. Even for college students! 

So today I am going to give you tips on howyou can invest in stocks based on how I do. 

How to make daily profit in stock market

Tip number 1: “Never invest in a business.you cannot understand.”. 

Getting a grip on the basic terminologiesis very important. Understand the basic terms used in the market. This can be done by reading newspapers, bywatching business news channel. Once you know the basic terms, look for anindustry that you can understand. So for example, young people, they are passionateabout travel, technology, food. So after this, identify the top companiesin the industry. Now this is important because investing yourmoney without knowing the in and out of the industry is as good as gambling. 

How to make money in the stock market for beginners India

Tip number 2: Having the right mindset. 

The greatest investor of all time Warren Buffetonce said that there are only two rules for making money in the stock market 

“Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No. 

2: Never forget rule No.1”

 Nowthis rule is quite useful as it prevent you from investing in unnecessary places wherethe chances of losing money is very high. The youth is that age where people are moredriven by emotions. This can make the youth as addictive to thestock market, which will have a adverse effect. 

Remember “The stock market is designed totransfer money from the active to the patient.” So be patient and you might end up makinga good money in the long run. Invest your money and forget it for the next4-5 years. Never go for buying a stock today and sellingit the next day.

 A study has shown that such people in thelong run suffer huge losses because they buy and sell frequently. “We don’t have to be smarter than therest. We have to be more disciplined than the rest” 

How to make money in stock market with little money

Tip number 3: Find a mentor. 

A mentor will save you both the time and moneythat mistakes cost. The right mentor will teach you how to sidestepthese mistakes. This mentor can be anyone who has a decentexperience in the market. Your mentor will not only give you the adviceon how to invest but also on how you can manage your finances. So being a college student, you can put awaya portion of your pocket money or your internship money in the stock market. Never invest money that you can’t affordto lose in the stock market. This will also teach you money managementat a very young age. 

A beginner's guide to the stock market

Tip number 4: avoid unnecessary speculation. 

You will read and watch a lot of “experts”suggesting you which stock to buy or sell. Steer away from such people. Investing in market after considering theseadvices is as good as a gambling. So always look at the value of the companyand not the price of the stock. It’s far better to buy a wonderful companyat a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price. So these rules are very simple and very easyand you don't need any practice to implement them! 

If you liked this article then do like, share,and subscribe to our site to learn more such amazing things. Do comment your story after using these rulesin the comment section! So see you, bye and have a good day! 

Stock Market Tips - How To Make Money On Share Market

In Inis lockdown do you wish to utilize your time and make money in this video I'm going to share Insane ideas to channelize YouTube views to money 2 million people log on youtube every month content is filled with educationto entertainment, it is filled with knowledge, humor, entertainment and what not! It has also become a source of income formany people across the globe. 

Insane Ideas to Channelize YouTube Views to Money

how to channelize YouTube views to money. first, you must decide your content. You will be known by your content.go for somethingyou genuinely like.Once you know what content you are going to work on, it is time to registeron YouTube. 

How to create your channel on youtube?

Insane Ideas to Channelize YouTube Views to Money

1. Sign in into YouTube using your Google accountand then click on the user icon on the top right of the screen.

2. Click on gear icon to get to your YouTubesettings.

3. Click on create a new channel. Choose ‘use a business or other name’.

4. Add your brand name and click to create. you will have to work on increasing the trafficand that is only possible if you know how to grow your content. Growing your YouTube channel. Build your content around a single themeit will be a huge positive for your channel.

This will give you your target audience. if you choose to make a YouTube channel whichguides students for UPSE examination, start making content which you feel is relevantfor your audience. Since you are building your content aroundUPSC, you will get the audience interested in this.

Make ThumbnailsThis can make or break your deal.Having a good thumbnail will attract more traffic onyour channel. You can build a catchy thumbnail using AdobePhotoshop or using some online tools. Video upload frequencyyou should post around 2-3 videos per week depending upon the nature of your content.

YouTube Partner Program Policy Requirements

Frequent posting will give you a repetitivetraffic and your channel will slowly start growing. When your channel gets popular and you getthe traffic, you start earning money. Requirements for monetizationYou should have at least 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel. Your channel should have at least 4000 hoursof watch time within past 12 months.

Your content must follow the YouTube guidelines and policies. Once your channel meets these requirements,you can then register for YouTube Partner Program (YPP).

How to make money on youtube  

To sign up for YouTube partner program (YPP),follow these steps.

1. Sign in to your YouTube account.

2. Click your profile picture on the top rightcorner.

3. Click on YouTube studio.

4. Click monetization on the left menu

5. If you meet the threshold then click starton the review partner program terms card. In order to receive the payments you needto have an Adsense account. If you already have an Adsense account, youcan use the account which is approved.

If you don’t have an Adsense account thenyou can follow the steps to create one for you.

1.Visit adsense website

2. Click on sign up now.

3. Enter the URL of your site for which you wantto activate the adsense account.

4. Enter your email address.

5. Click save and continue.

6. Sign in to your google account

7.Select your country

8.Accept the terms and conditions of the Adsense account

9. Click to create account

10. You will be then signed in to your new Adsense account.

After creating your adsense account, you needto activate it to show ads on your channel and start earning money. There are three simple steps.

● Connect your site with Adsense●

Enter your payments address details

● Verify your phone numberYouTube will review and make sure that your account meets the requirements. This process usually takes a few days.Afterthis, you can set up ads on your channel and start receiving payments.

YouTube earnings can primary focus should be on making great content. Try to make interactive videos and make thelearning interesting.

How does YouTube work?

Just like any social media, YouTube worksaccording to the number of views and likes. More people spend time on your videos, moreyour video is likely to appear on the suggestions and more likely it is to get views. There are lots of ways to earn money from YouTube there are lot of other things also throughwhich you can earn money.

Advertising revenueIn this you earn money through the ads played before and in between the video. Companies will pay you for their advertisement. YouTube will take certain percentage of yourrevenue which you will earn through advertising.

Usually 40%.In order to get this benefit youshould be minimum 18 years old. Another revenue Channel membershipYour subscribers will do recurring monthly payments in exchange for some special perksyou offer.You must be minimum 18 years old and must have minimum 30000 subscribers.

you must have seen a join button on YouTube. That is how the subscribers join the communityand they get some special perks offered by that particular Youtuber. You can Merchandise shelfYou need to be minimum 18 years old and must have at least 10000 subscribers.

How to get money from youtube

You must haveseen t-shits, mugs etc. below the video. People can buy that merchandise and for everypurchase they make you earn money. Super chat and super stickerThis feature is mainly used by the live streamers. Your fans will pay you to highlight theirchat on the stream. Your fans can pay you any amount. You have to be minimum 18 years old to availthis service.

YouTube premium revenue YouTube will pay you subscription fee according to your watch time. YouTube will directly pay you money in this. YouTube earnings per view- There is no exactamount which you get per views. On an average, you can earn $0.18 per view. Cost per click – You get paid when someoneclicks on the advertisements appearing on the video. Cost per click varies from country to country.

YouTube is a global platform, your video willget a global exposure. So, if someone from Europe clicks on the advertisementyou will get paid according to the prices of Europe.

Sponsorships Many companies will pay you to promote their product directly on your YouTube channel. They will directly contact you and you canset up your charges according to your subscribers. Once they pay you, you have to promote thatproduct. Sometimes, they make a deal for more thanone video..

Next option is Affiliate Marketing.

You can promote the products of the various companies and earn through affiliate marketing.Ifyou open the description box of the videos, you will often find the links of various products. When you click on it, you will be directedto a website through which you can buy that product and the youtuber will get paid by the company in the form of commission.

Using YouTube to earn from other platformsis another easy hack Once you start gaining traffic, you can also divert the traffic toother platforms like your Instagram handle and blogs.Many youtubers also write blogsand they divert the traffic from their YouTube and grow their blogs too.If you already havetraffic on your YouTube channel which is interested in this topic, you can easily promote your blogs and there are more chances that they will go and read your blogs.

Now the important question is what is Potential of YouTube .

YouTube has a great potential to become yourfull time career. There are many youtubers who have made YouTubetheir full time career. Everyone knows about the YouTube legend Mr.Felix Arvid who is popularly known as pewdiepie with more than 103M subscribers! He started as a gaming channel.

You must have heard of an online learningplatform called Unacademy. It was started as a YouTube channel and nowit has grown into full fledged company. They still have a YouTube channel which isrunning very actively. You may a questionDoes YouTube have anything else to offer? YouTube organizes YouTube fanfest every year for its top youtubers where they get a chance to interact with their fans.YouTube has aspecial way to reward the youtubers for their achievements by giving them YouTube play buttons.Ifyou surpass 100,000 subscribers on YouTube then you will be awarded with Silver CreatorAward.

If you surpass 1 million subscribers on YouTubethen you will be awarded with Gold Creator Award.If you surpass 50 million subscriberson YouTube then you will be awarded with Custom Creator Award, also known as Ruby Play button. If you surpass 100 million subscribers thenyou will be awarded with Red diamond Creator Award. What youtubers have to say? In many interviews, YouTubers say that youshould never start a YouTube channel for money. If your only motive to start a YouTube channelis earning money then the chances are that you may fail miserably.

You have to understand that being a youtuberrequires a lot of time and patience because it takes time to grow and build a base. If you like these tips then give me the thumpsup subscribe to my site. Thanks for reading :)

Insane Ideas to Channelize YouTube Views to Money

How To Start Freelancing in Digital Marketing. Hey guys, in this article, I will tell you how to do freelancing in digital marketing.   I will share with you 5 tips and if you like this post so subscribe to my site.

So hey, I am Gautam Das. I am passionate about digital marketing   and I am a professor of Digital Marketing at IIM Bangalore. Now often the starting   question you will have is should you go for a full-time job or should you go for freelancing? .

How To Start Freelancing in Digital Marketing

How To Start Freelancing in Digital Marketing

Now you may feel secure in a full-time job because you get a fixed salary   and other perks, whereas you have to struggle to get clients in freelancing. Now many times, people in jobs they become complacent because they don't feel challenges  .

every day and hence they are not motivated to keep themselves updated with market trends. Whereas in Freelancing, you have to be on your toes all the time because if you do not update   yourself, you will be out of the market soon but if you are serious and if you work consistently .

How to get freelance digital marketing projects

  and update yourself with the market and win clients, then freelancing career is fruitful. Now once you've decided to get into freelancing, the question is how to make a success out of it.  Now getting into Freelancing is not that tough,   provided you have the required skills. Now Freelancing opportunities have been growing   in India because the COVID situation has given rise to the Gig economy.

Digital Marketing freelancer India  

Now here are my five tips to get into Freelancing:

1. Select your niche: 

So guys don't be the jack of all trades! Start by learning one or two skills, specialize in them,   try to master those skills. Now if you are a specialist in one or two skills,   you will get more opportunities as you will be known for that niche.

2. Create an Online Portfolio:

Now creating an online portfolio   is like your online resume for the clients! So you can create an online portfolio on your   website. Now if you do not have a website, you can post it on your social media or you can create   a portfolio on any freelancer website. So your online portfolio will help you get more clients.

Digital marketing freelancer website

3. Freelancing Websites: 

Now there are so many freelancing websites which are available from where you can get   work. So you can register yourself on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, digitalmarketer.com,   Freelancer. So you can write on these websites, and you have to do bidding to get the work. Now these websites will help you get the work from across the globe and you don't need to   worry about the payment part because these platforms are authentic and they assure you   of your payment after deducting their commission as their business is dependent on your business.

4. Reach out to your contacts:

Now guys once you start your freelancing work,   it's better to take free or small projects from known individuals. So it will help you create   your own portfolio, and later on, you can pitch that work to clients for new business   or you can start your work at a lesser price initially.


And then next step is Collaboration: 

So guys, collaborate, team up with other like-minded freelancers. Suppose you are getting a   project for a website, but you are a social media specialist, now because you have collaborated, so   you can still participate in the project and you can get exposure. You can build your confidence.

So guys, if you like this article, then please subscribe   to my site and tell me if you're already doing freelancing, what is your experience?   What challenges you are facing? Tell me the next article I should make. Thank you for reading guys!

How To Start Freelancing in Digital Marketing

Vlogging! What is this new term that has emerged?. Vlogging Tips for Beginners - Can vlogging be a real career option? Or is it just a new hobby? Don't worry! I'll answer all such questions, so keep watching! Hello friends! I'm Gautam Das and welcome back to my Website. Today we are going to talk about how you canbe a vlogger from scratch. So make sure you stick around till the end! So vlogging or video logging is a way to maintainlog-through videos. (Basically, a video diary). You can follow these steps to start your very own vlog.

Vlogging Tips for Beginners - Can Vlogging Be A Real Career Option?

Vlogging Tips for Beginners - Can Vlogging Be A Real Career Option?


Step1- Plan! - The first step to become a successful vloggeris to prepare a status. This includes your audience, the kind of contentyou want to make and all the supplies you need. Remember- first plan, then buy. You don't want to spend unnecessary amountsof money too soon. So things you need to plan are: 

How to become a vlogger and make money

1. Audience- 

Your ultimate consumer. Everything you do to make a blog is for theaudience. Thus decide your target audience. (For example, if you have a travel vlog, thenyour audience can be people interested in traveling). 

2. Content- 

there can be several categories tochoose from. For example, a fashion blogger has hair, makeup,styling. So it would be best if you were specific. 

3. Supplies: 

All the things you need, from acamera, lighting, sound to something as small as a notebook, should be well planned. Read multiple reviews, ask experts and bevery skeptical before buying.

Is vlogging an actual profession

 Step2- Get some inspiration- 

Learn from peoplewho are already good at vlogging. You never know what you may learn from others. Look for details and then see what workedfor them, what didn't and act accordingly. Also, try to make your content different fromwhat is already existing. 

Step3-Learn to use the platform

To make thebest out of a platform, make you understand it completely. Learn all the tips and tricks. 

Step4- Test your waters

 See how your contentis working and make all the necessary changes that are needed. Get as much feedback as possible. Get genuine advice and act on it. 

Step 5- Cha-ching

 Once you are sure about your content, youcan now invest in good cameras, lighting, and sound. These are some crucial parts that affect thesuccess of your vlog. You don't want a video with dark lights anddull sound. Who's going to watch that? 

Step 6- Lights, Camera, Action!

You haveeverything you need. So what's stopping you now? Switch on your camera and start recording! So I hope this was helpful to you. If you like this post, then please subscribe to my site. and do comment, like, and share. Leave the comments below so I know what you want! Bye! 

Vlogging Tips for Beginners - Can Vlogging Be A Real Career Option?

Hey guys, in this post I will tell you how to get jobs in digital marketing.   What are the future prospects? What are the salaries? What growth can you expect?   So guys if you find this post useful then like this article, So subscribe to   my website. I'm Gautam Das, professor of digital marketing at IIM Kolkata. Now,   digital marketing opportunities are growing day by day and everybody wants to be a part of it!   So it is like everyone wants to wear the blue jersey of the Indian cricket team!   So 

how to get jobs in digital marketing

how to get jobs in digital marketing

1. Guys, the future of digital marketing is very promising. All businesses today require   websites to assert their online presence today.

2. Digital marketing is more cost-efficient.   It's cheaper

3. Companies want to get close to their   customers through digital marketing platforms. Thecloser you are with your customer,   the more they shall trust your brand!

4. Small businesses are moving to   social media platforms to get scale and to reach out to more people.  Now guys, given this context, all the companies need a digital marketer.  Now that's not all! There are more facts which contribute to its growth. 

How to start a career in digital marketing

Now  by 2023 the number of internet users in the country is expected to reach 666 million!  There are already around 550 million smartphone users. Digital ad expenditure is already INR   266 billion and as per Statista, the market size of the Digital Advertising Industry will double by  2024.Imagine! So growth potential is huge!  Now guys, there are many different roles which are available in digital marketing.  

 So it may be digital marketing manager, content manager, social media executive, search engine   marketing expert, email marketing specialist,sales or business development, graphic designer,   web developer, UI/UX and there are so many niche market opportunities like landing page   specialists, sales funnel specialists, Virtual reality/augmented reality specialists, etc.

 Now the starting salary, it can range from Rs.15,000 to Rs.35,000/40,000 per month and   then it will grow very fast as you get experience and as you become more confident of handling   situations and problems of the company. 

Now guys, I will recommend first step is to Learn and Learn.  So you need to learn the skills required to get into Digital Marketing. The field is vast, so   first you need to know how the digital marketing ecosystem works. So you must have a wholistic   understanding and then you can select one stream.Now to learn Digital, you can also join my   introductory courses. 

How to get a job in digital marketing with no experience

So I have aDigital Marketing A to Z, Social   Media Marketing Bootcamp and a Champion Course and you can also get certification. .  Practice makes a man perfect! So do some work for free to add value to small businesses.  

Take small assignments as a freelancer. Try and use your digital skills and work for a month or  two rather than searching for a job. Now practice will give you confidence! Now that work you can present to the company where you are applying for the job.

 Showcase to them how  you have added value to the company with your digital marketing skills. Third step is Networking.  Networking will give you more opportunities for job.  You can join different social media groups on LinkedIn or Facebook like I have a Facebook group, 

How to get a job in digital marketing in India

 Digital Marketing A to Z. So join that!Now guys, fourth step is blogging.  Now with a blog, you will also gain skills like SEO or sharing the content on social media.   You will learn about keyword research. You will hone your content writing skills.   So if you do blogging, it will give you immense experience and invaluable insights. Next step, go for Personal Branding.Build your own website.   

if you don't have a website guys, it's okay, you can build your profile on social media.  So why it's important, it's important because most recruiters check the LinkedIn   profile before hiring any candidate. Did you know a very interesting fact?

 79%   of HR professionals have rejected the candidates jobs due to inappropriate content  on social media.Next step, Specialize in One Function.  So guys, today, there is a demand for specialized professionals in Digital Marketing.  So be the best in one area rather than doing everything. So you have to decide do you want to   be an action hero, or comedy hero, or a villain. 

Entry level digital marketing jobs

So guys, choose your role like a movie character.  So if you love writing, then focus on content writing; if you love graphic   designing then focus on designing roles.

Tell me how you're preparing for your interviews. What type of job   are you looking for and what is the next video you want me to make on. Thank you for Reading.

How to Get Jobs in Digital Marketing

Hey guys, in this article we will discuss how you can start a personal blog and how you can even   monetize it. In this post we are discussing How to Start a Professional Blog And Monetize It?

I am excited to hear from you.   So hey I am Gautam Das. Probably you already know me. I am a professor of digital marketing at IIMB. 

How to Start a Professional Blog And Monetize It

Hey friends, so first you should know what is a personal blog. So how is personal blog different from a professional or a business blog? Personal   blogging means running your diary on the web where you can write everything from your preferences   to hobbies to ideas to tips to experiences to personal stories. Now the question is do you need   a personal blog or do you need a professional or a business blog? 

How to start a blog and make money

Now let us try to answer   this question. 

1. blogger's personality is very transparent in personal blogs but professional   bloggers or business blogs keep their characters out of the blog.

 2. comments so even though if   you have a lot of traffic on your business blog you may not get as many comments and reactions   on your post. The reason is that readers find themselves more connected with a personal blog!   

So now, you have to figure out should you build a business brand or should you build a personal   brand for your business. Now your personal brand usually means business with your name. So your   personal brand is built around you, it will be based on your lifestyle, your personality,   your interest but in a business brand you need to create a name for your business so your name   will not be used in your business brand. 

How to make money blogging for beginners

So guys, there are pros and cons associated with both types   of brands: personal brand and business brand. Now let us see some pros of personal brand. Now if you   want to be a one-man army for your brand, build a personal brand so you will be one person industry.   

So you will be website developer, seo specialist, comedian, influencer, coach or an instructor.   In that case the personal brand will work for you and your name will be known for your work.   Now you can build a personal brand if you want flexibility because personal brands offer products   and services in the business owner's name so in future, if you switch your area of expertise   then a personal brand will give you flexibility so you don't need to change your brand name.

   but now let us also see the cons of personal brand. Now initially no one will know your work   just by looking at your name but the problem will get over when you gain popularity for your work.   So you have to gain popularity by doing activities like organizing webinars,   creating an active social media profile, writing guest post. Second point is that sales can be   challenging to generate. 

Start blogging to earn money online

So if sales is the motive, then you should opt for a business   brand. Now we've understood the pros and cons of personal brand. Now let us see the pros and   cons of a business plan. Pros: generating sales through a business brand is easier but crafting   a name for your business is cumbersome task but it will be associated with your business forever   but in the case of a personal brand the brand's worth will fall once the   person behind the name leaves. Also people are willing to pay more for a recognizable brand.   

How to monetize your blog from day one

2. the name tells the whole story: 

so you can find the name for your business   brand to express your offering. You can find a strong tagline.   Now let us see some cons of a business brand.

 1. get ready to do lot of hard work. From finding   a name for your business to finding genuine customers, everything will require a lot of work.   Business brands will not provide flexibility to change your interest so you'll have to   build another business brand if you want to change your life. Now are you still confused   which one to build? I will give you a magic solution. Build both brands simultaneously!   That works guaranteed. Now the question is how you can build a business brand and work sideways   to establish your own identity as a person? So business brand will speak about your offerings   and personally you can write guest posts, answer questions, spread awareness about your business.   In this way you can build a personal authority and a business brand that will complement each other.   So now which one have you decided? Write tell me in the comment section, i'm curious to know. Now   you have to figure out what niche you will choose. 

How to Start a Professional Blog And Monetize It?

You should have enough knowledge about the niche.   To become a successful personal blogger you need to create high quality content. So find out,   is your niche big enough? does it have some niches which are of adequate market size?   If the sub niches are big enough, my recommendation is to choose a sub niche   because if you're a beginner and if you choose a general niche then it may not work for you.   So in other words aiming for everything, you might get nothing. Then, also see will you   be able to make money from the niche? will people be willing to pay for your products and services?   so the question is how will you monetize a personal blog? and I will give you ideas. 

1.   use affiliate links. It is the most popular method to monetize your   blog. Affiliate marketing is basically getting the commission for promoting other people's products   but make sure you're promoting genuine products so that your audience benefits.

 2.   be a freelancer. If you're a blogger, you would have acquired some skills like website designing,   social media marketing, seo, graphic designing   so you can use your blog for advertising your skills such that people can hire you for a task   or you can create your profile on websites such as freelancer, fiber and you get to work from there.

   3. using advertisements and sponsorships to earn money so you can post banner ads on your blog   website to make money. You can sign up to Google AdSense and start running ads on your website   but guys one practical tip you should run ads only once you get more than thousand visitors per day   because then only you will earn money otherwise your banner ads will only be a   distraction for your readers. Okay now,

 4. create online course because in covid we have seen the   demand for online courses is increased many fold. Now, you need not be an expert to teach a course   but you can be one step ahead of others. You can read more and then create modules. So if you're   a food blogger, you can teach a course on cooking and recipes. If you are a fitness blogger, teach   a course on workout plans. If you are a digital marketer, make a course on digital marketing.  

 5. send your products and books. You can sell products if they are related to your niche.   So, if you write on beauty and wellness you can sell the beauty products you recommend.   So by selling your products, you're making your own website an ecommerce store. Selling e-book is   also a perfect approach to monetize your blog so writing a book friends will increase your   authenticity but it takes lot of time and effort. Make sure that you're offering something in the   book which is not in your blog. Writing a book can also encourage readers to buy your online course   so try to write books on the topics which relate to your online course. So for example, my blog   is on digital marketing. I also have a book on digital marketing. So guys you can check it out   link will be in the description and my book is available on amazon and you can   buy that. Now if you want to make your blog stand out, use your experiences and strength   because many people write on the same niche but your unique experiences will make you different.   

Display your personality, display emotions, appear human, reply to as many comments as possible   and never post fluffy content. Some people make that mistake. They are in a hurry,   they want to publish as many videos and post as possible so then the quality of content reduces.   Give a striking different look to your blog. Your visual appearance, user experience   will keep the audience hooked. 

Try to find out which audience is attracted to your blog. Let's   say it's growth with gender, add your voice, your unique writing style, your unique voice. Try to   send your ideas differently so do you do any original research? can you rebrand old saying?   which stories can you include? So guys, after this video you must have got an idea whether you should   go for a personal blog or a professional blog and how you can succeed and monetize.

   If you like this post then do a thumbs up, Tell me in the comment   section what type of blog you're planning and subscribe to my site. Thank you for reading.

How to Start a Professional Blog And Monetize It?

Blogging is one of the best ways to buildyour personal brand, to monetize your content, to establish thoughtleadership. In this video I will tell you 15 BloggingTips to Blog like a Pro. 

Blogging Tips to Blog like a Pro - Guaranteed Unique Strategies Success Of Blog

Blogging Tips to Blog like a Pro - Guaranteed Unique Strategies Success Of Blog

With blogging you can express your feeling emotions with other people and what is better than getting paid for something youlove? Have you heard of Yourstory? It is one of the most popular Indian blogswhich now has become a company! 

Now in this article i will share tips whichwill make you a rocking blogger. 

How to increase blog traffic fast

1.Choosing a web hosting platform!

 Its very important for performance of yourblog. It will give you better reach and search enginevisibility. So, don’t fall for the cheap trap! Web hosting services basically provide youwith a server for your blog. There are different types of hosting like:Shared hosting, Managed hosting, Virtual Private Server or cloud hosting. See how much you are willing to pay how muchtraffic you are getting and take the plan which suits you best. Now there are many popular platforms.

 like:wordpress.org, Hostgater, Hostinger, Wordpress.com, Blogger, Medium.

 My website is on hostinger. I found that their uptime is very high, speedof the site is good. They provide 24/7/365 days customer supportand respond fast. So, I have taken cloud hosting from them,which includes free sub domain and SSL certificate.

 And if I face any challenges they restoreback ups for me. Now i use WordPress because its alsovery easy to customize. Although it needs some work unlike wix whichare very much plug and play. Now, Wordpress.org and wordpress.com are twodifferent platforms. 

You didn’t know that, did you? wordpress.com is free whereas wordpress.orgis paid. In paid you need to buy hosting. Now you should also have a domain name, somy domain name is gourabdesign.net .

 profseema is short, memorable, catchy. .com is universal. Choose a name which is easy to pronounce andshort and try to use your keyword in the domain .

2.How you should choose the headlines? 

Just writing headings is not enough your headlineshould be clickable. you can use a tool which i also use, co-scheduleheadline analyzer. And try to get a score 70 plus. Include power, emotional words like growth,Tips, guaranteed, fascinating.

 3 tip Setup unique contact forms!

 There are pre-designed forms which are availableon the platforms. It helps you to build a good relationshipwith audience. Try to be specific in the contact forms sothat you can filter the emails that you should send to your subscribers or to your list. Ask specific questions, suppose your audienceis book lover. So,‘What's your favorite genre?’ ‘Which is the best book you ever read?’.

 4 tip Using Quora to write better content! 

Its a platform where people share, interact. Make a profile on be regular on it. See what is trending, which is related toyour niche. Reading the answers will help you to understandthe ‘gap’, which needs to be filled. You will understand you target audience mindset,their problems. You will be able to build your community. And if people find your answers useful thenthey will visit your blog. 

5 tip Using Pinterest to get engagement

Pinterest has got 322 million active monthly users. Make an attractive frame related to your blogwhich has some quote or tip. Pin it to Pinterest. It will drive traffic to your website.

 6.tip Working on Google analytics

Keep a track of your analytics from day 1. Don’t make a mistake of ‘doing it later’. Analytics will tell you who are the peoplecoming to your site. What's their age, gender, location. It tells bounce rate, number of visitors,time spent so that you can improve your content, customize your content according to your audience. 

7 tip Google trends for content

Revolve your content around trending topics. Google trends can help you find what peopleare searching on Google. Look for the topic that belongs to your niche. 

8.tip SEO for your blog‘

 you will not get high traffic if your site is not visible you wontget traffic. So adapt SEO strategies, off-site, on-site. Use plugins. Like,Yoast SEO it will help in doing SEO.

 9 tip Putting videos

People love video content! So add videos in your blog. Your blog will become more engaging and moreinteresting. I do it all the time. So I have a YouTube channel, so embed my YouTube videos in the blog. My videos will get more views, and my blogwill get engagement. Link other blog articles to your blog articlein question. Internal linking will keep your readers hooked. 

10 tip Guest blogging

It means writing content for someone else. Benefit will beIt will drive traffic to your website because it exposes your content to a new audience. It will build your domain reputation you willget external back links from high authority domainsIt will build relationships with peers in your industry. 

11 tip Use Buzzsumo

With this tool you can find the most shared content on any social media platform. You can find the top influencers top bloggersin your niche. You can keep a track of your competitors,what content they are posting and what you are missing out on. 

12 tip Write a blog between 1500 to 3000 words.

 Usually, in-depth articles gain more traction in SEO, they are shared more, they are commented more Use references, use analogy to drive yourpoint across. Try to write in listicles 1, 2, 3, 4.Try toput some questions in between your blogs to increase engagement. Write a conclusion in the end and seek comments. 13.tip Know about your competitor with toolslike builtwith.com.

 This is an online tool that will help what tools, plugins, widgetsused in the websites of competitors. Analyze then use these tools or find bettertools for yourself. 

14.Use AMP Plugin to increase the speed ofyour website

 Accelerated Mobile Page will help loadingyour site faster especially on phone. 

15 tip About us page

Be genuine and write honestly about yourself. Give a short introduction and tell about yourvision for your blog. It will build trust.

 Now let us summarize:

1.Choose a good web hosting service. Use a domain which is easy to remember. 

2.Use the headlines which have a score ofabove 70.

 3.Use unique contact forms. 

4.Use Quora to build a network.

 5.Using Pinterest to get engagement

6.Use Google Analytics for tracking.

 7.Google trends for content

8.optamize your content SEO. 

9. Use videos

10.Do Guest blogging 

11.Use Buzzsumo

12.Write a blog between 1500 to 3000 words

 13.Knowing about your competitor with builtwith.com

14.Using AMP Plugins. 

15.Have a About us pageIf you like this article do a thumbs up and subscribe to my site to get more post tutorials. Thank you for reading....

Blogging Tips to Blog like a Pro - Guaranteed Unique Strategies Success Of Blog

How to fix Sync Error in Gmail app: Friends, you must have been using Gmail for sending emails and you will know very well how important Gmail IDs are in today's time. Email Send and Receive has become very easy after the arrival of Smartphone. If you use the Gmail app, you will know that whenever a New Mail Receive, then we get instant notification.

How to Fix Sync Error in Gmail App [6 Tips]

How to Fix Sync Error in Gmail App [6 Tips]

The biggest advantage of Gmail app is that we do not have to log in Email Id repeatedly and can see Received Mail even without internet. But many times we could neither send email nor receive new mail due to Sync Error in Gmail app. Because of this, our important mail is also missed. why is my Gmail app (email) not working on my android?


In this article, I will tell you if you are also facing Not Sync Error in Gmail app, then

how to solve, how to fix sync error in Gmail app
. I have given some hint below which sync error is usually seen.

  • Can't send mail
  • Can't Receive New Mail
  • Can't open Gmail app
  • Account not synced error
  • Gmail app action required
  • Gmail app became very slow
  • sync error in Gmail

How to Solve Sync Error in Gmail App - [6 Tips]

6 tips to fix sync error in Gmail app, which you will be able to fix Gmail synced error. So let's know how to fix Gmail app sync error step by step in Hindi.

# 1. Restart your device

If you have not switched off the mobile for a long time, then restart your mobile once.

 #2. Update Gmail App

I think you are using an older version of Gmail app which may have a bug or is not comfortable for your mobile, so update the latest version of Gmail app from Google Play Store. A link is given below to update the app.

# 3. Check Gmail app Sync settings

You check the sync settings of Gmail app once. Sync should tick on Gmail and leave 30 days on mail to sync.

  • Open gmail app
  • Tap on menu ≡
  • Tap on Settings ⚙
  • Select Gmail address
  • Check settings
  • gmail-sync-settings

Gmail app sync setting

# 4. Not enough space

Your phone's storage memory space is low because sync error can also come because Gmail app cannot get space to sync new mail. So uninstall unwanted apps (which are not needed). Keep at least 1GB of memory free to run the mobile smoothly.

# 5. Remove Account & login again

If the 4 steps mentioned above are not working for you then you should try this step. First you have to remove the Gmail account from mobile and then login again. If you do not know how to delete Gmail account from mobile then read this post.

# 6.Clear Gmail App Data

If you think your Gmail app is slow and not working properly then you can clear data of Gmail app. After clear data, you may have to log in again. I have explained below how to clear data.

All mobiles have this option in different places. First you go to settings and find the installed apps, after that you clear the app whose data.

  • Go to Settings
  • Installed apps ▶ Gmail
  • App info ▶ Storage.
  • Tap Clear data ▶ Ok.
  • Restart your device.
  • android-app-clear-data

App clear data option


Congratulation! Friends, your Gmail sync problem must have been solved now. I have told you 6 tips with the help of which you can fix Sync error in Gmail.

Gmail Will Be a Big Change, Know About These Special Features

Conclusion: Now you must have learned how to fix Sync Error in Gmail app. I hope you have fixed this issue now. If you still have any "Gmail sync error" related questions, then please comment so that I can help you. If you like the information, then share it definitely thank you.

How to Fix Sync Error in Gmail App [6 Tips]

Today's post we are going to discuss What is a Domain Name and Why is a Required for a Website . After all, why is important for any webpage. If you are a blogger or are thinking about making a website / blog, then it is very important for you to know what the Domain Name is. To reach any website / webpage to the whole world,... I will try to explain you in easy language so that you will also understand.

What is a Domain Name and Why is a Required for  Website

What Is Domain Name and Why is a Required for Website

Whenever you visit any website on the internet, the domain name / URL through which you access that webpage is called the domain name. Domain Name is the address of the world or any website with the help of which you can reach that website. Suppose if you want to go to your friend's house and you don't know that house, will you be able to reach that house? No or not, the same applies in the Internet world as well. So to reach any website in the world of internet, its domain name is its address, like my website's domain name is onlylearns.com and you can easily reach my website by typing Url in Broswer.



After adding two pieces, a Domain Name is created ex: gourabdesign.com Now it has Gourab Design my webiste name and .com extension. By combining these two pieces, a unique domain name is created. Whenever you open gourabdesign.com url in browser then only my website will open. It is not that my website opened with the same domain name and facebook opens with the same, because the domain name is a unique address of all websites. 

In all the websites of internet, gourabdesign.com domain name will not be found on anyone's website except my website. What is a domain name? By now, you must have understood well, now know how it started.

How Domain Name started

  • Initially, an IP address (ex. was used instead of the domain name to visit any website. But as the number of websites increased, it became difficult to remember the IP address. Suppose you saved 100 mobile numbers in mobile without name, will you be able to remember which number belongs to those 100 numbers. Therefore, we used the Domain Name to remember the address of the website. Now when this happens, when we put a domain in the URL browser, first the request goes to the DNS (Domain Name System), converting the DNS Domain Name to the numerical IP address, and forward the request.


It is difficult for us to remember numerical but computer understands numerical very well. Therefore DNS handles the middle process. When you enter any URL in the browser, the first request goes to DNS. Domain Name System forwards the domain by converting it to an IP address. All the mangement of the domain can be managed in DNS.

Domain History

The first commercial TLD (Top-level domains) .com domain name was registered by Symbolics Inc on 15 March 1985 symbolics.com. According to wikipedia, 15,000 .com domains were registered according to wikipedia for information. By the first quarter of 2015, 294 million domains had been registered. From this, you can estimate how many websites will be in the world. Without whom it is very difficult to visit the domain name.

Type of domains

In the domain too, you will get to see many types such as Top-level Domain, Second-level or Lower-level Domain and Country Code top-level domain I will give you information about all these. So that you can choose the right domain, then let us know.


TLD (Top-level Domain)

SLD (Second-level Domain)

Subdomain (Lower-level Domain)

ccTLD (Country code top-level domain)

TLD - Top-level Domain

Top-level Domains is called TLD in short and it is also called domain extension. TLD is the last part of the domain which can be .com, .net, .gov. So let's understand it deeply only onlyarnarns.com is a domain name. In this, the part after onlylearns .com is called TLD (Top-level Domain). There are many types of this.

Some TLD Domains

  • .com (commercial)
  • .gov (government)
  • .net (network)
  • .org (organization)
  • .edu (education)

SLD - Second-level Domain

Second-level Domain (SLD) is also slightly opposite from TLD. SLD is the main name of our website. Like onlylearns.com it is a domain. It has a .com extension TLD and the remaining onlylearns is the name of our website and this name is called Second-level Domain (SLD). Now you must have understood about SLD.

What is a Subdomain -Lower-level Domain

After adding SLD and TLD, we have such an onlylearns.com domain. If you want to create different websites on the same domain, you can create a subdomain. After purchasing a domain you can create a free Subdomain (Lower-level Domain). This is a piece next to our SLD (Second-level Domain) like I want onlylearns.com, so my main website is now I have to create a subdomain to create another blog on this domain which will be like this english.onlylearns.com . You can use any word instead of English. The piece that is added before our Main Domain is called the Subdomain (Lower-level Domain).

ccTLD (Country code top-level domain)

ccTLD is also a part of TLD, there is diffrence in it that a website is created by targeting one country in it, it is called ccTLD - Country code top-level domain. Country code top-level domain extension will be seen in 2 letters, as if India has a website, website.in


Some examples of ccTLD

  1. .in - India
  2. .pk - Pakistan
  3. .jp - Japan
  4. ru - Russia

Now you must have understood very well what is the domain name and how many types of domains are there. I have just given you some examples above. Domain extensions are also of many types.

Where to Buy Domain Name

If you want to create your own blog / website, then the question will definitely be in your mind where to buy the domain name? If I talk to you, GoDaddy is my favorite domain provider website. I have given you the list below, you can check all the websites and get the domain. i hope now your doubt will be clear to buy domain name from For the first year you get the domain a little cheaper. 



Also check :

How to Choose Best Blogging Platform 2020-21


Friends, now all your doubts have become clear what is Domain Name? What are the types of Domain Name? If you want some more information, you can comment and ask, I will be happy to help you. If you like this post, do not forget to share it so that other people can also read this information. Thank you

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What is a Domain Name and Why is a Required for Website

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