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So I sent 50 Virtual Users to my Website to check and see how much users it is able to handle Today We Will Talk About NameCheap Shared Hosting Plans Hi Guys, My Name is Gourab Das. I am using Namecheap for 1 Month On that basis, I have made this article where we will have a detailed review Where we will see step by step what are the contents The Pros and Cons and Everything A-Z Related to NameCheap Shared Hosting I have made a post on

namecheap shared hosting review and plans 2020

Namecheap EasyWP Hosting And Shared Web Hosting Review

 Let's get started with this Shared Hosting Review of Namecheap.
Namecheap is a brand popular for domains and it uses their branding to promote the hosting WP services .So let's see whether their hosting services are as good  as their domains.

So let's start with their overview

Whenever you login into your dashboard .You will see a dashboard panel .You will see here Validity, Disk Space Bandwidth, Domain Server Location, IP Address You can directly go to Cpanel from here PHP Admin and Email Account will be accessible from here.
It shows Statistics Below It is a Custom Dashboard When you go to Cpanel Here you find: Exclusive for Namecheap Customers Namecheap SSL is Exclusive Feature Apart from that, every feature can be used without Exclusive Tag So this is a Website that is hosted on Namecheap Shared Hosting

This is a Ocean WP Theme

I have used the Gym Template. I use this template on every hosting test themes So on the Basis of this Template, I am going to do my Review Let's Start with its Server Response Time US has a Good Server Response Time, but it has slowed down while reaching Bangalore Google Recommends 200ms .So it's Server Response Time is Good Except in India and Other Asian Countries

Next, Let's Talk about Uptime

I am using it for 1 month and I have not faced any problem related to Uptime My Hosting was Down for 3 Minutes If I talk about the Last 30 days, I got 99.987% Uptime which is good for a shared hosting So I didn't face any problem in Downtime If I talk about Website Speed The speed in New York and Cities in USA was good Under 2s my pages are loading in USA If I talk about Speed in Banglore and other Asian Countries I am getting a speed of 5s and 10s So for Speed, it is Good for the USA but outside the USA it is not good .

If I talk about Average 1st Visit,

I am getting a 6.9s Average 1st Visit which is very high It is having a Good Speed in cities of USA If you go to Tokyo, Paris or Mumbai you will get up to 25s Uptime So it is Okay in case of Speed

If I talk about Cache Manager

You won't find any Cache Manager in case of Namecheap You will have to install a Cache Plugin on your Wordpress I have used W3 Total Cache I have done Load Test Hosting is incomplete without a Load Test Through a Load Test, we are able to determine the No. of User a Website can handle The Response Time and Time duration for handling We are able to determine such things through Load Test So I sent 50 Virtual Users to my Website to check and see how much users it is able to handle So its Results were Quite Surprising Up to 29 users the Response Time was good But the moment it reached to 30, 31 to 43 users, it's Response Time increased to 15s

So this was quite disturbing, that upto 43 users its response time increased to 15s Slowly the Response Time started to decrease Upto 50 users the response time got to normal It was fluctuating a lot and it changed to 5s 50 active users were upto 5 mins on a website You can check their performance by Requests rate So these were the 50 active users, they made requests and they started to decrease There were High Peaks in the Middle, which is not a good sign There was another Problem, that toal 8000 requests were made 8000 requests mean action performed on the website .
I have loaded CSS Images, it all comes under 8000 Requests Out of the 8000 Requests, 1000 Requests Failed This was because CSS was not loaded, Certain Images didn't Load, which was a server problem not the website problem Failure of 100 Requests is a Big Problem As you can see that as soon as the requests started to increase,
I sent 26 requests and in all 26 times it caused errors So you can see from the graph the number of requests being sent and errors being occured It means that the CPUs RAM has been utilised at this point When I Lowered down my Requests and then increased it after some time, it started taking requests So it means that the CPU and RAM needs Upgradation So what do you mean by this Test?
It means that upto 30 users, you can use this hosting When users are above 30 this hosting will start creating problem Talking about Data Centers, You will find them in the USA and UK only. India, Asia, Australia, Singapore you won't find any Data Center If I talk about Backups, in their basic plan you won't find any backups There is a catch: When you read about their backups, it says that " Backups are Twice a week" In a question mark, they have mentioned that it is not guaranteed You cant control the backups or see it or restore it from your end .

So if you feel the need for Backups, you will have to contact customer care and tell about your situation Then they will check in their backend that whether you have taken a backup or not. If you have taken a backup, then only they will restore it for you I didn't liked this concept of 'twice a week backup plan' And there is another catch Here they have not used the off server backups I asked this in a chat session and they said  that they have stored backup in a special location which is absolutely not fine If I talk about Inode Count, you will find 3 to 6 lakh Inode Count which is decent for a Shared Hosting

If  I talk about CDN,

you won't get any CDN In EasyWP you use to get CDN but here you won't get any CDNI In SSL, they have applied certain Terms and Conditions They will provide SSL fro Free for upto 50 Websites This is great but there is a catch that its free only for 1 year for next year renewal, you will have to pay for it So this is the story of SSL Customer Support is not available on the phone call Its 24X7 Live Chat Support But according to my experience: it was worst For this, I will tell the story that they suspended my account, then how I recovered it and shifted it I will tell all this in a separate article My customer care experience was really very bad They are not Technically Sound You can ask only basic Questions and in that, they will provide their FAQs Link They say to go through their own FAQs If you ask a technical question, they create a ticket, then that ticket is answered/ not answered It takes around 2-3 days to resolve your issue.
Customer Care is Available 24x7 but its not Technically Sound

If I talk about Pricing

They have provided 3 Plans 1. Stellar Plan 2. Stellar Plus 3. Stellar Business They have given these 3 Plans According to me, the Best Value for Money Plan is Stellar Plan We can take this for Rs.200 Per Month You get 20GB SSD, 3 Websites, Free Domain Names You can create 50 Emails by that domain name You don't get Backup on this Plan If you want to go on Stellar Plus Plan, you will get this at Rs.360 But according to me its not Value for Money Plan But

if I talk about Value for Money Plan,

then it's the Stellar Plan, if you want to take hosting from Namecheap If you want to go on Rs.360 Plan Its better you take hosting from A2 Hosting A2 Hosting Swift Plan which is of Rs.361 and you can take this for 4 years You can also claim refund anytime you want If you want to go above this plan then  SiteGround is the best .So these are the options available.
If you want a Value for Money option then Hostinger is also a good option. You can claim refund within 30 days You will have to contact Customer Care, they will provide easy refund claims, I have tried it myself You will get One Domain for Free for 1 Year You will get Free Whois Protection and a Temporary Domain If you don't have a domain and want to test a website you can do that by using a temporary domain I took Kripeshadwani.website.
So Likewise you can also take a temporary domain name .This temporary domain name would be forever So it's not like that it is going to expire  within 15 or 30 days, this will remain forever with your hosting .

If I talk about Migration,

you will get free migration You will get this with any hosting, you should contact support They will migrate your Website and WP Website for Free If I talk about Software it is Apache 2.x Based, PHP 7.3 Version PHP 7.4 Version would have been better, as speed improvements have been made, especially for WP You get 7.3 version in which you can run Wordpress, Python, Perl and NodeJS You can also find SiteBuilder where you can easily select templates Its Okayish, I have no Expectations for it So before I jump to the pros and cons of this hosting if you liked this detailed review hit the like button Because it really takes some effort to do a detailed review like this  .

So now coming onto the pros

You get good Uptime, you get free migrations and if you want to host website you get a good speed .Their first plan is a Value for Money Plan and you get many options and you also get C Panel .

If I talk about the Cons

This is not ideal for 30+ visitors Here, Speed Outside USA is not good Their Customer Care Support is not Good The Backup System is not good and you get only 2 data Centers Coming onto the bottom line I am having neutral feeling about this Namecheap is the best in the world for domains, that's my opinion But they will have to work for hosting There is a lot that they have to do to improve their hosting service If you are on a small website and you are on a tight budget .

You can use Namecheap Hosting Their links are given in the description Along with some other options like Siteground, A2Hosting, Hostinger I have provided their discount coupons in the description .So that will be all for this one Like and Subscribe.

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Namecheap Shared Hosting Review and Plans 2020

A2 Hosting Review in English ~ A to Z Detailed Review  . Hi Guys, My Name is Gautam . A2 Hosting Review was in great demand many of us told me to try to to a Review article. So finally i'm getting to do a review and this is often an in depth review A to Z . I even have run two websites and that i have used Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting .
A2 Hosting Review in English ~ A to Z Detailed Review

I have extensively Contacted the Support Team I even have extensively used their services, so this is often getting to be an in depth review And if you're new this channel then you would like to know that I even have previously done reviews on Hosting this is often not the primary time i'm doing a Hosting Review If you want to observe my Previous Review post.  So let's start with its overview So this is often A2 Hosting Panel When I log in, i'm ready to see my Panel So here are the services, domains.

A2 Hosting Review in English ~ A to Z Detailed Review 

 I even have taken 2 services and that i haven't taken any domains One service is of KP Tech Labs Next is of Managed VPS Hosting and Shared Hosting The Template I even have used is of Gymclub template by OceanWP For all website testing, i exploit this Template So this is often my Dashboard, I can access the Cpanel I can create Tickets from here. I even have already created 2 Tickets from here I also can chat with the support team i used to be chatting with the support team, as i used to be Temporarily blocked once I was unable to login So these were the services i used to be using Since this service is active,

so i will be able to click on link So here are the small print regarding URL, Site Administration, Name Servers So this is often the sort of panel this is often not Cpanel, Here you get to login for Cpanel So this is often a Shared Hosting Cpanel during which i will be able to login I even have taken Shared Hosting I even have taken Swift Plan in Shared Hosting i will be able to come to the simplest value for money plan, later during this post If you'll use VPS you'll get WHM

If I mention Server reaction time 

, both of my hostings are on the info centers of Singapore If I mention Shared Hosting Server reaction time In USA it's 196ms In London it's 159ms Only in Singapore it's less Rest everywhere it's going above 150ms So, it's an okayish performance, it's not that good I won't say this as an honest reaction time So here, the server reaction time could are better

 If I mention VPS, 

I need to see a far better server reaction time In Bangalore, it's 5ms which is sweet Rest in USA it's above 150ms VPS is best in performance Shared Hosting is decent in performance

If I mention Downtime 

i'm not proud of the Downtime Talking about Shared Hosting I even have used it for two months, so in 1st month In 30 days I saw 99.561% uptime Which is consistent with me is extremely less It should be 99.99% If I tell you this intimately On 13 Feb, there was downtime for 5mins On 6 Feb, there was downtime for 4 mins and multiple downtimes were there on one day On 5 Feb, there was downtime for five mins and multiple downtimes On 4 Feb,

there have been multiple downtimes On 4 Feb, there was a serious downtime of 1hr 55mins Almost for 2hours, there was downtime in shared hosting they need also mentioned one thing that If you face a 1-hour downtime they're going to give credit back, but in my case, I didn't saw any credit i used to be not given any kind of credit So an enormous downtime exists just in case of Shared Hosting.

 If I mention VPS Hosting 

So in VPS, I saw a downtime for the last 30 days There was a downtime of 99.627%, which is again not an honest sign for VPS i used to be expecting more Uptime just in case "> just in case "> just in case "> just in case of VPS I didn't saw any uptime in case of VPS

If I do an in depth analysis There was downtime on 19 Feb then on 13 Feb 5 Feb and 4 Feb there was some kind of maintenance happening but i used to be not notified On 4 Feb I saw downtime in Shared and VPS Hosting So i could not understand this it's understood in case of Shared Hosting that their server resources increases or its usage creates a downtime But in case of VPS Downtime isn't Acceptable So I purchased a separate VPS So this is often my new VPS i'm using this since 6 Mar till now,

and that i haven't got any Downtime So this is often an honest thing I also purchased a replacement Shared Hosting on 6 Mar So i will be able to tell you its Downtime I saw a downtime of 16mins on 11 Mar There was a downtime of three mins on 16 Mar There was downtime on 16 Mar So I saw multiple Downtimes So my percentage of downtime is 99.863% Which must be a minimum of 99.99% for an honest hosting

 So if I mention Speed 

My website is hosted on the servers of Singapore On Shared Hosting the speed is 2.2s I even have not taken any turbo plan The speed is decent and not in no time

If I mention average speed

 therefore the average 1st visit everywhere the world is 6.3s The 2nd visit is under 1s, and its good because the cache plugin is functioning

If I mention VPS 

VPS is 1.7s and it's again not the simplest speed If I mention the planet , the typical 1st visit speed is 5.2s, and 2nd Visit speed is 1.5s So it's decent but speed isn't the simplest , as i used to be expecting many of us said that you simply will get an honest speed But the info centers in Singapore cannot give the acceptable speed and therefore the plans which I purchased, i could not get the acceptable speed Talking about the Cache Manager you'll see it in Turbo Plan, which is that the ir top tier plan you'll need to purchase it I didn't get cache managers with my plan Talking about load testing I sent 50 virtual users on the web site to see whether it's ready to handle load therefore the leads to case of shared are here on the screen So I started sending users The blue line here is the reaction time So up to 30 users my reaction time peaked out therefore the reaction time shouldn't peak out, It should be parallel therefore the website isn't ready to handle load I increased users to five 0 and up to 5 mins they started sending requests All 50 users didn't send requests altogether because there have been certain failures I sent 2.6 requests where 2000 requests failed Means 2000 users didn't saw anything it isn't the simplest for handling heavy websites If 30 users are visiting the web site then don't take Shared Hosting

 If I mention VPS, 

I saw good results As I said the blue line(Server Response Time) must be straight So there are not any peak outs in it Almost 50 users are sending requests at a time and that they are ready to handle it Around 12k requests are sent and there are 0 failures So out of 12k, all 12k requests are seen by the user therefore the load balancing is sweet in VPS

If I mention Shared Hosting, 

I Sent only 2.6k requests and my 2k requests failed Here in VPS, I sent 12k requests and none of them failed So just in case of Load Test, VPS is that the winner But within the case of Shared Hosting, if you've got quite 30+ real-time users, you want to find the other hosting Talking about data centers you'll get data centers in Singapore, Michigan, Amsterdam and Arizona So you get these 4 data centers with A2 Hosting You get a server rewind backup, which isn't an off-server backup If your servers get hacked or crashed, your backups are going to be lost consistent with me, there must be an off server backups, that they supply with an option Where they supply the choice of Drop my site .

But you'll need to pay separately for Drop my site, which is Rs. 140 per month Talking about Inode Count It means the amount of files that you simply can keep it up the hosting So in Shared Hosting I can keep files up to 3lakh to 6lakh My plan supports inode files up to 6lakh I can keep such files in my hosting Talking about CDN You get Cloudflare CDN for free of charge Talking about SSL, you'll get SSN even within the ir cheapest plans you'll get SSL in their Top Tier Plan you'll apply SSL altogether their websites for free of charge of charge And your SSL will remain activated for free until you're in their hosting.

 you will not need to buy it in the next year Talking about Customer Support you do not get any phone support there's 24x7 live chat support, but there's tons of waiting period, which is about 20 mins or 50 mins or 80 mins Live Chat Support is Slow Technicians are good I even have asked many technical questions, and that i have raised many tickets I even have got decent technical support, so i do not have any problem with the support.

 If I mention the pricing 

You get 3 Plans in Shared Hosting of these plans are at 51% OFF I even have purchased the center Tier Plan consistent with me its the simplest plan, if you would like to require A2 Shared hosting this is often an honest plan where you'll Host Unlimited Websites there's Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Database, Unlimited Emails, You get Server Rewind Backups and you'll do add on Domains So consistent with me, this is often the simplest plan If you would like to require VPS Hosting Plans the primary plan is quite sufficient I even have also taken this plan (Power+ Plan) this is often Managed Hosting so I even have taken this plan where its pricing is Rs.1843 Per Month .

If you would like to shop for Windows Hosting Plans If you would like to use .NET and ASP you'll use this hosting the simplest part is their Return Policy you'll claim full refund under 30 days And after 30 days if you would like to vary your plan, you'll get the return on Pro-Rata Basis If you've got used your hosting for 3 months and you've got cancelled it and your remaining 9 months are left so you'll get a refund of 9 months So consistent with me, the simplest package is that you simply buy the Swift Plan for 4 years If you would like to say a refund otherwise you desire changing your plan, you'll get your remaining money Talking about domains, you'll get subdomains for free of charge , like I got the domain  gourabdesign.a2hosted.com .

this will work as a short lived name you'll use this to organize your website then you'll shift your name servers Talking about migration, you get just one free migration In unlimited plan, you can't have multiple migrations, if you would like to migrate 3 websites they're going to only migrate any 1 of it In software, you get Apache 2.4, PHP 7.4 which may be a good thing you've got Node JS Support, Python, Perl, Ruby and PostgreSQL you'll access PostgreSQL through PHPpgAdmin So if you employ it, this feature would be helpful to you you furthermore may get an epidemic scanner with all the plans Sitebuilder is okayish Talking about Staging, you do not get a separate software you employ Softaculous for Wordpress Staging you do not get a separate software from A2 Hosting Talking about PCI Compliance It means accepting credit cards on your websites There are certain compliances which a hosting provider has got to do .

So you will not get such compliances in A2 Hosting So if you would like that you simply will need to attend Siteground Take the Siteground WooCommerce Hosting and it's PCI Compliant Most of the people don't require it due to their 3rd party services like Stripe and PayPal and that we accept payments from here So before I jump onto the Pros and Cons, if you liked the detailed review, Hit Like Button If you would like to get it, I even have provided the links within the description Now talking about Pros, the primary pro is their return policy, which is extremely good and you'll take returns anytime you would like and you'll get your a refund Second is their speed is decent, Customer Care Support is sweet you'll purchase the Windows Shared Hosting and you get Free SSL

If I mention the Cons 

there's tons of Downtime Speed is with Top Plan Only it isn't ideal for quite 30+ users It Upsells tons Whenever you'll purchase it they're going to provide various purchase options For speed, backups, performance, firewall you'll need to pay extra money So once you purchase it, they supply with options and that they keep adding Rs.150 per month for such options, so it upsells tons

So now let's mention the Bottom Line A2 Hosting

 is suggested by many of us the rationale for which may be their good affiliate commission But here i will be able to provide with the real review So what I felt and experienced, I even have said during this article So consistent with me It's good if you're starting your blog and you would like to travel with some medium price hosting So for that, it's an honest option If you would like to travel for VPS Plans, it's also an honest option If you'll increase your budget, otherwise you have more users So for that, i will be able to recommend Siteground If your budget is a smaller amount then accompany Hostinger .

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A2 Hosting Review in English ~ A to Z Detailed Review

Today we will see the Best Domain Name registrar in India for 2020 .Hi Guys, My Name is Gourab Das And I do reviews on Hostings, VPN and Digital Tools Our topic for today is based on finding out the best domain name registrar companies We will know the companies which have good interface and support .

Best Domain Name Registrar in India 2020

The best overall experience provided by them and which among them is cheapest and a total A - Z Review would be done There are 10 such companies which I would compare We will discuss different scenarios and find out which company would be suitable in it.

What Are The Best Domain Registrar In India

So I have seen a lot of factors like Price, Renewal Price, Support and Upsells Their Overall Experience, Customer Care, Interface and Whois Guard Whois Guard prevents from revealing your information to the domain which you have given while buying it Without Whois Guard, your personal information can be accessed easily By this,

you get many spam calls and emails Whois Guard is provided by some companies for free and some companies have extra charges for it I would be talking about pricing which would be the .com pricing, which is the base So whenever I will mention about original and renewal pricing, it would be of .com pricing 

So let's start with the most popular website


MS Dhoni is the brand ambassador for this website But this website is not as good as MS Dhoni So when you will visit their homepage you will find out the  ₹199 Price Tag with an asterisk(*) It's the asterisk(*) that has everything hidden within it  (The 2 years purchase) If you have to purchase for 2 years then you would have to pay the price of ₹199 + ₹1049 = ₹ 1248 GoDaddy doesn't provide free Whois Protection (that means you have to pay extra charges for it - ₹300 ) You would also pay extra charges separately If you would buy the domain for 1 year then the approx price would be ₹1,370 So in my experience, its pricing is okay but compared with other domains,

 they are cheaper than this The services are also good, so for me GoDaddy is Expensive, they don't provide Free Whois and they upsell a lot When you will go to their cart, they automatically add email services, which has to be removed They give numerous options for buying They have created complexity, so I would not recommend this for beginners But there are some good things, which is their support where you can call them in Hindi The Support is Good and they are kind enough to help you They have a good interface You also get payment options like Google Pay and UPI, so it's good for Indian users But I am not going to recommend this, as there are many other options available 

it all starts with a great domain This is not an Advertisement It all starts with a great domain, it is correct But it doesn't start with domain.com It is very expensive, they upsell a lot and their normal domain costs $9.99 for 1 year They also charge $8.99 extra for Whois Guard and they upsell a lot So I have not registered here and I have not seen its interface even But I won't recommend it at this price point There are many good options available

You don't see any Free Whois Guard .com 1st yr price is ₹ 799 They charge ₹499 extra for Whois Guard Applying the GST and taxes of ₹234,  it costs around ₹1532 (if there are no discounts available) Interface is okay DNS Records ( where edits are made ) could be better You get live support in Hindi You also get support on the phone like GoDaddy It is decent when we get discounts But if there are no discounts, then according to normal pricing, Godaddy is better compared to BigRock 

I have promoted Hostinger a lot related to hosting Many of them had questions related to its domains, so we will talk about it So you don't get any Free Whois Protection .com pricing is around ₹605, where they charge ₹275 extra for Whois, with taxes which totals around ₹1034 Which is less as compared to GoDaddy and BigRock which is a plus point There are Indian Payment Options like UPI Here you will find Live Support, but there is no Call Support Available The interface is decent, not the best, but it is okayish as it gets the job done So Hostinger is a good option if you want the UPI payment 

Cloudflare is famous for providing web services like Free CDN and SSL, but it also provides domain names You get domain names for free, means they don't charge any fees The ICANN and Processing Fees is charged by them, they do not charge any extra markup price So whenever something is free there are some associated drawbacks You will find some drawbacks in Cloudflare 1. You cannot purchase any domain from here You will have to buy from somewhere else then you can transfer that to Cloudflare 2. Your website must use Cloudflare services For Example, kptesthosting must already have Cloudflare, then only I can transfer my domain to Cloudflare 3.

When I transfer I cannot remove Cloudflare from my website, it would be compulsory to use Cloudflare CDN and SSL, If I want to keep my domain on it This is good if you want to stay in Cloudflare Ecosystem But there exists a major problem when you migrate your hosting from one service provider to other You have to change name servers for it, here you cannot do that The option to change the custom name servers are not available for free users For that, you would have to edit the DNS records which would be the tedious process for many people I recently tried to transfer my domain to Cloudflare But after transferring it, I wanted my previous domain back,

They don't charge any extra fees for it, but Cloudflare is not the best option for me But if you use Cloudflare Services, you don't have a problem with their ecosystems and if you don't migrate a lot You also don't get the option of Live Chat Support related to Domains, so this is the drawback So if you don't have any problem with such drawbacks then Cloudflare is for you I personally don't like Cloudflare, I can pay ₹200 extra but I won't keep my domains there

Google Domains is recently in this business, they had the beta version before, but now they have a stable version They charge $12, but in India, they charge ₹860 for a domain When you pay ₹860 you have to pay the same for the renewal You also have to pay extra taxes which are  ₹154 approx So you have to pay  ₹1014 for a .com domain, which is okay but still, it is going above  ₹1k You get free whois protection and they don't upsell a lot They have a very simple, plain interface You have to dig in for the Live Chat Option.

you have to go through 3-4 steps further to get it When you take their domain and go to their card page You get a statement in the header: "The Google Domains service can only be used for business or commercial reasons in your current country" Now I find this statement vague What should I interpret from this statement? If I am having a hobby blog and I am not having earnings from it, I cannot take domains from google? .

So why and for what purpose this statement is given, it's not clear I have not seen such type of statements from any other domain registrar companies So I have found this statement a bit confusing Due to this statement, I am not going to personally use it Google is famous for suspending accounts if they find something suspicious So if you want, you can go for it, I have not found any major drawbacks in Google Domains

Namesilo has a very competitive pricing The .com pricing is around  ₹680, so its a very competitive pricing You get a Free Whois, Live Chat Support and Payment options are Debit/ Credit card They also had Google Pay option, but now it has been removed The major problem I find about Namesilo is its interface It looks like a 2017 interface, which is very old, boring and slow So will I recommend Namesilo? It's good, but there are many other options available for domain names Next is Porkbun Porkbun is an American domain company .

You can find out the cheapest domain names here .com pricing for new users is  ₹315 only They charge  ₹650 for renewals So it is one of the cheapest domain name providers out there You get Live Chat Option, Free Whois Protection and Payment options have international debit and credit card The interface is okayish, but there are chances of improvement So will I recommend Porkbun? Yes, you can definitely go for it, if you need a cheapest domain name, Porkbun is a good option If they need to improve interface then it's a good option

Dynadot is a company which has improved a lot in recent years Their .com pricing starts from  ₹540 for 1st year and their renewals are  ₹688 with no extra taxes Whoisguard is free and they do not upsell a lot, they have a very straightforward process Live Chat option is available and the interface is good They have a good android app and payment options have international debit/credit card options .

The drawback I have found is a lack of support guides I haven't found support guides for a new user as to how they can set up and you have to search in google to find out guides related to it So this is the drawback in Dynadot So will I recommend Dynadot? Yes, absolutely, Dynadot is one of the best out there They have good services at a good price point So if you are searching for a budget domain name registrar then

Dynadot is one of them Beginners can face a problem while using it Dynadot brings out offers and discounts So whenever there would be a discount I would share that in my community tab So you can SUBSCRIBE to this CHANNEL and Press BELL ICON so that you can get information about the discounts available Before I jump onto Number 1, if you have liked this video HIT LIKE BUTTON,
it really helps me a lot Number 1 domain name on our list is

Which Is The Cheapest .com Domain Registrar With Free Whois in India ?

Namecheap is one of the popular domain names registrars It is popular, reliable and old If I talk about its .com pricing, it's around ₹677 Its renewal rates would be around  ₹990 You don't have to pay any extra tax and you get a free Whois guard They have a good Live Chat Support and they have a good easy to use interface They have a good Android App, you may find its support guides if you are a beginner and if you want to do some changes in email setups, Email forwarding, editing DNS records You can easily find all this in .

Google It is easily compatible with other hostings It has good support So now I will tell, when you would require support at the time of taking domains Sometimes it happens that we cannot edit DNS Records on our own, or we make some mistake while editing it, so at that time you would require the help of the support team When you transfer a domain, you have to do that process quickly It usually takes 5-7 Days to start the domain transfer But you can directly contact customer care to speed up your process.

 I have done it for 1 -2 domains through Namecheap My domains have been transferred within half an hour, so this is the best thing One more benefit regarding this is that many of them have Namecheap Accounts So when you flip domains or buy/sell any website, so it's easy for domain name transfer It's very easy to transfer your account from one place to other One drawback.

Best Domain Name Registrar in India 2020 ~ Full Guide

Today we will talk about Best Hosting in India for 2020 . Hi Guys, My Name is Gourab Das . I do reviews on hostings and digital tools If you are on this blog for the first time, I will give the quick intro about me I am in the web business since 2014 and I have used various hostings Since 1 year I have been comparing various hostings and doing detailed reviews. I have purchased these hostings, analyzed them in detail and given my opinions on it.

Best Hosting In India 2020  Top Hosting Provider For WordPress Website

Best Hosting In India 2020 ~ Top Hosting Provider For WordPress Website

So I will compare 10 Hosting companies This article. is not inspired by anyone else I am not copying anyone or doing this post on the basis of an article In this website, you will get real content and real experience You will find genuine article on this site. I won't go into much detail, If I would, then it would be a 1 hour  For details, I have done a dedicated detailed review for the various hostings.
We will find out the various pros and cons associated with them, who should buy it and at the last, I would give my recommendations as per various situations .So I am sharing my experience about the Hosting Companies in the last 5 years.

1. Namecheap

namecheap hosting review

Namecheap is very popular for domains and I recommend for it Butt they are not in good in Hostings. It is affordable But their data centers are only in US and UK. They don't have any data centers in Singapore and Asia. The biggest drawback I find out is, their Customer Care Support Recently  . I hosted my website this year and they suspended it . The reason they suspended it was, due to someone was spamming in my email After the suspension, when I tried to contact them, their replies were too slow  .There was no proper structured communication. I was not getting proper answers in the live chat option. They transferred the problem into the ticket and told me to wait for the responses. I get over there. So this was a very big drawback for me My website was down for 1-2 days. They don't have any off-server backups and there is improper load handling .So personally I am not going to use Namecheap for any of my websites  .But if you are getting traffic from the USA and you are looking for cheap hosting with Cpanel then you can look over to Namecheap.

2. Bigrock

bigrock hosting review

Bigrock comes under EIG Hosting companies, And this is the rare hosting companies which I like and is a part of the EIG Groups For the ones who don't know what is an EIG Group, it is a famous group which acquire hosting companies. Then its quality and service is degraded and profit is maximized .They also suspend their employees Starting from its Pros, it has Hindi Support, you can call them, but they aren't available 24x7. You get Cpanel, Uptime of 99.9% .It is good for HTML and PHP Scripts, You also get Varnish Caching .

Talking about its Cons,

You don't get WordPress Optimization They charge ₹ 120/month for automated backups. Their support of live chat or call is slow .I won't recommend BigRock for WordPress .

Talking about its pricing

Its starts from ₹139/month and goes up to ₹579/month in cloud hosting .I have 2 plans: Pro and Cloud Hosting. If you need for PHP and HTML Scripts then you can select any plans among them. It is available for 30% off but offers can go up to 50% off.

So if your target audience is in India and you need a hosting for the PHP Scripts If you require Cpanel in Budget, then also Bigrock would be a good option .

3. Hostinger .

hostinger hosting review

I have recommended Hostinger and I am reviewing it for 2 years. I have made its detailed review twice on my site .

So let's start with its Pros.

It is affordable and easy to use interface You don't get Cpanel but you get Hpanel. which is easy for beginners .You get good speeds and you don't get Apache Servers, You get Litespeed servers .that provide better speeds. They have their servers in Singapore and Asia. I have also seen the good uptime . You get the UPI payment options, which is good for the Indian users to access it easily .
Talking about its Cons,

its support was very good previously, but then it started degrading And recently due to Covid-19, they have removed their Live Chat Support Option. You have to raise tickets, but you get replies fast But as soon as the situation would improve, the Live Chat Support Option would come back There is a Priority Support which is paid. You get only 1 SSL If you take backups, you get automated backups, for 30 days But if you have to restore the backups, then you don't get 1 click restoration option, for that you would have to follow a process.
If I talk about its pricing,

then it is affordable It starts from ₹59/month and goes upto ₹210/month The pricing is very cheap as compared to other Shared hosting plans. So plans are very cheap and affordable They have good Cloud Hosting Plans which starts from ₹600/month, which is very good, so according to me Cloud Startup and Business Web Hosting would be good .

So will I recommend Hostinger?

I do know that their support is slow. They do not have a good live chat support. But I do not have any other option  .But there is no other good Budget replacement which provides good features and services Litespeed servers and Datacenters .which are in Singapore. All of such features are provided at this price point. For now, Hostinger is a good budget option,.

4. Bluehost

bluehost hosting review

Bluehost is also one of the web hostings from EIG Companies like BigRock Hostgator and reseller club .also comes under it .Now I am talking about "Bluehost.com" There is a big difference in ".com" and ".in" as separate servers are used.
So let's start with its Pros
The first pro is the interface, which is easy, simple and for beginners to set up their WordPress Website. Its Support is fast 24x7 live chat It has a good uptime and it easily handles load .

If I talk about its Cons,

You get the support, but it is not technical In my experience, the technical support I have got is not good Inode count is very less only up to 2 lakh .The biggest con is that it doesn't have any servers in Asia. So its pricing starts from $3.59/month and it goes up to $13.95/month.

So will I recommend Bluehost?

I have a neutral opinion on this I personally dislike Bluehost because it comes from EIG Groups, so I don't like that hosting .So at this price point, it is a decent option but you can find out other options too Next,

5. A2 Hosting .

a2 hosting review

A2 Hosting is a popular hosting but recently they have introduced so many things that it has created a lot of confusion .Here you can see their 4 plans It starts at ₹225 and goes up to ₹1127, so their plans are a bit expensive .The Drive Plan and Turbo Boost Plan has a major difference .Turbo Boost Plan has used Litespeed servers which are fast and good .So you will find a varying difference among these 2 plans .There are many varieties of plans Every plan has a different performance. So the performance of the plans may vary a lot .
I would talk about its Pros first,

Data centers are available in Singapore, You will get a good speed if you take their shared hosting turbo boost Plan .The special thing that differentiates it from all other hosting companies is their return policy .You can claim your return on a Pro-Rata Basis .If you have purchased a 4 yr hosting and you have used it for 1 yr only, then you can claim a refund for the remaining 3 years .So I have not seen this in any of the hosting providers .You will find this exclusively in the A2 Hosting and this feature differentiates it from all other hostings.

Talking about the Cons,

I have experienced Downtime, I have seen its uptime of 99.56% I was expecting it to be 99.9% at least There is a lot of confusion related to the plans and you will find a lot of variety. You will find different performance in different plans. Then they have Addons, which creates more confusion. If you need backups, extra SSL, you will have to pay for it .If you need VPS Litespeed servers, then you will have to pay extra Firewall, Sitebuilder, Cloudflare, Malware, for every extra addon you will pay extra. Its pricing would increase if you will take their addons .

So will I recommend A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting is not a good option for everyone at this price point But there are some special scenarios, where you can think about buying it Scenario 1: When its discounts increases Now you are getting it at a 50% Off, but when sale occurs, it reaches up to 70% off So at a 70% off, it is worth it, for buying the Turbo Boost Plan Whenever there are discounts,

Scenario 2: When you require more space for your website For example, you are getting 100GB SSD Storage for your website So if you need more space for the website then you can head onto their starter plan Scenario 3: When you don't know the time period of keeping the hosting Usually, it happens, that we buy hosting for 4 yrs and within 1 yr we have to abandon our tasks So in that case, you can take the refund for the remaining years Next is FastComet, FastComet has impressed me a lot Starting with its Pros, You get 11 Datacenters, including in India, You get a data center for FastComet in India, Asia Due to that, I have received a good speed and the test results have also provided good speed I experienced a good uptime, and it has easily passed the load test Around 50 virtual users easily accessed the website Customer care was also good I also get 3 Free Migrations Usually, other hosting companies have 1 migration but here you get 3 Free Migrations Talking about its Cons, It is still a new company, it is not as established as Siteground and A2 Hosting Next,

con is in their space, you get up to 35GB Space in their premium plan and 25GB in the other plan
Talking about its pricing, it starts from $2.95 and goes up to $5.95/month So at this price point, FastComet is a very value for money option and I will recommend this to all of you Next is Chemicloud Chemicloud is a new hosting company that has impressed me a lot Starting with its Pros, Here you get 8 Datacenters which is also in India You get a good speed There are 10 Free MIgrations, You get Immunify 360 Malware protection .There is Sitepad Sitebuilder .There is good uptime and good customer care support. They easily handle the load .You also get the free lifetime domain .Cons is in their pricing, They are a bit costlier than Fastcomet So here, you find up to 65% off, but you won't find this offer every time Usually, there is 50% off but due to sale the offer is of 65% off .

6. Siteground,

siteground hosting review

Siteground is the most recommended hosting Recently, its prices have increased, So is it worth now? So let's start with its Pros. This Shared Hosting comes from Google Cloud, you won't find any other hosting on it. Since you get Google Cloud, so you get a good uptime, speed and their servers are in Singapore, They have a strong Customer Care Support, they are technical, good and fast They have a powerful plugin which is fast for optimizing WordPress Website .You also get a good Backup Restoration Option .

Talking about its con,

the major problem is the Pricing SiteGround has increased its pricing. The most popular plans are GrowBig which is of $9.99/month and GoGeek of $14.99/month .The one thing that has not increased yet is their monthly visits: GrowBig has 25k visits and GoGeek has 1lakh visits. This must-have increased as 25k visits are not a hard limit In the same price, I am getting 75k visits/ month, because it is much optimized .So according to me, this price is worth it because no other Shared Hosting is providing you Google Cloud .The speed, performance, stability and customer support combination won't be available elsewhere.
It is worth it, but it is not for everyone. If you need a best experience for shared hosting then  you can go and buy Siteground. But if you can below best mark then, Fastcomet and Chemicloud are good options .

Now let's talk about the No. 1 Hosting on our List,

7. Cloudways

cloudways hosting review

Cloudways is totally a different type of hosting, It is different from all other hostings. Here you take Cloud servers and on that .Cloudwasy has built infrastructure and interface. You can also take support from Cloudways team.  So Cloudways acts as a mediator between Cloud servers .

Talking about it Pros,

Its Speed, Uptime, and Performance  are best It is because there are no Shared Hostings and Servers Resources are not shared Of all the hostings I have told you, the best performance would be here There are 25+ Data Centers, including in India .You can also choose the hosting you want to use Whether you want to use Digital Ocean or Google Cloud or AWS Then you can set up your servers and migrate them. You can scale it, increase or decrease it accordingly Pricing is monthly, you have to pay every month It is depended on the usage.

Talking about the Inode Count it's up to 16 lakh You don't get 16 lakh in any of the Shared hostings, it's only up to 6 lakh They have a good support and staging facility and you can easily do team collaboration .They have a good backup and restore option and it easily handles high traffic Its pricing starts from $10 But the traffic handled by it is way different than any other shared hosting like Siteground, which has the same pricing .

Talking about its Cons,

Cloudways can be a bit technical There is a slight learning curve Second, you don't get an email hosting as you get it in a Shared Hosting So for that, you can use my training program I have mentioned how you can use Cloudways for free and how you can set up your emails and hosting And if you want to take paid versions for CDNs, Emails, and Backups.

So will I recommend Cloudways Absolutely,
If you are using a VPS server then Cloudways is a good option If you have more traffic on your  website for up to 1 lakh per month, then also Cloudways is a good option. You can easily manage, scale, upscale and downscale. You will get a good performance. The best part about it is, you don't have to keep any long term commitment .Its pricing is based on the usage, if you used it for 2 days then you will have to pay for 2 days only Cloudways is one of the recommended hostings by me .

if you have large traffic So you must definitely give it a try, you don't have to invest much Now let's sum this up Now I will tell my recommendations on which scenarios hostings would be suitable Best Overall hosting - Cloudways Best Budget Hosting - Hostinger Best Hosting Support - SiteGround Best Hosting For WordPress Blogs - Cloudways, SiteGround, ChemiCloud & FastComet Best Hosting for eCommerce - Cloudways, ChemiCloud Best Hosting for HTML & PHP - BigRock Its good, cheap and you can work on it easily Best Hosting For High Traffic - Cloudways Best Windows Hosting (.net) - BigRock,  A2 Best Hosting For Beginners - SiteGround, For a budget option,

we have Hostinger, If you are searching for some moderate option then you have ChemiCloud, FastComet I recommend Hostinger for Beginners because I have the training program on it, so it is easy for the easy to use My free training programs - Hostinger, Cloudways Easiest & Simplest Hosting for WordPress Installation - Bluehost is an easy option If you want to use Hosting For Indian Payment Options (UPI)  - Hostinger as in Siteground and Cloudways they ask for international cards Best Call Support -

godaddy hosting review

8. GoDaddy

GoDaddy I have not included GoDaddy in my list because I have not liked their hosting that much, but they have a good call support .

9. EasyWP

EasyWP comes from the Managed Hosting of Namecheap. There is a major interface difference between Shared Hosting and EasyWP Managed WordPress Hosting. You will also find the infrastructural differences Talking about its Pros, its speed is quite fast Pricing for the 1st year is comparatively less. The dashboard is quite simple and easy to use, a beginner can easily set up its WordPress website Talking about its cons, you can only keep 1 website doesn't matter which plan you take .The support comes from Namecheap. Namecheap has good domain support but they are not good in the hostings.
Talking about the downtime,

its uptime should be good since its a cloud and managed WordPress hosting, it should be 99.9% But in my case, it was 99.5%, so it is decent but it could have been better .There are no automated backups and their servers in USA and there are no servers in Asia or Singapore. Here are its plans .So if your audience is from USA and you want fast hosting at cheapest pricing, then EasyWP is for you .

Best Hosting In India 2020 ~ Top Hosting Provider For WordPress Website

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how to make money with bidvertiser top guide

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Payment :

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Pros :

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6. Referral program


1. The CPC ( Cost per click) is very low when in contrast to different advert networks. Of direction it depends on area and niche.
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Final Conclusion :
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How To Make Money with Bidvertiser ~ Top Guide

Truth of Mutual fund ~ Read Before You Start Investing. Today we will talk about mutual funds.. If you are thinking to invest in them, then before that do read this article.. I am sharing my experience and what I think about this.. Hi Guys, My Name is Gourab Das And I have been hearing about mutual funds since childhood, I have heard the advice of investing ₹500 per month, to get a lumpsum amount later So does it really happen, do you get returns?...

I strongly believe in mutual funds, so you do get returns.

truth of mutual fund

Truth of Mutual funds ~ Read Before You Start Investing

So is it the right and the best option?

Yes, it is, Mutual funds are the right option, as we see in the ads too So is this the best option? I made a post, where I mentioned my financial mistakes   .. I did, and since I didn't invest in mutual funds, I had to bear some losses Financial loss doesn't mean ..I regret that mistake ..I don't regret that I haven't invested in mutual funds earlier So why this? When I got to know about the mutual funds, I intentionally didn't invest in them,

Does mutual fund really work

so why I didn't invest in it?

When I got to know about this I was 21 that time ..So all the terms related to compounding and interest payments and lump-sum amounts were known to me But I didn't have had those savings at the end All the savings I did, whether its savings after petrol, dining outside or to roam around.. So all the leftover money used to go into the broadband (internet) bill So the bill was around ₹700-800 ...

So the money left to invest in mutual funds was around the ₹700-800 figure, If I have had saved it, then also the most important expense was to pay off the broadband bill That time, the internet was very expensive, Jio was not there, Data Charges were very high ..

The truth about mutual funds 

So all the money used to go there, The leftover money after that was used by me to invest in domains and hosting.. No matter you learn apps and websites.. if you don't experience in the real world, you won't know the various factors involved The factors like Speed, Security, These are different in local machine and in your system ..So investment in the domain was necessary, domains cost around ₹700-800 Hostings started from ₹1500-2000 And then after investing it, 

I used to have earnings from freelancer and other works, So it took me one year to save ₹1 lakh ..I didn't put that money in some mutual fund, instead, I bought a laptop for myself,
which was a second-hand MacBook pro ..So, in my case mutual funds are right, but it was not the best option for me.. The best option for me was to invest in my business, I can invest ₹700-800 in my hostings and broadband bills, And due to that investment.

I have accounts in all kinds of hostings, Now, I can invest in mutual funds, from the surplus funds available.. So when people say, to invest in mutual funds, and show their calculations, They are correct and the calculations are correct about the returns,

So now, should you invest in other's business?

If you have your own business, you have your own idea, if you want to do something, Then according to me, the best scenario would be to invest in your own business.. If you are investing, and some of your money is saved, Whether you have purchased your hostings or if you have invested in other business plans ..

If you have any surpluses left, then you can invest in mutual funds, you will get returns, But if you are having a shortage of money, so you don't need to put your ₹500 over there You can make more money, after starting your own business .If you like my opinion, my story, and my experience, then do share this with your friends and family So you can prevent the wrong advice.

by such people who give it, due to lack of knowledge, So no matter, how much people say, take a step back to analyze your situation, as to what you need If you need a job, you can do investment in mutual funds for good returns in future Mutual funds don't give quick returns. It is a long term game for 10 or 20 years, it is a type of retirement planning.. If you have future purchases like a house, expenses for marriage, so it is good for them I am not against the mutual funds, it is a good investment, I do it too Take your own wise decisions for investment..

Where i investment first? Own business or mutual funds?

If you have to do something, if you have to do business. So the first investment should be in your own business, not in other's I started my investments in mutual funds at the age of 24 and I don't regret it  ..The investments and expenses I used to have before, were into my own business only. So it's good. 

I haven't invested in before, otherwise, I would be getting negative returns at present ..I am happy with my investment ..So do your investments wisely Investments and mutual funds are good, but the best option for decisions should be decided by you only ..

So that's all for this article, hit SUBSCRIBE BUTTON and SHARE this POST with your friends and family and tell them about my story, Maybe they give good advice to others ....

Truth of Mutual fund ~ Read Before You Start Investing

You are writing all these blogger article, but for some reason you're not getting any rankings, and search traffic from Google, yahoo, yandex. And you know what? Today, I'm gonna share why that is and how to fix that. Hey everyone, I'm Gourab Das. And today I'm gonna explain the Why Your Website Posts Doesn't Rank Google Search Engine .

Why Your Website Posts Doesn't Rank Google Search Engine

Why is my website not ranking well

  Now, quick question for you. How many blog postsare you writing a week?

 Is it one? Is it zero? Is it 10? List the number below, I'm curious. The real reason I'm asking that question is because blogging is no longer a quantity game. When I started blogging there was less than 30or 40 million blogs. It was a smaller number. Now there's over a billion blogs. Just think about that. A billion blogs on the web. That's roughly one blogfor every seven people.

 Do you think we really need all those blogs out there?

No, of course not. That's why blogging hasshifted from a quality game versus a quantity game. When I started you can justcrank out tons of quantity, you'll do well. And now if you do that, you won't do well. So I'm gonna break down the formula you need to follow, step by step. If you wanna write content that ranks.

How to show my website in Google search engine

Step one, head over to Ubersuggest.

Step two, once you're at Ubersuggest, type in a competing URL. So take any one of your competitors that you know is doing really well, type in their URL into Ubersuggest.

Step three, you'll see a overview page. 

This will show you their traffic, all their search terms, within the region you're targeting. So on Ubersuggest we did asearch within the United States. You'll see that URL's traffic just for the United States. You can always switch the region. But the reason this tool is built this way is because your customers are probably coming from a specific region versusfrom everywhere in the world. On that page I want you to scroll down,

How To Rank Your Blog in Google, Bing, Yandex Search Engine

click on Top Pages.

 When you click on Top Pages it'll show you all of themost popular pieces of content that your competition's written about, their traffic to each post, and when you click View Allunder their estimated traffic, it'll show you all the keywords that are driving those visitors.

Now, the next step I want you to follow. You're looking for the keywords that drive in a lot of traffic, the most volume. Have a low search difficultyor SEO difficulty number. Ideally under 50. And you're looking for keywords that have a high cost per click. So, in general if it's over a dollar or two, three dollars, the better. When you find these keywords,those are money keywords. I want you to go and search for 'em on Google.

Which is the next step. So go to Google, do a search for one of those keywords. When you do a search, read allthe articles in the top ten. When you read all the articles in the top ten it'll give you a good understanding of what Google is looking for for the articles that rank for that term. Especially if you wanna rank for it.

Write a much better article. [ Why Your Website & Content Aren't Ranking Well ]

 I'm not talking about something that's double, triple the length. I'm not even talking about 10 times the length. Yes, you want something that's longer and more in depth. But it's not all about length. It's more about thoroughness. Did you cover every aspectof that article, that topic? For example, if it's making a pizza, do you talk about the crust? How the water effectsthe crust and the taste. Is it better to usebottled water or tap water? How should you cook your pizza? Do you cook the dough first and then put on the sauce? Do you cook through your dough a little bit, then take it out of theoven, put on the sauce, then the toppings? Like, what's the process? By breaking it down step by step to even what kind of oven you should use. Where to put the tray in the oven. In the middle, at the top, at the bottom. How long you should cookit for and the temperature. Should you use convection oven? Non-convection oven. All these uses are so specific that when someone reads your content the article is amazing. They're like, oh my god ,I got so much value out of it. And that's the key to creatingan amazing piece of content.

How you write content that gets traffic.

It's not about producing quantity. It's about producing quality. And the last step I have for you is when you're producing these content email all the other sites that you source, right? The sites you're linking to. And tell 'em, hey John, Ilinked out to your site, love what you are doing. Linked out to you my latest pizza article. Check it out here. And there's a good chance that they'll share that article on the social web. Once you follow this research process you'll do much better. And this is why, if you follow this, you will start only writing articles that rank. You'll stop writing articles that get no traction. Which is huge waste of time. And of course, if you want help with your content marketing,

If you enjoy this article,share it, like it, tell other people about it,subscribe to the Website. Again, thank you for reading.

Why Your Website Posts Doesn't Rank Google Search Engine

Today we will talk about Surfshark VPN Detailed Review ..Hello Guys, welcome to my website gourabdesign.com....  So now a days I am testing VPNs to find out which works best in India.. So I have tested 10 VPNs and one of them is Surfshark VPN ..I thought of making a detailed review on this ..Now this is not a sponsored content ...But I have a Discount Coupon Code which I will tell you all later So let's get started with the detailed review First,

Shurfshark Vpn Review - Best Budget Vpn in India 2020

best budget vpn in india 2020 shurfshark review


Speed is important in a VPN, if you have taken a VPN and it doesn't have speed then its of no use .I will tell you how much speed I am getting When I am not using VPN, I am getting a speed of 41mbps (Downloading) and 9mbps (Uploading) and 5ms Ping, which is very good... When I use VPN and it connects with the fastest server, it connects me to Kolkata, I am in guptipara... I am getting a Downloading Speed of 37.62mbps and Upload 7.35 which is very good..

I used fastest server to connect with and it took me to Kolkata. When I connected with USA Server, in Denver, I got 15mbps Downloading Speed and Uploading speed 7mbps, which is decent If I connect to any VPN from India to USA server, I get an  average speed , so in case of speed it is good Talking about its servers, I am getting 1700+ servers in 63+ Countries, so their servers are good If I talk about streaming..

I haven't got any problem in Netflix ..But when I use Amazon Prime USA, I have faced problems, all of their servers were not working in Amazon Prime Servers ..There is no problem in Netflix USA Talking about P2P Torrenting, you can do that in all their servers. It Supports both P2P Clients like Bit Torrent and U Torrent If I talk about Location and Jurisdiction, which is very important in a VPN.. Because there are certain laws, Government can intervene, it can take logs But here it is not like that This is located in British Virgin Islands, so there is no such data retention obligation ..There is no Govt. Intervention, so this is a good thing Talking about its Logging Policy ..

They have clearly mentioned that they won't keep any logs of IP Address, VPN Servers used, Bandwidths or websites visited.. Only Email address and Billing address will be used, to refer in cases of Refunds, 

Best Paid Vpn In India at Cheapest Price

Security features,

Lets start with its Protocols Open VPN and IKEv2 is been used Standard Encryption AES 256 Bit is used ..If you don't know, so these are the standard protocol and security features, you will get in every Paid VPN which is good according to 2020 ..There is Automatic Kill Switch Means when your network suddenly drops, it doesn't reveal your real IP Address, it holds your network for a while It is a good thing, as it prevents your identity reveal There is a DNS Leak Test which is also passed by it,

that means your identity is not revealing anywhere ..You get a Multi Hub Feature You must have seen in movies, that when a system gets hacked, you must have heard a common dialogue that its IP Bounced a lot So here you are getting only 2 places ..

I am in India and first, my IP will go in USA then I will connect in UK ..So I will reach by connecting at two places My security will increase as I am in India and I will go to UK and then to USA.. So this is the function of the Multi Hub Feature. .

There is a new feature of Clean Web It is a AdBlocker,

you get a paid AdBlocker for free ..If you are havings Ads in your website that you are visiting, so it will automatically remove them.. There is a Camouflage Mode Which means if your country has some restricted contents you can bypass them India has no such restrictions, so we won't use them...

Some additional features

The first feature I liked the most is of Unlimited Users Usually a VPN limits users to 5-8 devices, but here you get unlimited users ..I can connect in my 2-3 laptops, computers, mobile phones, I can share it with all the members of my family, so I liked this ...

Split Tunneling Feature

Split Tunneling means whitelisting certain websites. Why would you do that? If you want to watch Youtube and you don't want it to go through VPN and a 20% speed drop happen. You want it to go through Normal ISP. So you can whitelist Youtube and many other such websites.. If you don't want the banking websites to go through VPN, you can whitelist them So for all this, split tunnel feature helps a lot But the problem is, in Surfshark you will get this in Android and Windows only.. It is not available in Mac iOS at present ..There is a feature of location spoof which you can use..

only in android Means you have opened USA server, and it is asking location through... GPS Means you can provide your location of USA on the basis of Location Spoof....

If I talk about its history,

Surfshark VPN, it is since early 2018 and as of 13 April 2020, Surfshark VPN they haven't shared any data with the Govt. The Govt. has not asked them anything, so they have a clean history ..

Software and User Experience,

I have used it in almost every device Mac, Windows, Pc, Android and iPhones too ..There is one problem, you won't get their app in Android Playstore India ..It is available outside India but not in India ..When I asked the Customer Support, they told that in India, many users are abusing their app, so they don't have their app in India ..But you can directly download the APk File from their website So according to me it is a drawback, if they had their app, then it would be good and automatically updated But they said, you can update it, through a pop-up and you can update later ..So this is a problem for Android, but you can easily get it in iOS...

So I will quickly explain its user interface

So I am using it in iOS and when I open it, you will get a new interface . You will get an option to connect, at the right hand side... I have two option: Fastest Server and Nearest Country... I want in India and Fastest Server, so I clicked on connect ..This will connect to the fastest server according to my location... This has connected me to Kolkata, India ....So if I want static servers, here are they, Then there are some locations ..The bubble here is the load that is on a particular server The empty bubble, the better ..Brazil server has no bubble, means it will perform good There is an option of multi-hub function, I want it to connect at two locations UK, France, Singapore, Netherlands, So here it connected with another server, so I will again do it on Fastest Server..

When I will go in Settings -; Advance ...You will find in protocol IKEav2, here OpenVPN is not available for iOS "General" settings have my "Kill switch feature" ON "Features" have cleanhub, by which you can block ads Split tunnel feature is not available in iOS...

I will tell you in Android

When you will open app,  you will have to download APK File from website ..You won't find this app in Playstore ..So when I will get an option of Fastest Web Server I will connect it, and it has connected me at kolkata Locations are available and features are same as i told you in desktop We have CleanWeb where we can block ads, I can turn this feature ON We have an option of whitelist and split tunneling feature as I told you, it is for Android and Windows I can whitelist ..my WhatsApp or Youtube, as i don't want it to go through VPN So once we whitelist, it won't go through VPN In settings, you have Kill Switch, Protocols, GPS Location can be override You can use any protocols from here, keep this on "automatic" in my recommendation.. Below it has Anonymous Data Tracking which is ON by default, ...You will see the same interface on the iPhone According to me, it is very easy to use interface and you don't require any advanced technical knowledge to setup ... 

Customer support,

they have 24*7 Live Chat Customer Support When I did a query, I got a reply within a minute.. Their website has a lot of support articles ..If I talk about its pricing, I have a good offer for you ...If you will go to the link mentioned below, This page will open and if I will buy it for 2 years ...I will get it for $2 a month ..The best plan they have is for 2 years Don't take the plan for 1 year 1 month  .. it is very expensive.. The best plan is of 2 years plan.. I will get a bill of ₹3,600 for 2 years.. This is a good deal Nord VPN one year plan is much costlier than this ..

So it is a very good budget VPN.. I will click on Buy now ..I will get payment options As you can see the coupon code is already applied,... You are getting for 25 months, you are paying for 24 months and you are getting 1 month free You are paying in actual ₹3,600 for 2 years and 1 month For 1 year it is asking for ₹5k, which is of no use, So it is better you buy for 2 years,

Payment options, you have:

Credit card, Paypal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Crypto Currency or UPI ...You also get a money-back guarantee for 30 days ....If you don't like it or you are not getting good speed, usually you should get it in India as I am also here, and I am getting a good speed too If I am getting good speed, then you should also get the same, if not, then you can claim its refund for 30 days...

Pros and cons,

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If we see its pros: 👈👈👈👈

It has an affordable price point It has good speed, I can do streaming, There is no log policy, they have good jurisdiction, They have a good record, and they provide multi-hub VPN Talking about..

its cons, 👈👈👈👈

they don't have their app in the play store, which is the biggest con for Indian users The option to Split Tunnel and Whitelist is not available in Mac.. I found one missing feature, I can connect to the fastest server, which is good but, if I have to connect to the fastest server in the USA.. so for that, the option is missing ..So I won't know which server will provide me the fastest speed unless I use it The "About Us" Page is missing, I asked why they don't have their about us page, so they said that shareholders don't want to reveal their identity,

so they have not made that page I find it unusual, as I should know the Parent Company of the VPN I am using I should know who is controlling, so that information is missing So it is like a double-edged sword, some things are good and some are bad Govt. and others also don't have an idea, who they are and even we don't know who is their actual owner Now coming onto the bottom line, in my opinion If you are searching for a budget VPN then this VPN would be a good option for surf, stream, and download Surfshark is a budget VPN overall package.

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Best Budget Vpn in India 2020 ~ Surfshark Review

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